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Bruises occur when the body receives an impact blow.

Blood is released from the capillaries which have been broken open and it enters into the tissues under the skin, causing the characteristic blue/purple colour. Occasionally bruises may also occur without mechanical damage: certain conditions feature spontaneous bruising but they are usually benign; occasionally they may suggest a serious condition such as haemophilia.

When to seek further professional advice
If you get  bruises for no apparent reason you should see your doctor. Also if a bruise does not go away after two weeks your doctor should look at it.

Alternative Treatment

Homeopathy: A homeopath is likely to suggest arnica oil to reduce bruising and relieve symptoms.
An Aromatherapist may recommend a natural beeswax cream, rose water and sweet almond oil with lavender oil to ease inflammation and encourage healing.
Other therapies include: Acupuncture, Western Herbalism and Ayurvedic Medicine.

Traditional Treatment

If bruising is minor and not associated with more serious injuries, a cold compress should be placed over the affected area straight away. A badly bruised limb may need to be rested for 24-48 hours, preferably raised up on pillows. Unless bruising appears for no apparent reason, or has not cleared up within two weeks, no medical treatment is needed.

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Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2013-01-18