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In women:

There are no symptoms, there may be a mild discomfort that you may mistake for menstrual cramps.

In men:

The urge to urinate frequent,  redness on the tip of the penis, a burning sensation while urinating a whitish yellow discharge from the penis.

This disease is very familiar throughout the world. If the patient realizes that they have this disease, Chlamydia can easily be cured by antibiotics only then serious complications develop do women realize that they are infected other wise they do not know. Because of the discharge from the tip of the penis the men will know they are infected if you go for your next pap smear ask your doctor to test you for Chlamydia especially if you are sexually active and who is not in a monogamous relationship. This is very important if your are pregnant of planning to have a baby


Chlamydia Trachomatis, is a microscopic organism that has the qualities of both a virus and a bacterium. This disease is spread by vaginal or anal sex, if your hand has been contaminated and you touch your eyes (it can also be spread by flies), you may also develop conjunctivitis. If you think you have Chlamydia, your doctor may want to test your cervical fluid or penile discharge.

Dietary Considerations

There are juices that can help you rid your body of toxins like cranberry and celery-parsley-cucumber. Supplement your daily diet with vitamin E and Zinc to increase your body’s resistance to this infection

To restore healthy intestinal flora after you have taken antibiotics, try eating yogurt with live Lactobacillus acidophilus cultures. You can get it capsule or tablet form.


You should always use a condom to prevent spread of Chlamydia. Women whose partners have symptoms of Chlamydia should also be tested

When to seek further professional advice

If you get any of the symptoms above; If you are a woman and you undergoing a high fever and other flu like symptoms, along with severe pelvic pain, bleeding after you have had intercourse, severe nausea, or recurring back pain.

Alternative/Natural Treatments

You should never attempt to treat Chlamydia yourself, you must always take the antibiotics that your doctor prescribes for this disorder. Natural remedies can only help to relieve the symptoms and help speed up the recovery. Chinese herbs - it is better that you see a Chinese herbalist for an accurate prescription for you.

Herbal Therapies - try taking Saw palmetto, this contains berberine and it stimulates the immune system, this may be useful in treating genital infections, especially in men. It is available in a capsule or you can drink it as a tea.

Traditional Treatments

The cure rate in most cases of Chlamydia is 95%. Chlamydia is treated with antibiotics. Sexually active women should be tested once a year because most women don’t know that they have this disease only when serious complications such as pelvic inflammatory arises they found out.

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Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2013-01-18