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A high percentage of women has this annoying problem. And yes Cellulite is the guilty party for all those lumps and dimples on our thighs, hips, stomach and butts.  it is caused by the uneven distribution of fat deposits under the skin and cellulite is most common in females! The bad news is most of us will develop cellulite at some time. Even if we watch what we eat and if we work out It will still appear. . Once you have cellulite you will find that it is very difficult to get rid of it. There are four stages in cellulite development, and you may start on any of the stages:

Normal Cellulite - the only way you can notice that you have cellulite on your butt, thighs and stomach is when you do the pinch test that you will notice the folding and uneven skin but if you are lying down or standing it will be smooth.

Early Cellulite - by doing the pinch test you will notice the dimples and fat pockets but when lying down or standing the skin area will be smooth

Medium Cellulite - when you are standing up you will notice the pitting, unevenness an bulging but when you are lying down the skin area is smooth

Advanced Cellulite - The 'mattress phenonomen' is obvious if you stand or lie down. there is no harm in trying the following, some practitioners believe that it may help.


You can gentle self massage with your hands or a bristle brush. This is supposedly helps stimulate circulation. Always be gentle and massage towards the heart. Try doing it with aromatherapy oils such as grapefruit and funnel.

Weight Loss and Exercise


Even if these two do not shift the cellulite, they will be of benefit to your body if you are planning on losing weight lose it gradually and sensibly. Try to eat more for the five main groups and see your doctor to ensure that you are taking the proper nutrients while you are dieting your daily fat intake should only be approximately 25% of your food intake. You should try to eat lots of fruits, seeds, skinless poultry, fresh foods, vegetables, whole grains and fish. There has been good reports about the benefits of raw juices. Proper exercise is good for your body not just for the cellulite but also your lifestyle. Try to exercise regularly and start of slowly. .

Herbal Formulas

There are a lot of products that claims that it can remove and prevent cellulite in just 8 weeks.

They state that after 8 weeks it will eliminate the visible signs of cellulite. They also state that you don’t have to change your life style or even exercise. According to them the product works by increasing the blood flow to the fat deposits. It also increase the metabolic rate. The fact is taking a pill and having your cellulite disappear is very appealing to most women, but the question is does is really work?

Apparently there was two test conducted in Italy but the results were not published in any magazine or journal.
so  you make up your own mind


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Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2013-01-18