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7 Seven Back To School Stress Relief Tips For Parents
Bridget Edwards

7 'Back to School' stress relief tips for parents. Help your child avoid 'back to school' anxiety, fears, worry and stress. SA schools start next Wednesday, 13th January. These tips can also help your child through those first few vulnerable weeks of their school year.

Dietary Guidelines For Toddlers
Tabitha Hume

Food is more than a means of sustaining life. It is an integral part of social interaction and much depends on the presentation of the food and the attitude with which it is served.

Potty Training & Bed Wetting
Professor Peter Cooper

Learning to control the bladder and bowel movements are important developmental phases in a young child's life. Unfortunately they may also cause a great deal of confusion and anxiety in parents and children alike, so learning about them is a critical parenting task.

Protect Your Toddler
Carmen M. Schneider-Kemp

This article highlights the spiritual and physical vulnerability of our children and what we as moms can do about it.Children born in the 21st century are born with a specific energy that they work with. This energy is usually indigo, crystal, golden, rainbow or violet. The better known flavours would be indigo and crystal children, as they are the most abundant of 21st century energies children work with.

Reboot Your Dna. Rejuvenate And Heal.
Bridget Hall

LifeSound Rejuvenation Therapy: an innovative, scientifically proven rejuvenation tool. Reboot your system at the level of your DNA. Reprogramme your cells so that they replicate with the freshness of health and vitality. Easy-to-use system of sound and audio-visual files. Enjoy the effects of your new-found rejuvenation

The Little Kids
Fern Ferriera

Please be with all of the little children missing from their homes this night. Lost, confused and taken from their homes and loved ones.
Please bring them comfort and hope. Enfold your Wings around each and every one of them and keep them safe.

Toddlers First Dentist Visit
Author Unknown

The sooner baby is acquainted with the experience the better. The best time is once there are about eight teeth when your dentist will advise you on basic dental hygiene - especially where certain medications, beverages and diet have affected the teeth.

Water - The Contributor To Health And Beauty
Eva F. Schoenfeld

A deficiency of Tissue Salts can lead to health disturbances, but at a very early stage you can see the level of minerals in the cells in your face. I am introducing some facial and physical signs related to Tissue Salt deficiencies. If you want to learn reading faces and administer the correct Tissue Salts.


What Are Tissue Salts And Their Benefits?
Eva F. Schoenfeld

Tissue Salts are more important than you think... The strain caused by barren food from intoxicated and empty soils need to be supported with micronutrients - hence Tissue Salts - then the absorption of macronutrients like vitamins and food-supplements will also be successful. Talk to us!