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The Feeling Place Of Ease And Abundance
Fonzy Montenegro

Is life supposed to be all about ease and flow? Is getting what you want really easy? This articles answers these questions and more.Applying the Law of Attraction means mastering ease and flow. It can take a little bit of work, persistence, and discipline to achieve this but when you practice it more, it becomes easier and you won’t need hard work anymore.

The Purpose Of These Times - Part 1
Michelle Manders Address your belief systems that maintain povery consciousness and how to activate the process of changing this. More on this in Part 2.
What Are The Grids?
Chanel Lingenfelder

Well….. Who better to explain what they are and what they do than the Master of Magnetics and Lord of Light, Lord Metatron.Now as mentioned the older grids suffered through the energy of complacency as they started slackening off, loosing the intent because of slow human magnetic velocity and indifferent viscosity of consciousness thus constant shrinking and extending which naturally gave way for more unfavorable energies to enter into the earth space.