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Scoliosis is a progressive sideways curvature of the spine, people who suffer from it have a S bend curve to their spine. It is usually not painful, however it can cause problems if it is not treated. Some of these problems include - arthritis, disc and other back problems and in severe cases the lungs and heart can be affected. Symptoms include:

The entire body seems to tilt to one side
The ribs appear to be more prominent from the front
The hips, legs and shoulders appear to be uneven



The exact cause of this condition is not known, but it is believed that genetics is the main cause. Children who have suffered from diseases of the muscles, nervous system or bones such as cerebral palsy or polio usually develop scoliosis.

When to seek further professional advice

As soon as you notice any of the symptoms which are listed above.

Alternative/Natural Treatments


There are no alternative treatments that are known to help scoliosis so it is best that conventional treatment is sought.

Traditional Treatment


Exercise, orthopedic bracing and in severe cases, surgery are all the standard treatments for this condition. It is very important that scoliosis is treated at an early stage. It is extremely important that children who suffer from this condition wear the brace as instructed so that the treatment is effective. It might be very hard for them as it is embarrassing so it is best that they get all the support they need from you and their family and friends. You should also keep your child on an exercise program that has been advised by their physical therapist or doctor so that their muscle tone is kept toned and supple.

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Published - 0000-00-00