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Chakras The Way It Is


Compiled by Olivia . C
An understudy of the Masters - As Above - So Below.

Combined Academic Psychic Processes.

We have come to the end of the series on the chakras, a journey into our souls for sure. Personally, the journey of the chakras has been a life altering experience, and judging by the response from so many people, I am sure it has done the same for many. My reward in sharing this info with all is a planted seed. This seed is what you have to keep feeding in order for it to be grounded with strong roots, have fabulous flowers blossoming in the sunlight, and bear fruits enough to feed our planet, this Universe, and All That Is.

In beginning to understand the way up from here one needs to first clarify the road ahead. Currently there are many new chakras forming within our being, and the details of this will be revealed as it is received. The colours are also being altered at present since our DNA is being 'adjusted' with more layers waking from their dormant state. This is all part of the process in taking the human consciousness into the 5th Dimension. The reality of it all is the earth has already adjusted into a 5D state of consciousness, and so will ALL its inhabitants be by 2012. The star-gates between June and December 2012 will embrace this new level of Consciousness, welcoming us into the new age of evolution. For this reason many Light-workers are currently being initiated into the 5th and the 7th Dimensional consciousness. In South Africa we have the honour of having first hand initiations - what a glorious land this is. 

Most of the current human fears and confusions are directly related to these shifts. The world as we knew it has ended. Many of us have consciously and actively been working with Spirit over the past years in creating new Light matrixes and Grids supporting this process. This all has been successfully activated and grounded upon our beautiful planet Gaia. Now for the first time in many thousands of years the consciousness of Gaia as a Spirit Being is communicating to us directly. This indeed is a Glorious occasion as we celebrate and embrace 'The New Earth' Welcome to the 1000 years of peace that in reality is actually a 2/3000-year peace period upon this planet, kicking into high gear form around June 2012 - 21 December 2012. To support and enable this we welcome with open arms the arrival of 'The Golden Children'. This new Golden vibration frequency allows all the Indigo and Rainbow children and adults to take on their Crystalline Sheath, raising their consciousness fully into Crystal Levels thus fully supporting our bodies changing form Carbon to Silica. Many beings like myself have come to this planet to support this very process, and though exhausting its is awesomely fulfilling. I'm honoured and thrilled in sharing this planetary awakening will All That Is.        


1D - crystals, rocks, mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans, rain, and wind, sky and Device Kingdom etc.

2D - plant-life, trees, insect kingdom, fish, mammals and animals.

3D - human, evolved animals (evolved dogs, wolfs, cat family, lion, tigers, elephants, and Cetaceans {dolphins, whales}), communicate through reason, thought, emotion, creativity, and verbal language.

4D - astral plane and its beings, dreams, magic, meditation, creative bliss, elemental worlds (fairies, gnomes etc), communication through thought, empathy, sympathy, telepathy and inter-galactic communication.

5D - works with energy of surrender, calamity, peace, TRUST, centeredness, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, Higher Multi-elemental galactic melding, Higher Self, and reality communication on all spiritual levels. Key words of survival - love, passion, compassion, creativity, free choice, service - in all that you are.

6D - magic, miracles and manifestation.

7D - Refined Magic, miracles and full manifestation. Higher spiritual Realm, and Divine intervention in manifestation of magic and miracles. Teachings of the Masters, Angelic and Arc-Angelic Order Of Light.

The Higher Dimensions one will come to learn about as your personal journey of ascension unfolds.

The Chakric System consists of the following;

The 7 main chakras

The Sun chakra which is located between the root and sacral chakras

The 8th chakra that is located above the head

Palms of the hands

Soles of the feet


10 - 12 inches above the body - 24 Star Chakras

Within the energy field there are another 48 chakras, which link the major earth chakras to the star chakras.

Then there are the chakric points

→  Nipples

→  Clitoris

→  Penis

→  Knees (sensual centres)

→  Elbows

→  Tip of Nose

→  27 points on each cheek

→ 144 points on the head

→  33 points on each ear

The Major Chakra's are:

→                  Eight (above the head) 

→                  Seventh - directly above the head touching the scalp facing up.

