Groin Strain

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Groin Strain


Is a strain in the groin area where the torso meets the legs of the body

What to look for

For pain and stiffness in the groin area,
The groin area is where a lot of body movement takes place. Especially in somewhat
Active people.
The cause of a strain to these key muscles and tendons is instant and
Often debilitating. The pain is instant and severe and often you
must rely on other people to help move you to a more suitable place to rest.



Is the bruising or tearing of the muscles that runs form the pelvis down to the thighs. Groin pulls are normally caused by lifting heavy objects improperly, failing to warm up before a strenuous activity or overexertion. The other reason may be because of an accident.

Personal Care

Get enough rest.
You should apply a cold pack for 10 minutes on and 10 off until the pain has gone.
Try to avoid strain



Remember to always do warm up exercises before doing tough exercise or activity.

Alternative/Natural Treatments

Massage: A qualified masseuse can also perform a massage on this area for you

Aromatherapy : Blend 3 drops of peppermint and 3 drops of marjoram to 15gm of base cream or
massage oil. Apply to the affected area but remember a soft massage.

Homoeopathy : Arnica is the Homeopath's first aid remedy for muscle injuries. Rhus toxicodendron and
Ruta may also be useful for muscle strains.

Traditional Treatment


It will generally heal by itself if is a minor groin pull. But if the muscle tissue is torn, the healing process may take a week or more. In severe cases surgery may be necessary.
Apply an ice pack as soon as possible after the injury to help reduce the inflammation and swelling.
Take an aspirin for the pain and you should also rest.

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Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2013-01-22