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Nosebleeds are very common, often resulting from a direct blow to the area, infection of the mucous membrane which lines the nose, or drying and crusting caused by extreme cold.


Nosebleeds can be caused by nose-picking, sinus problems and high blood pressure.

When to seek further professional advice

Nosebleeds which do not stop within a couple of hours, should be checked by a doctor.

Alternative Treatment

Aromatherapy: An aroma therapist will suggest a drop of lavender on a cotton bud which should then be gently inserted into the bleeding nostril.
Homeopathy: A homeopath will advise sitting down with the head forward and pinching the lower part of the nostrils for ten minutes.
Other therapies include: Bach flower remedies.

Traditional Treatment

Nosebleeds can be controlled by pinching the nostrils together for about five or ten minutes with the head tilted back to lessen the blood flow to the area. A small ice-pack may also help if you hold it on the nasal bridge.

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Author - Author Unknown

Published - 2013-01-23