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Miscarriage refers to the accidental or spontaneous loss of a growing embryo or fetes before 28 weeks.

What to look for

Bleeding, clots or a dark-brown discharge from the vagina.
Period-like, cramping abd
ominal or back pains.


Often there is no cause for a miscarriage to occur. The most frequent one on offer is that the fetes was not developing normally and so was shed from the womb.

When to seek further professional advice

If you are pregnant (before 28 weeks) and experience any of the above symptoms you should see your doctor immediately.

Alternative  Treatment

Homeopathy: For a threatened miscarriage, while awaiting a doctor Sabina will help if the blood is dark, coagulated and has appeared at the end of the third month.
Aromatherapy: Lavender will help with general relaxation, Bergamot to lift or improve a person's mood. Clary Sage to help normalize a woman's hormonal levels.
Spiritual Healing, Massage, Colour therapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Chinese Herbalism, and Western Herbalism are more very effective therapies that may be useful for a woman who has experienced a miscarriage.

Traditional Treatment

There is no treatment for a miscarriage. It is advisable for a woman who has had a miscarriage to consult her doctor before falling pregnant again.

The information contained in this Site/Service is not intended nor is it implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice or taken for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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