Flatulence and Burping

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Flatulence and Burping

Flatulence is a medical term describing an excessive amount of air or gas being expelled. Expulsion via the anus is popularly referred to as 'breaking wind' - while belching or burping is the method by which excess swallowed or gulped air is expelled through the mouth.

Excessive swallowing of air may occur when people eat too fast, or in times of stress, and this can be a major cause, some people swallow too much air as a nervous habit. Flatulence is also a feature of gastrointestinal disorders like dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome, and also of colitis and Cohn's Disease, while some foods, such as beans and pulses, are likely to produce considerably more flatus (gas) than other food. Flatulence may be worse after a course of antibiotics which destroy the body's natural intestinal flora (healthy bacteria).

When to seek further professional advice
If there is weight-loss, abdominal pain, bleeding or a change in bowel habits, these need investigating by your doctor.

Alternative Treatment

Hypnotherapy is widely reported as being an effective treatment in resolving bowel problems.
Bach flower Remedies: If the condition is affected by stress or a negative mental attitude, the Bach remedies will be suggested on an individual basis to help bring a more positive outlook. Other treatments include: Auricular Therapy, Acupuncture,  Western Herbalism, Alexander Technique and Ayurvedic Medicine.

Traditional Treatment

Most people with flatulence are not suffering from a serious disorder and advice to reduce certain foods is probably sufficient. Other possible treatments include: Stress reduction techniques (if stress is the cause).
Charcoal Biscuits can help to absorb the flatus.
Milk may need to be excluded from the diet if the flatulence is resulting from a lactose deficiency.

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Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2013-01-21