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Warts appear on the skin and cause raised brownish or flesh-coloured horny areas. There are several different types of wart:
Common warts: are firm, round, horny bumps in the skin about 5mm in size. They appear on the knees, hands and face. Nail biters may get them around the nail or on the lips.
Plane Warts: or flat warts, are flat, flesh-coloured or brown and sometimes itchy. They are common on the face around the mouth and chin, or on the backs of the hands.
Flavor Warts: are long, thread-like warts on the face or neck.
Plantar Warts: are also known as fracas. They are flat warts which appear on the soles of the foot and may cause pain when walking. They need distinguishing from corns.
Genital Warts: are pink, soft and cauliflower-like. They are sexually transmitted.

Warts are caused by some 30 different strains of the human papilla virus. All warts are contagious but none are dangerous, although genital warts have been linked to cervical cancer.

When to seek further professional advice
Warts are not life-threatening at all, however if you have got any genital warts, you should see your doctor as they could be a symptom of an STD or Cervical Cancer. Should you want any other warts removed, you can seek advice from your doctor to do so.

Alternative Treatment

Aromatherapy: Undiluted lemon oil needs to be applied to the wart daily. Tea tree oil may be used for it's anti-fungal properties.
Homeopathy: Remedies include thug, caustic, nitric ac., caldaria, antimonies, calamari and nostrum crab.
Other Therapies include: Hypnotherapy, Colour therapy, and Western Herbalism.

Traditional Treatment

Most warts disappear without any treatment and will not leave a scar. Persistent warts are treated with wart-removing liquid or with plasters. Cryosurgery and electrocute may also be used if other treatments fail.

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Published - 0000-00-00