Cuts and Abrasions

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Cuts and Abrasions

Most cuts and abrasions are minor and requires little treatment.

When cuts and abrasions are not serious only the capillaries are damaged, causing a small amount of blood to be released into the surrounding tissues, or to escape from the wound. This blood will soon clot and requires you to clean the area . No other treatment is necessary.

When to seek further professional advice
For severe cuts, particularly to a vein, blood loss must be stopped urgently and medical help sought.

Alternative Treatment

Homeopathy: A homeopath is likely to suggest cleaning the wound or graze with cotton wool soaked in a calendula and hypericum solution to stop infection. Other therapies include: Western Herbalism, Aromatherpy and Bach flower remedies.

Traditional Treatment

 Abrasions need to be cleaned and a loose dressing applied to keep them clean. Cuts should be cleaned and direct pressure should be applied to the bleeding area until the blood flow ceases. Holding the area upright helps to achieve this. Loose dressings may be needed to keep the cut clean, although exposure to air will help the healing process. More severe cuts mat require stitches or tissue glue to help the skin join up during healing.

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Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2013-01-19