Space Clearing by Philip Gardner

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What is it and how does it work?
Space clearing is the art of cleansing, balancing, re-vitalizing and enhancing a space on an energetic level with the aim of aligning these energies to create harmony and balance in your living spaces and therefore ourselves.

Whatever happens in a room or house, all our actions, thoughts and emotions become absorbed and recorded in the walls, ceilings, floors, furniture and people in that space, creating a energetic imprint. If previous occupants or you yourself have had any negative experiences eg: financial problems, divorce, illness, arguments these energies remain in the space becoming stagnant, affecting you on a personal level and can cause a repetition of those experiences in your life.

How do you feel after being with really happy people?|
How do you feel in a room where people have been arguing?

If you find that your home or a room makes you feel depressed, sad, angry etc. there is possibly stuck energy in there left behind from a previous negative experience and you absorb this energy every time you are in your house or room.

When to have a space clearing

1) To re-lease negative patterns that no longer serves you or your family.
2) Moving into a new home.
3) To cleanse your house of the previous owners energies.
4) Whenever you want to make a clean break from the past.
5) To Cleanse, uplift, balance and harmonies the energies of your home.

Benefits of space clearing

1) It allows you to create sacred spaces where your highest joy can be grounded in to this reality.
2) It allows you to live your life to your greatest potential.
3) People are better able to manifest what they want in their lives and experience clarity, confidence, vitality and energy.
4) People move forward in their lives with greater ease and their homes feel peaceful, balanced and energized.

Written by Philip Gardner.


Author - Philip Gardner

Published - 2013-05-08