Ingrown Nails

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Ingrown Nails


This is the condition where a nail grows in to the skin of the toe instead of over the toe.

What to look for


Redness around your toenail, swelling and pain, normally it is the big toe.
Ingrown nails are very painful and normally affect the toenails.
People with curved or thick nails are more prone, however anyone can suffer from it, it can be the result of shoes which do not fit properly or because of an injury.
A person with diabetic need to be aggressive in treating and preventing minor foot problems because they can develop into very serious medical problems.



Ingrown nails are caused by cutting your toenails too short or because you are rounding your nail edges, it can also be that your shoes are pressing the nail into your toe. It can also develop after an injury such as stubbing your toe.

Personal Care


Cut a small "V" in the middle of your toe the next time you cut your toe nails. This will help the nail to grow inwards and not spade out. You can also use an over the counter topical solution after you have soaked your feet in warm salt water. It is said that lemon acts as a natural softening agent. You can try it by tying a fresh lemon slice around you sore toe and leave it on overnight.


You should take care when you groom your toe nail this is the first step in preventing ingrown nails.
Before you cut your toenails soak them first in warm water to soften the nails. You should not cut the nail with a downwards slope at the sides because this can cause the problem.

Call Your Doctor If:

Your ingrown nail becomes infected

Alternative/Natural Treatments

Herbal Therapies: try soaking you toes in warm solution of calendula and tea tree oil.

Traditional Treatment

Make sure you are cutting your nails the right way and that you do not wear ill fitted shoes. And you should take care that, that area does not become infected. If your nails do get infected you will probably be put on antibiotics and most likely be given an ointment to help the infection.

The information contained in this Site/Service is not intended nor is it implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice or taken for medical diagnosis or treatment.

Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2013-01-23