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Body and Mind

Everyone has brief pauses in his or her breathing pattern called apnea.Usually these brief stops in breathing are completely normal. Sometimes, though, apnea or other sleep-related problems can be a cause for concern.

“our Children Are Born Sick – They Do Not Get Sick”
Angela Red River Due to the current circumstances on this planet we call Home, it is not possible that the vast majority of so-called civilized humans have clean healthy bodies that can create clean, healthy babies. The very thought of souls incarnating through toxic host parents into the toxic bodies of the babies that we have conceived and gestated makes no sense at all. How would we feel in we were forced to live in a very dirty house for nine months without being able to clean it?!
Babies And Antibiotics
Neil Jackson Antibiotics, their uses and misuses.
Babies And Caring For Their Special Needs
Sister Lillian

This guide will see you through each and every stage, ensuring that baby is cared for.At last you hold your precious little bundle in your arms! What a magic moment! Will you ever know how to handle  your baby with complete confidence? It takes only a matter of days before you cannot imagine not cradling  your baby. Baby's cries become familiar, you know just how to hold her, and you change her nappy with aplomb.

Baby & Toddler Safety
Peter Cooper

It is essential that you "baby-proof" your environment and acquaint yourself with potential hazards outside of the home.Your baby's nursery should be a safe haven where you feel comfortable about leaving baby alone, and where he can be completely safe to crawl around and play as he grows older.

Baby Crying
Rudo Mathiva

There are many reasons, apart from the usual hunger, thirst and soiled or wet nappies, that babies cry.All mothers know that a baby's cry signals distress of some kind or another. Many of their cries soon become familiar and are fairly easily calmed with a bit of experience and time.

Baby Sleeping Problems
Sister Lillian

Sleep -or more accurately, the lack there of -is one of the most frequent reasons for appointments with doctors and childcare clinic sisters.About two-thirds of all mothers of babies and toddlers are dissatisfied with the amount and/or quality of their babies and toddlers are dissatisfied with the amount and/or quality of their babies' sleep.

Baby Stimulation
Peter Cooper

Although every baby is born with its own genetic blueprint for intellectual, social and general academic potential, an infant's environment has a dramatic affect on brain development.

Bottle Feeding
Peter Cooper

Bottle-feeding can be as enjoyable as breastfeeding. It is important to hold baby close during bottle-feeding and treasure the bonding process during feeding times.

Bringing Baby Home!
Sister Lillian

The First Ten Days. Follow our quick and easy guide to getting off to the best start possible.While expecting a baby, it is difficult to think beyond the experiences of pregnancy, labour and birth. The excitement of meeting your baby face-to-face for the first time and the hormonal high you experience straight after birth soon turn into practical questions of everyday physical and emotional care of your baby and yourself.

Choosing Your Paediatrician
Expectant Mothers Guide

Choosing a paediatrician is an important decision that requires a lot of enquiry, attention and planning. The intention should be that your paediatrician is your friend, mentor and health giver of your child for many years. A paediatrician is a medical specialist that is trained to deal with diseases in children from birth until approximately twelve to thirteen years of age.

Conscious Childbirth
Angela Red River Firstly, if we are contemplating a Conscious approach to Childbirth for our children, it presupposes that we will already have begun a journey of awakening to the fact that we are far greater than what our cultures, and especially our religions, have lead us to believe we are. 
Conscious Conception
Angela Red River This article stimulates the imagination as to what is possible for our world once we begin a conscious journey of assisting Souls to incarnate through the bodies of our children during Conscious Gestation and Birth into this awesome school of 3-dimensional experiences
Consciousness Of Pre-natal And New-born Babies
Linda Clarke

The things that an pregnant mother is doing, feeling, thinking determine the shape, nature and character of the brain structure of the infant

Feeding Options
Dr Haroon Saloojee

Most babies feed well and thrive, with no, or very few problems. However, some simply do not have the ability to take in enough nutrients to thrive and grow optimally. This may be because of problems with sucking, immaturity of the digestive system or the way in which the digestive tract absorbs nutrients.

Frog In A Pan
Angela Red River Since the time male medicine men took over the "care" of women during their pregnancies and confinements (labour and delivery), interventions have been gradually and then not so gradually introduced into their "management", because of a lack of understanding of the God/Goddess-created process of what it means to assist souls to incarnate into this 3-dimensional realm in which we live. Their lack of understanding, amongst other things, has lead to state of affairs that humanity finds itself in right now...
Hands On Relaxation
Body and Mind

Massage can: reduce crying and help relieve colic (see our feature on Colic) and possibly help to boost the immune system

Hydration For Mom & Baby
Anne Till

Pregnancy and breastfeeding places great stresses on the body, and maintaining adequate hydration plays a key role that can help us to realise the objectives of a comfortable and trouble free pregnancy, and successful breastfeeding.

Hypnosis For Infertility
Linda Clarke

Mind/body medicine is an approach to health that recognizes the effect that our mind has on our body and the body on the mind. Hypnosis can enhance fertility and the success of medical interventions.

Metamorphosis: A Journey Of Transformation
Opal-Jazmine Dodkins

Metamorphosis is a gift of inspiration for a different future for yourself and your loved ones.  It's an opportunity to create a new life, embracing the ultimate you, now.  Completely liberated and healed, you embark on a journey of the rest of your life beginning today.

Natural Birth Control
Claudia Slattery

So you’re looking for an effective birth control method that best suits your body and your lifestyle? You know about the pill, the Mirena and the injection, but all of these are hormonal contraceptives that will disrupt your endocrine system.

Post Natal Depression-break The Silence.
Lisa Lee

Post Natal Depression is often hidden by mothers as a result of fear of being seen as a failure. When we become mothers, we are expected to be superwomen by the vast majority of society. The truth is, for many new mothers, life is far from perfect. The blissful bubble of your beautiful new baby and the oohing and aahing and showering of attention from friends and family gradually evaporates, and the reality of caring for a newborn sets in.

Pregnancy Massage: Myths About Pregnancy Massage
Leon Potgieter

Some massage practitioners refuse to give massage during the first trimester as this is when most miscarriages occur. This is merely because they do not want to be associated with this event should it happen. However, there is no evidence that massage can lead to a miscarriage and massage is not contraindicated during the first trimester. 

Reboot Your Dna. Rejuvenate And Heal.
Bridget Hall

LifeSound Rejuvenation Therapy: an innovative, scientifically proven rejuvenation tool. Reboot your system at the level of your DNA. Reprogramme your cells so that they replicate with the freshness of health and vitality. Easy-to-use system of sound and audio-visual files. Enjoy the effects of your new-found rejuvenation

Start Early, Start Right
Dr. Geoffrey Melman

Healthy teeth are key to a healthy childhood: kids need them for chewing, speaking clearly, and having a bright smile.Thanks to advances in dentistry and oral care products, today's children are more likely than ever to grow up with strong, healthy teeth. So, whether you're teaching your children how to brush properly or taking them to the dentist for a check up, remember that it's up to you to set a good example.

Teeth Issues & Teething Problems
Expectant Mother's Guide

Some babies are born with a tooth in place, but usually it only decides to appear at around six to nine months. For some babies teething doesn’t cause too much discomfort, for others it can cause fretfulness.

Your Newborn Baby
Sister Lillian

You have heard it said before -nothing can quite prepare you for having a newborn baby. Whether or not you believed it ahead of the birth is another question entirely! Once baby is swaddled in your arms, you suddenly do understand though, that nothing else is quite as extreme- both the joy and the challenge.