October numerology insights

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October numerology insights

We get a second shot this month at a fresh start, in this year of new beginnings – be sure to grab it with both arms, work hard, allowing this new wind to propel you forwards to claim what you believe you're due. Make space, mentally and physically, for innovative ways of dispelling existing conundrums. Have your voice heard, command respect, deal with old patterns that get in the way of your ability to respect yourself. Work on independence and self-confidence, particularly applying The Observer to stalk self-sabotaging habits, banishing limiting or negative thought and speech patterns which hinder a strong sense of self-worth. Strike out boldly, leading the charge towards what you want out of life. The most successful Generals are those who are also skilful team players, inspiring their troops' confident support. Intense growth is possible in this arena, so be bold, creative and committed in your efforts. Be assertive, not aggressive. Hold nothing back!

Birth Month Your Theme

JAN & OCT   Establishing new relationships, fostering existing ones, shedding old restrictive stuff is the path to feeling fulfilled emotionally and physically. Release worries, especially financial fears. Be kind, gentle and nurturing, including to the Self. Honour feelings!

FEB & NOV   Learn all you need to know to take full charge of your daily life and destiny. Make lists and work them! Clear communication of your needs is key. Stalk defensive, control freak reactions. Being well ordered is the key to success. Light your fire!

MAR & DEC Make an honest appraisal of paradigms that engender drama, adjusting your mind frame to healthy perspectives. Being honest and integrous, aligned with Truth, wins. Adjusting the structures of life to embrace reality yields exciting, rewarding times!

APRIL    A change of direction, letting go of known and trusted shores, exercising your freedom to choose may be required to take full advantage of the expansion possible. Significant growth is indicated, requiring skillful juggling and logic. Breath, Centre!

MAY   Passionately pursue your heart's desire, opening yourself wide to all you love in every arena, stopping short of hedonism. Romance, family, friends are the focus. Soak up a sense of peace and well being, abundant in Nature. Deal with guilt issues!

JUNE  Transmute fears of loneliness, embrace the power possible in quiet aloneness. Make time to withdraw to the inner sanctum of your soul, pondering deeply the existential questions of life itself and your dreams in particular. Visualize the life you wish for!

JULY    Head down, working hard, doing all it takes to Become in focused fashion generates achievements. Balance and downtime are equally necessary components in managing this intense energy and to gain optimum results. Invest or shed, it's decision time!

AUGUST    Draw deeply on your ability to create. Let go into the Field of endless possibilities. A sense of childlike wonderment, innocence and adventure allows for play with lighthands and heart, transforming previous boundaries. But be sensible with boundaries!

SEPTEMBER   Play time is over, focus is necessary to stay on top of the busyness and opportunities that abound. Work through self-doubt and anything that inhibits true independence of heart, mind and soul. Forge ahead with goals. It's time to step into the spotlight and shine your unique Light!

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In loving service

Author - Ath Oosterbroek

Published - 2017-10-05