→                  Sixth  - between the brows

→                  Fifth  - throat area

→                  Fourth  - heart area

→                  Third  - Solar plexus

→                  Second  - sacral area (just below navel)

→                  The Sun Chakra - between the bottom two

→                  First -  crotch area (scrotum) facing down. 

The Eight Chakra 

The Deities asks you to take a look at your own questions.

God matches you question for question.

The 8th chakra is a template through which the higher energy systems surrounding the body are united with the human bio computer system controlled by the seven main earth chakra stations of energy flow. The 8th chakra allows for the unification between the Overself body and the human biological system, as it is the energy centre for 'Divine Light', the 'Flame of salvation' and thus the eternal Light appearing over the head, within the energy field above the Crown Chakra (10 - 12 inches above the head). This really is the seat of the complete personality, meaning the true personality that becomes a soul expression at the end of this incarnation. 

In the Eight Chakra

You get to understand yourself symbolically, that impersonal distance that gives you a greater and wider more clearer viewpoint on why things happen as they do in your life. In order to understand JUST A LITTLE regarding the power of creation - one need to get a perspective of where inspiration begins and where you begin. This is at the level of spiritual patterning - the Diving Intellect - transcendent of the personal physical world, thus the ability to get in touch with the script of your life. One can refer to this as the "battle of the Blueprint". Your Blueprint is scripted, but our mental fields communicate via the 8th chakra creating short circuits within our field of vision, thus creating confusion and the opportunity for the mind to screw things up, to be able to fix it again, hence gaining 'credits' from the personality. This occurs because the mind and the heart are in constant conflict UNLESS you begin the soul search within instead without, in which case the mind accepts (through the act of LOVE) that it is a (invaluable) complex and intricate database communication-system, and that it is THE HEART after-all, which reallyrules the roost.

When the mind rules there are confusion, limitation and lack. When the heart rules we plug into limitless love thus anything is possible. The mind relates to 2 fixed points - birth and death. The heart relates to LOVE, thus infinity and miracles since the only opposite to love, is love. UNCONDITIONAL Love exists without polarity.  

In the 8th chakra we learn to work with ourselves at a distant but intimate level - to realise the true power of co-creation through our relationship with God and our power to ground choice and consequence (thought into form) into our lives, under Divine guidance, with Supreme wisdom, and with a Sacred Heart.     

In the un-evolved state - If faced with personal illness and one still dare to ask the question 'Why am I ill' - the answer is bathed in illness, being 'why am I alive'. When you love the illness and establish a relationship with the illness thus rather ask 'please help me live better' the recovery is instant. When anything is handled in love it is bathed in grace. When it's handled in fear, it's confirmed a done-deal. When the realisation of this comes via the 8thchakra (blueprint within the etheric) the journey of healing is also a done-deal.      

Before incarnation, each one of us forms a contract that includes at least 12 primary archetypal forces to begin with, which becomes the lessons we need to learn through this journey. Within the 12, each one of us gets to face the four main archetypes - with the aim to grow through them, and not them growing at the cost of our Spirit.

The 4 main universal archetypes are the prostitute, child, victim, and saboteur. We ALL come to meet these archetypes during EVERY experience of this journey apart from the rest of the gang. 

Located within the 8th chakra are the archetypes that we choose to incarnate into, the universal lessons we came to learn, and our biology.

Chakras 1, 2, 3

Age of Aries 2000 BC - the year 0 (the beginning of the Christian area)

During this time our body energies were very dense and there were illnesses during this time that we don't get today, and colour really didn't feature then like it does now. The main colours that we perceived during this age were the primaries.

Chakras 4,5,6,7

Age of Pisces year 0 - 2000

During this age we evolved our sights, sounds, and our sensory database enabling us to perceive higher frequencies of sight (light and colours), and sound, which became an accepted part of our physical reality.

Chakra 8 - All Chakras in Evolved State, and new chakras 

Age of Aquarius.

