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This is an infectious tropical disease spread by mosquitoes.

What to look for

Sometimes the only symptom is fever
There are also other flu like symptoms such as: nausea , fatigue and headache, when you get sudden chills and severe shaking profuse sweating.
This infectious disease is transmitted by the female mosquitoes. Most of the tropical areas (India, Asia and Africa ) are infected with the malaria-transmitting mosquitoes.
The first sign of malaria includes the flu like symptoms. This disease has three distinct stages- first a cold stage - secondly a hot stage and the third stage is sweating stage.


The malaria parasites are transmitted by bites of infected female anopheles mosquitoes, when they pierce the skin to drink blood. Once in the bloodstream the parasites invade the liver, multiply, invade the red blood cells and multiply further. And this is what causes the symptoms of malaria.
At this moment there is one species of parasite which is fatal and it is highly resistant to anti-malaria drugs.
And there are some parasites that may lay dormant in your liver for a few years without even making their presence known.
To determine if you have malaria you will have to go for blood tests.

Alternative/Natural Treatments

To treat the symptoms of malaria and help your body to recover form conventional medications alternative therapies will be the best.

Herbal Therapies: native Americans and early American colonists used Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum),sometimes is was called feverwort, to treat feverish illnesses, including malaria.

Homoeopathy: arsenicum al

Traditional Treatment

If malaria is left untreated it can be fatal. When malaria is treated quick and appropriate with conventional treatment it can result in a speedy and complete recovery.

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