Zen Sitting

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Zen Sitting

One of the main aims of Zen Buddhists is to live in the present, experiencing everything fully and seeing things as they are. A special form of meditation, called Zen sitting, helps them do this. For a period of time they sit very still, in one of six positions. This allows the mind to be quiet. Zen masters sometimes call this "sitting like a mountain."

While sitting, they become aware of all that surrounds them, the Earth, the Sky, even the grass growing. After sitting still for long periods, the body needs to get moving again, so another technique is used, called Zen Walking. This is a slow, flowing motion that involves being aware of your contact with the Earth and all your movements. It also helps the blood circulate freely to all parts of the body.

Courtesy of The Element Pocket Encyclopaedia
 Of Mind Body Spirit & Earth
Author: Joanna Crosse
ISBN 1-902618-10-6

Author - Joanna Crosse

Published - 2005-08-26