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it’s the loss of hair anywhere on the body, mostly on the scalp region. Men are normally affected the most but females can be affected also.

What to look for


The thinning of hair in general, the hair will become thinner and shorter until the roots produce nothing but fine Fluff. . With males it’s starts at the temples and then at the top of there head. a patch of skin may suddenly become noticeable anywhere on the scalp as the hair has fallen out.. This situation is quite rare and can affect both men and women.

You can wake up and find bunches of hair on your pillow or the loss can be more bit-by-bit Your hair may fall out after it is coloured or bleached


Male baldness is caused by genetic factors. It is usually from the mother’s side of the family Men whose mother’s fathers became bald early in life are very likely to follow a similar pattern. It can start when he is a teenager. Women can undergo a natural thinning of there hair after menopause because of the changing hormonal levels. Women who also just had a baby can also undergo the hair loss in patches.  scalp

Infections and persistent dandruff, poor diet, stress and sluggish circulation can contribute to hair loss   emotional stress. Can cause hair loss but it will grow back after the stress level has gone down A certain disorder such as diabetes or anemia can also cause that the hair will fall out The medical profession are still unsure what exactly causes some types of baldness

Personal Care

Treat your hair with care, try not to wear tight pony tails, or other hair styles that pull your hair out. As well as not damaging hair with bleach and other strong chemicals. Creating a stress free environment;

Dietary Considerations

Supplements such as the B Complex, Zinc, Silica, Chelated Multi Vitamins, Brewers Yeast, Kelp may help your problem.

Alternative/Natural Treatment

Body Work: Massaging the sculp is often successful in increasing the circulation to the hair follicles. This can be performed with the essential oil of Rosemary 5 drops diluted in 15 ml of a carrier oil (preferably jojoba).
Herbal Treatments
: you can rinse your hair with tea made from sage (Salvia officinalis). Meditation and relaxation techniques to decrease stress levels can also be very helpful

Traditional Treatment

doctors may try injecting the areas with small amounts of steroid drugs to try and trigger regrowth, but this is seldom successful. The most simple’s way of treating baldness is through the use of wigs, toupees and hairpieces. There is a drug available that promotes hair growth it’s called minoxidil it’s retail name is Regaine. It’s available on prescription however, it must be used every day to maintain the growth of hair.

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Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2013-01-18