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This is a infection of a hair follicle

What to look for

A painful swollen lump filled with pus is the first stage of a boil, it’s normally on the face, neck, tush or armpit. A  boil on your eyelid is called a sty and a group of boils is pimples. Boils may look like bad pimples, in fact it is the result of an infection that has invaded a blocked hair follicle. In the begging the boil is red and painful; but after a week pus will be visible under the skin, this causes the boil to become a white colour. This can be quite painful and swollen before the skin actually breaks, the pus will drain and the sore will disappear.


The staph bacteria that cause boils typically enter the body through cuts, scratches, and other breaks in the skin. These bacteria can be transferred from one person to another, and can live on us all the time. Hygiene, immune problems, diabetes, and exposure to certain industrial chemicals, overuse of corticosteroids and a poor lifestyle, or nutrition are all potential causes of boils

Dietary Considerations

Eat more garlic for its antiseptic properties, plenty of fresh fruits and veggie’s and foods that is high in zinc to help your immune system. You can take tablets or get it in through your diet.

At Home Remedies

a warm bath with Epsom salt will help draw the pus out of the boil.  if the boil appears on the face wash with antibacterial soaps  do not try to pop the boils as it can worsen the infection and worsen the scarring.



Scratches and gashes in the skin that are left untreated can cause boils as can sharing towels etc. So treat these medium cut immediately.

When to seek further professional advice


When the boil causes severe pain; you may want a doctor to pierce and drain it. the inflammation is led by a fever, or the boil appears on your lip, nose, cheeks, forehead, or spine; Especially if the boil has red lines radiating from it If you are diabetic and you start to get boils; this may indicate that your blood sugar level is too high, seek medical advise strait away.

Alternative/Natural Treatments

Humans have had trouble with boils for centuries, and we have responded with all sorts of remedies. When using alternative remedies be careful it mite just aggravate the infection. 
Chinese Herbs: by taking Chinese herbal medicine to reduce the heat in our body, which is thought to cause boils. Try drinking tea made from dandelion, chrysanthemum flower or violet.
Herbal Therapies : For inflammation, try a over the counter ointment 
Aromatherapy : To fight the infection, apply tea tree oil to the boil four to six times a day.

Traditional Treatment

Simply by washing the infected area with antibacterial soap and applying a hot washer of compress which will help bring the boil to a head. Most of the boils can be treated at home. Antibiotics that you get at a pharmacy are also effective in controlling the spread of the bacterial infection You should not squeeze a boil because this can spread the infection. If or when they burst you must wash the area gently until there is no more pus, cover the boil with a band aid to avoid it from being reinfected. Disinfect the towels that you have use and wash your hands thoroughly. If the boil refuses to pop, a doctor may open it, especially if the pain is unbearable.

The information contained in this Site/Service is not intended nor is it implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice or taken for medical diagnosis or treatment.

Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2013-01-18