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Pregnancy is when a woman carries a developing fetus in the womb for 40 weeks.

What to look for
Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy, occurring mainly in the first and last trimesters. During the fourth and seventh months women often report great energy and vitality. Continual tiredness should be reported to a doctor as it is not normal. Nausea and mild vomiting is a common symptom in pregnancy and although it is usually referred to as morning sickness it can occur at anytime of the day. Heartburn often occurs after meals, but can also happen at any time of the day. A woman's blood pressure normally falls slightly. Regular check-ups on her blood pressure are very important throughout the pregnancy.

The things that help to maintain a pregnancy to full term successfully also cause some discomfort while the woman is carrying her baby in her womb. Things like an enormous rise in the levels of oestrogen and progesterone which can result in varicose veins to back pain. Fluid retention. Breathlessness, and the need to urinate more often than usual, and fatigue which persists throughout the entire pregnancy can cause pain, anemia, depression, and /or insomnia.

Dietary Considerations
When a women is pregnant everything that she eats or takes into her body passes onto the baby. It is very important that she eats healthy foods that will benefit herself and the baby while she is pregnant.

When to seek further professional advice
If you think you might be pregnant, it is very important that you see a doctor so that he may monitor your baby's progress and your own

Alternative Treatment

Homeopathy: For fatigue caused by anemia, a homeopath will suggest taking tissue salts ferr phos. and calc phos. to help absorption of iron supplements. Yoga, relaxation and visualization, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, Colour  Therapy, Acupuncture, and Kinesiology can all be excellent throughout a pregnancy.

Traditional Treatment

For Fatigue your doctor will try to diagnose the root of the problem and treat it accordingly. The recommendation for mild cases of high blood pressure will be some bed rest, regular gentle exercise and a healthy diet. For severe complications the best treatment if possible, will be to have an early delivery of the baby.

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Author - Body and Mind

Published - 0000-00-00