The homogametic (multi sensory) age of Aquarius is the opposite of homo-sapient (5 sensory). As we move into this age we are being reprogrammed enabling us to perceive the extended ultra violet colours. This also brings us to the time where energy teachings will be accepted as part of anatomy teachings - energetic anatomy which will include the reference to the contracts (archetypes) we have made (prior to birth), supporting the evolution of the globe as a whole.                                                    

I have lived out many archetypes but feel most comfortable in the healer / teacher archetypes. When you are meant to be in a particular archetype and you violate it and take advantage of it - it wrecks havoc in your psyche'. It's about an honour code. The issue here is to play out the role of the archetype without private agenda's.

We all live through various archetypes with ease and understanding egg; natural born mothers, Gordon Bleu Cook, Olympic Athlete, Yuppie, Sour Croat, Snob, Mother Theresa etc, the list is almost endless. When one looks at the saboteur for example, most often than not you sabotage yourself - shooting yourself in the foot because of your inner fears etc,  hence certain people brings out specific archetypes within us, some the warrior, some the poor me, some the rescuer etc. When any private agendas are the basis of your reasons, it will result in eventual failure, and YOU will pay for it.

The 8th chakra is the database that contains our soul lessons that we incarnate with - many reasons for our being.

Keys to this centre
Which main archetype do you fit in :
→  Main - prostitute, child, victim and saboteur
→  Other - yuppie, lany, Sunday school teacher, dork, lover etc.

 Questions of this centre.
 →  How do you feel about the colour Magenta?

→  Are you ready for ascension?

→  Are you ready for the transition - living out your transition?

→  Are you ready to look at your life contract?

→  Are you ready to face you Archetypes?

→  Can you relate to the main archetypal personalities and accept them or are you ready to work through in changing them?

→  Are you ready to analyse your lessons?

→  Do you finally accept that you are multi-sensory?

→  Do you love your work - and LIVE your passion?

→  Do you have an honour code without any private agenda's?

Are you prepared to do everything that you do with passion, compassion, love, in service, with joy, for the highest good of all in a creative way?

The Survival Archetypal Team 

To take this material and apply it practically is to step aside and note which part of your personality is reacting or acting to the day-to-day co-creation thus the events and quality of your life. This also gives birth to you seeing the people within your life from a much more mature and elevated perspective. They are not negatives since they are patterns within you that bring out your strength.

The energy of the child, victim, saboteur and prostitute always maneuver within your unconscious as a team. Although they have separate characteristics that take over, remember that at their core their united intension is to bring into your consciousness - the awareness and examination of WHY YOU ARE AFRAID TO BE ALIVE. The archetypes makes you look at your own self-esteem, powerlessness, fears of being alone, and every part of yourself that fully prevents you from being all that you can be.

Being aware of the archetypes and their personalities one must realise that they receive their 'instructions' from the unconscious and the objective is to bring their personas and patterns into your energetic reference library so that you will notice their presence the moment it arises, recognise it, to be able to confront them, and be able to convert to clear conscious thinking - IN THE PRESENT MOMENT.     

The 4 Main Archetypes

The Child

In the positive the child is considered the most innocent. Fresh and newborn, sees life always as new, a new day. Rebirth and reborn. The beginning. This is the child archetype, healthy and with optimism. Looking at children, you look at the child within you. Connect the dot. This is the part of us that expects life to be: nurturing, protected, safe, nothing should happen to us if we don't deserve it, views life from a fairness point, whether you deserve something or not.

The child within is first introduced to the concept of ' you did this so you deserve that'. You were so good, so you deserve this, or so bad...stay in your room. The child first learns the laws of cause and effect, which manifests as 'do and deserve' - when they are little.

If you at any stage feel that you do or don't deserve... understand that that is my child looking at it, not me. Understand that I am looking through the eyes of my child when I see that, not my adult self. Therefore the choice that I would make from this point on - about or in response to this situation, my child is making it. Then to step out of the situation and realise that it is the child that reacts, and say ' I am going to put that screaming brat away because I cant let my child make this choice, I know I will regret it'.

