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Don't Take Problems Personally!!
John Homewood

Don't take problems personally!  Cosmic rivers of intelligent energy direct the events of our lives as well as those of the planet as a living and evolving system.  While made up of individual threads we are all woven into one beautifully complex fabric called existence, under the watchful eye of an intelligence way outside anything any mortal brain can comprehend.

It Is Emotional Territory, Deal With It
Ath Oosterbroek

Nest is best and everything associated with it. You may anticipate that headlong rush, which starts with the festive season and ends with kickstarting the new year into being, to quieten down at last. Head for home, wherever the heart of the matter resides. Check in with your emotions, heed their messages. Focus on the entire arena of nurturing.

March 2017 Numerology Insights
Ath Oosterbroek

Take charge of your destiny! Gather information, learn what you need to know to put you in a position to be in dominion in your domain. Get your ducks in a row, accepting that ultimately you are accountable for shaping your experiences. 

More About My Work
Bonnie van Vuuren

I am also extremely passionate about vision boards and teaching people about the all important LAW OF ATTRACTION - trust me VISION BOARDS DO WORK!! Don't let people tell you otherwise:))) We as a family have proved it many times over!! I intend to spend some time this year teaching people how to create their own vision boards that will speak to them and allow them to draw their dreams closer to them then they ever imagined possible.

Transpersonal Numerology
Bonnie Van Vuuren

Transpersonal Numerology. By understanding our personal programming we can transform our life to one that we desire. By Richard higgins. Richard Higgins has been investigating Sacred Geometry, Numerology and many other modalities related to personal growth since the late1970s. These have included personal experiences with the teachings of Ramtha; The Flower of Life; The Sacred Merkaba; the Conversations With God material, Family Constellations and studies in various Shamanic traditions. By returning to the basics of Numerology, Creation Theory and Sacred Geometry he has developed a new method which he calls Transpersonal Numerology. Based on a person’s date of birth, it is simpler to learn and apply than many other methods and is remarkably accurate and insightful. Richard is offering comprehensive one day workshops to teach this expanded new system.