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Is the discomfort in the upper abdomen or in the chest after you have eaten a meal.

What to look for

Abdominal pressure and flatulence,
Burping or gas,
Mild nausea
The digestion process should not be noticeable to us. Indigestion this is a term that covers large
Types of assorted stomach problem. However this normally means pain after eating food, and it is also sometimes followed by a bloated and sick feeling.
This is either a symptom of a disease or it is the result of eating food that does not agrees with your stomach.
You should not leave indigestion untreated. This may only happen daily or now and again. Uncomfortable indigestion is not a life threatening problem.


Everyone would have indigestion once in a while.
There is many causes such as:
Eating when you are stressed
If you consume to much food.
The frequent use of pain relievers and drugs
By drinking to much alcohol
If you are eating fast and you are not chewing your food properly
Being overweight and smoking are also two major causes of chronic indigestion
and if you eat food that does not agree with your system.

Dietary Considerations

Eat small regular meals based on whole foods such as fruit, vegetables, whole grain cereals and moderate amounts of proteins such as lean meat, fish, eggs, cheese and nuts. You should also cut out fatty foods and those that contain possible irritants such as chemical food additives or hot spices and alcohol and caffeine Avoid drinking immediately before meals, and drink sparingly during meals. You can also try acidophilus bifidus to maintain good levels of friendly intestinal flora. It will also be wise if you start eating natural live yogurt as well.

Personal Care

You should refrain from smoking now and again heartburn and indigestion use antacids if it is recommended by your doctor.
You can also try herbal teas to relieve your specific symptom
Try to relax during and after eating.
Try to avoid the foods that is mentioned above
If you are one of those people how likes to chew gum, stop it for a while and see if you symptoms dissipate.
You should drink more fluids-filtered water is the best- but try not to drink water while you are eating because this can dilute the digestive enzymes.


You can never get rid of it for ever you can only prevent it of happening ever time. Simple watch your weight, reduce the intake of alcohol, avoid overeating, smoking and avoid your trigger foods.

When to seek further professional advice

If you have any abdominal pain that continues for more than six hours when you experience indigestion with any other problematic symptom
If you have repeated bouts of severe indigestion and your indigestion consistently follows you eating dairy products.

Alternative/Natural Treatments

Herbal Therapies - for short term indigestion, drink hot teas such as peppermint, camomile, fennel lemon balm or cinnamon. And for recurred long term indigestion, a herbalist should be consulted. He will treat each case individually, and may prescribe any one of a range of herbs, including dandelion, ginger, golden seal, marigold. marshmallow. meadowsweet and thyme.

Traditional Treatment

Depending on your symptoms, there as so many things you can take for indigestion. Ask you pharmacist or doctor what to use.

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Author - Body and Mind

Published - 0000-00-00