During the 1980's the wounded child came into prominence. We often think that we are beyond certain levels of our growth, when if fact it is not the case. The wounded child is within all of us. This is revealed when we realise the power of the fragments of our psyche that are detached from the ruling child-like puppet. We often don't realise the depth of this scenario. When we do tap into this it throws our whole being upside down. Be sure to realise that the wounded child doesn't mean that we had a wounded childhood or were abandoned and molested.

When I expand my 1st Chakra archetype of the child into my life's 1st chakra tribe I can identify with the wounds of my childhood. This may or may not be within the immediate tribe, but can be with outer or distant tribes. I have a colourful menu of this wounded child within my memory. I was not part of the social tribe of the school I attended, or the social tribe of friends, nor family, nothing. I was never included in the early years when groups of friends formed, neither on a sporty level. I really was an outcast all round. Many of us will think that there is no wounded child within our psyche until we stretch our memories and at times even stretch it some more. When we do, we will find the foundations that have the wounds of this child and how it has made its way into our lives. Some of us have to look much deeper than others. Very often this surfaces when one is not within your tribe, but rather when you frequent within social groups.

The key is to find the aspect that you as an individual relate to. The more you become aware of the various archetypes, and when they arise, the more aware you can become about their influences and make sure about the choices you make, and why.

The Victim

This archetype draws out of us the parts of us that makes us feel vulnerable, makes us realise that we have yet to develop self-esteem. One is not born with Self-esteem, one has to earn and develop it. Challenging within us the voice of the victim does this. The victim is the pessimistic side that challenges our abilities. This is the inner voice of the negative victim that always says ' you know you can't do this or that'. This is also the side that tells us that everybody in the outer world has authority over us, and we have none...through engaging the challenges that are inherent to the victim within us.

We become very victorious when we feel the power within which one cannot feel theoretically. The only way this can be felt is when you make a choice that ignites courage. The victim within needs action. When facing the 'you will not be able to take care of yourself financially', one confronts that path within. 'I can not afford you to take charge of me, intimidate me, or be controlled by you, any longer'. This is when you make choices that empowers you, not dis-empowers you. We all know what it feels like to reach the stage where the victim no longer has the cloud over us that it had before.

The dynamics of co-creation states that when you have a grip on the victim (thus you know what it takes to be victorious), this increases 100 fold because life and its dynamics don't scare you any more. When the victim is active one fears change. One fears before trust. One believes that other people are better than you (their education / homes / clothing becomes the ammunition for your victim).

One needs to note down the areas where you feel victimised and then to cross the bridge to the symbolic where you will realise that you are connected to everyone else with the same issues. This is a type of attitude tribe. Here you connect on an energetic dynamic level with everyone that has the same fears and victimisation.

AS LONG AS YOU ARE CONNECTED TO THESE FEARS THAT CREATES THE VICTIM WITHIN, YOU DON'T CO-CREATE YOUR REALITY.... They do here your energy is being plugged into all the many that shares the same fears. This is where you have to cross the bridge into the symbolic world that enables you in co-creating your own reality. When making up your mind based on other people's mental energy, you will find that you experience delays, limitation, hesitations and obstacles 

The Prostitute

This means whether or not we will negotiate our power and if our integrity can be sold (not just our bodies) - physically, opinions, thoughts, emotions etc.

When you think of your Prana coming into the crown chakra, what this archetype represents are the challenges in your life that will allow you to sell some of your circuits to another person, so that they can use your creative energy for their creative enterprises in life. Will you sell your soul? Physically or mentally it really makes no difference from an energetic point, since you have sold your honour.

When the light goes on and you realise that you can be bought it immediately changes the quality of choices you make in your life. This is when your mortgage becomes more important than your life. If you choose to do this admittedly then you are an honest prostitute called the sacred prostitute, which knows the nature of its power, and also couldn't be bought for every reason. The reason for it being referred to as sacred is because its not living a lie therefore doesn't cost you any power. Here one learns and study from the positive prostitute and not repress it, thus it becomes a sacred 'adverse' archetype growing on spiritual path. 

