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A sty is an acute inflammation of the gland at the base of the eye, they are usually harmless and rarely affect your eye or sight. They are very painful and usually last for approximately 3-4 days. Symptoms include:

Red swelling near the edge of the eyelid



Staphylococcal bacteria causes sties and it is found in your nostrils and can spread quite easily to your eye with the rub of your hand.

Dietary Considerations


Taking a supplement of Vitamin A and C may help relieve the problem



If sties keep on occurring make sure that you keep the eyelids scrupulously clean.

When to seek further professional advice


If the sty has not healed after a few weeks, the swelling is interfering with your vision, there is pain inside the eye or if you have recurrent sties.
You have recurrent sties.

Alternative/Natural Treatments


The herb often used to relieve sties is calendula, tea tree oil is also known to help but make sure that you do not get any in the eye. A professionally made eye drops prepared from eyebright or an oral preparation made of burdock is often recommended by herbalists to help reduce the pain and inflammation that is caused by sties.

Traditional Treatment

Sties do not usually last very long, but they are very painful and noticeable. There are over the counter medications that are available to help get rid of the sty or you can let nature take its course. If you do use a medication though, follow the advice of your pharmacist, as well as the directions and never put the ointment inside your eye as the eye area is extremely sensitive.

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