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Reading The Aura

The Aura is a multi-coloured field of etheric energy radiating around the body which is continually fluctuating to reflect changing emotions and state of health. It surrounds every living creature from single-cell organisms to humans, and extends even to inanimate objects which are composed of, and can absorb, energy.

Although invisible to the naked eye the aura can be seen by psychics, or sensitives as many now prefer to be called, and it can be recorded by high-frequency electronic photography known as Kalian photography. Anyone can develop the ability to see their own aura and the aura of others, but for practical purposes it can be useful to have a professional reading as an accurate diagnosis depends on more than simply knowing the meanings of the various colours.

Auric Readings

Reading the Aura is a natural heightening of awareness in which the reader simply looks beyond the physical form to the radiance of subtle energy surrounding the client. It involves a subtle shift of focus similar to that of altering your focus from an object which is near to you one which is some distance away.

The first step in reading the aura is to hold a hand against a light neutral colour and to defocus slightly so that you are looking beyond the hand and the background. After a few tries you should be able to see a vivid blue outline about 2cm around the hand.

This is the first layer known as the etheric aura and is a reflection of the life force. The strength of colour here is an indication of the general health of the individual. The second layer is the emotional aura and extends about 10cm around the body. A predominantly active or intense personality, for example, will produce a red aura, while a clear green colour indicates emotional balance. The third or fourth levels of the aura are more difficult for the inexperienced reader to see and even more difficult to distinguish  between, as at this level there is a blending of the mental and spiritual energies. A spiritually evolved person will have a radiance of bright pastel colours around their head, an effect symbolized by the halo.

Colour also emerges from key energy centres in the body which many aura readers are either unaware of or unable to see as their psychic sensitivity and insight may not be developed enough

Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2005-09-08