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Body and Mind article-Healing through the lens of emotions

Powerful emotions impact your health. Let’s imagine a scenario that I’m sure many of you will find familiar -you’ve just had an argument with your partner that has left your blood boiling. Wanting support and to blow off steam, you phone a friend, who makes light of it and, before long, you’re laughing. So, just how does this kind of incident and associated feelings impact your health?

According to scientists at Ohio State University, a 30-minute argument with your partner can slow your body’s ability to heal by at least a day. If you argue regularly, that healing time is doubled…now it takes two days. The culprit here of course is the stress hormone, cortisol. We’ve all had our stress related stomach aches and headaches. We have the scientific proof and we know from personal experience how our health can be affected by stress.  Laughing on the other hand reduces the stress hormones and reduces risk of heart attack.

This is nothing new, but one that we regularly choose to forget or ignore.

Now let’s take it  a step further and I want you to think back to  a recent argument you had. if you spend a few minutes  thinking negative angry,  constricting thoughts, this  you will have an affect on your physiology, chemicals will be released in the brain in the same way as if you were actually having the argument and the body could tighten and you will start feeling down. Why? What you think impacts how you feel and has profound effect on how body responds. And where does your thinking come from? From your beliefs ___and often we are not aware of these beliefs – because they have been stored in the limbic brain, as early as age  6. Imagine the unconscious stress of someone who has the belief that the world is an unsafe place or that he/she is not good enough.  Beliefs and thoughts trigger the stress response in the body and the body not designed for ongoing stress.

Your beliefs -those about yourself and life in general affect your health in more ways than you think. How do you set up your life according to your beliefs and how is it affecting your health?


Enter the matrix

Matrix Re-imprinting evolved from the popular self-help technique EFT and is effective for the treatment of emotional, physical or life issues. It helps us to let go of the limiting patterns, negative emotions and past traumas.  Matrix Re-imprinting can also be used to create future memories that can help you achieve your goals and dreams.

The way it works is that you bring to mind and verbalise, in a specific manner, an issue that you want to work with. It is a way of bringing events to the surface, helps to interact with yourself at the time of the event and release the emotions and change the decision made at the time, to a more positive one.

At the same time you tap on massage points with your fingers, and this releases stress and trauma from the body’s energy system, allowing the body-mind to return to a healthy physical and emotional state.

It’s an invitation - What happens with your health and your body is a signal that something in your life needs to be looked at – something needs your attention –You   can see it as terrifying, but you can also see it as an invitation – to assess various parts of your life that haven’t been working. Your body is letting you know - sometimes as a whisper and sometimes as a scream - to take stock. Ignoring what is off with your life, has an impact on your health. My invitation to you today is to not wait until it becomes a scream, but to listen to the whisper and make the changes.

Author - Sharon Stobbia

Published - 2017-07-21