The prostitute archetype is rarely a compliment being only associated (for the most part) with woman, always had a bad reputation, and rarely of benefit.

In America there is an HIV man that visits other nheumosistis patients and even offers them hugs and holds them, and even stimulation as an act of the sacred prostitute. It is recorded that the medical condition of these patients improves through the power of touch - and since him and the patient are both HIV, stands nothing to loose, but plenty to gain - as weird as it may seem.

So long as you are honest and honourable (even about your dishonour) it is sacred. When you admit and don't repress it, you are working with it; you know your boundaries, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, not harming anyone else. When you harm someone else because of your fears there is deep trouble awaiting. This 'contradiction' is a phase of spiritual evolution that we all go through. We all will sell, and we all will claim it back somehow.

In addition to the sacred prostitute you have the confidence that you cant be bought which is the core of self-esteem. This means that you can be in this world but not of this world. The positive aspect of the prostitute is truly immeasurable because it is the part of you that heaven trusts, so that you can be given great tasks as Heaven knows that you wont sell them out. All scriptures contain this. Abraham and Isaacs, Jesus was tested, no matter how, but all spiritual teachers are put to the test along their journey to test if they will sell out their power to another source. When the spirit can't be bought the reward is unthinkable. To be able to say 'I will not compromise this' - is what self-empowerment is all about.   

The Saboteur

This is deeply understood.

This is about setting up experiences in your life that shows you why you are sabotaging yourself. This is the critical aspect of you that will find a way to tell you something will fail, before inspiring you to see how it can succeed. This is the part within you that makes you become so critical about others that the bond of intimacy within you (the part of you that is longing) can't be built. The saboteur will always find a way, to find the weakest link in any situation. This is a ferocious controlling energy. You can be meeting people that potentially have a great future, but your saboteur will bring down like a house of cards the entire dynamic, suggesting all of the ways it cant work, instead the ways in which it can by being optimistic about the possibilities.

This is the part of you that prevents you from trying anything new, thus becoming someone new. Usually woman does this by having a make over or doing something outrageous to their looks or wardrobe. This changes the spinning of their energetic fields. This is a power energetic transformation. At most times we are very frightened about physical change. More often than not we will take out membership at the gym, but always find excuses not to go. The saboteur can be the most rational of all the archetypes. 'Tomorrow is another day' - this disembowels you. This sheds the light on why you want to be disempowered. When this is the case sit down and say to the saboteur 'get out of the way here, why are you doing this to me'. This is what consciousness means. The question to ask is 'why am I preventing myself from becoming healthy, vital and dynamic - why am I doing this?' here you keep pushing until you can actually answer that question.

We fear change and we constantly sabotage the speed of change in our lives.

The reason why forgiveness is so difficult for us is twofold. One is the misunderstanding that you are saying to somebody that what you did was ok, this being the element of pride. The other (child) is that if I forgive then God will give me something else that hurts to deal with. So as long as I haven't forgave yesterday, I can't have any pain for tomorrow. There are so many of us that buy into this.

We need to develop an intuitive rapport with the archetypes within us to enable them to step out of the subconscious into the conscious. This can only be done with communication. I term this a committee meeting with the self. One needs to get to know the personality of each of the team of our archetypes within our being, and communicate with them like they are another person. You need to understand why you allow the individual types to control your subconscious, to enable yourself to step into your conscious, the NOW.

The archetypes prevent us from following our intuition and thus cause us to miss out on the most amazing opportunities for the self. When you are in conversation with others and the archetype sticks its head out, excuse yourself and address the archetypes by name and hear what they have to say. Then think what would you choose if you could silence your shadow and separate yourself from the fears that sabotage you - take a different look and make choices from that altitude of your life.

The body of life - money, career, love, relationships, sex, creativity, and the spirituality of your life. These are the issues that form the connective tissue of life.

"I am an endless fountain of Abundance, as I am eternally grateful for that which - I Am"

Next month celebrates the start of a brand new series on the website.

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Author - Chanel Lingenfelder

Published - 2007-00-00