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7 Seven Back To School Stress Relief Tips For Parents
Bridget Edwards

7 'Back to School' stress relief tips for parents. Help your child avoid 'back to school' anxiety, fears, worry and stress. SA schools start next Wednesday, 13th January. These tips can also help your child through those first few vulnerable weeks of their school year.

Ageless Grace For Kidz
Deborah Nicholls

As children develop, so too does their need for movement exercises. The utilisation of movement is an essential growth building block for children, which forms the foundation of the neurological system. Ageless Grace for KIDZ provides children with the opportunity to perform those necessary movements for skill development in a fun and playful manner.

Alcohol And Your Health
Stuart Wilson

Women tend to be more sensitive to alcohol than men due to their bodies’ lower water content and higher fat content. This results in alcohol becoming more concentrated in the bloodstream and being retained in their bodies for longer.

Allergy To Certain Foods
Body and Mind

Informing yourself about the causes of food allergies and how to feed your child with food allergies is important in preventing reactions.Food allergies can cause serious and, in rare cases, deadly reactions in children. If your child has a food allergy, you may be worried about how to feed him or her and how to prepare for an emergency if a reaction occurs. Informing yourself about the causes of food allergies and how to feed your child with food allergies is important in preventing reactions.

“our Children Are Born Sick – They Do Not Get Sick”
Angela Red River Due to the current circumstances on this planet we call Home, it is not possible that the vast majority of so-called civilized humans have clean healthy bodies that can create clean, healthy babies. The very thought of souls incarnating through toxic host parents into the toxic bodies of the babies that we have conceived and gestated makes no sense at all. How would we feel in we were forced to live in a very dirty house for nine months without being able to clean it?!
Children And Alcohol
Body and Mind

To help prevent alcohol abuse in children, it's a good idea to begin discussing alcohol use and abuse with kids at an early age and to continue openly communicating about it as they grow up.

Crystals And Children
Carol de Vasconcelos Children love crystals and are fascinated by them as they can feel the vibrations, tumbled stones are good for them to start out with as they have no sharp points, it is no secret that they are drawn to the perfect crystal for them.
Emotions With Megan De Beyer
Megan de Beyer

I'm happy", "I'm sad", "I'm apprehensive", "I'm enthralled"...these are all words that we use to describe our feelings. If we are lost for words we rely on metaphors such as : "I am knocked out" "I feel blue" or we make up analogies like: "I feel like a bird that has been caged for years and has just been set free.

Focus On The Breath. Three Simple Exercises To Help Introduce Meditation To Family Life.
Tania Ferreira

Mention incorporating meditation into family life or teaching meditation and relaxation to children and many people will look at you with amazement and disbelief. Very few people will believe that you can encourage children, especially small children to relax and meditate. In this article we look at three simple breathing exercises which can add some quiet time to family life for all ages.

Leanne Horning

Labels, how many do you have? Mom, daughter, wife, friend, colleague, therapist, blah, blah, blah, so the list goes on and on.Oftentimes (love that word, but not even sure it is a real word) we expect our partners, lovers, husbands, wives, children and the people we work with to know who we are and to treat us in a specific way and respect our beliefs.

Frog In A Pan
Angela Red River Since the time male medicine men took over the "care" of women during their pregnancies and confinements (labour and delivery), interventions have been gradually and then not so gradually introduced into their "management", because of a lack of understanding of the God/Goddess-created process of what it means to assist souls to incarnate into this 3-dimensional realm in which we live. Their lack of understanding, amongst other things, has lead to state of affairs that humanity finds itself in right now...
Get The Honeymoon Phase Back.
Lisa Lee

We all remember the honeymoon phase if we're in a long term relationship. The butterflies, the staying up until the early hours talking, laughing and learning about each other. The excitement of receiving a text from you partner. Even things such as shaving you legs and actually wearing a bit of slap on your face when you know he's coming around for a visit. The honeymoon can be addictive, with some women facing commitment problems, so that they can keep experiencing the butterflies over and over again.

Natural Remedies For Eczema In Children
Lisa Lee

Does your child suffer from eczema? Here are some natural alternatives and tips you can try. Eczema is a term used for a group of conditions that cause inflammation or irritation of the skin.  The most common form of Eczema is atopic, which refers to a group of diseases which often go hand in hand with asthma and hay fever. It is very common in children, as opposed to adults, but children often outgrow it by the age of 10. Nevertheless, having a child with eczema can be both frustrating and painful to watch, as it often causes discomfort, itchiness and an unsightly rash in the affected are.

Post Natal Depression-break The Silence.
Lisa Lee

Post Natal Depression is often hidden by mothers as a result of fear of being seen as a failure. When we become mothers, we are expected to be superwomen by the vast majority of society. The truth is, for many new mothers, life is far from perfect. The blissful bubble of your beautiful new baby and the oohing and aahing and showering of attention from friends and family gradually evaporates, and the reality of caring for a newborn sets in.

Pregnancy & Reflexology
Debby Humphreys

Reflexology, sensitively applied, is excellent during pregnancy! It calms the mother and creates an ideal environment in which the foetus can grow. The baby after the birth is consequently more content, vibrant and healthy.

School Bullying
Christine Hardy

Bullying can result in a drop in school performance, depression, suicide, anger, long term insecurity and lack of trust. Abusers and victims tend to repeat the pattern which then attracts more of the same behaviour. This is where ‘Life Alignment’ energy healing can, through applied kinesiology (muscle testing), assist both the perpetrator and the victim to come back into an equal balance of power.

Start Early, Start Right
Dr. Geoffrey Melman

Healthy teeth are key to a healthy childhood: kids need them for chewing, speaking clearly, and having a bright smile.Thanks to advances in dentistry and oral care products, today's children are more likely than ever to grow up with strong, healthy teeth. So, whether you're teaching your children how to brush properly or taking them to the dentist for a check up, remember that it's up to you to set a good example.

Taking Control Of Your Life: What Not Falling Pregnant Teaches You
Claudia Slattery

When we don't get what we want we question why. We head to medical specialists asking questions (often not getting the answers we want), we blame ourselves, our partners, our mothers and we search for solutions, or we give up.  Read more to find out what should be done

The Little Kids
Fern Ferriera

Please be with all of the little children missing from their homes this night. Lost, confused and taken from their homes and loved ones.
Please bring them comfort and hope. Enfold your Wings around each and every one of them and keep them safe.

Author Unknown

Like all attitudes, tolerance is often taught in subtle ways. Even before they can speak, children closely watch — and imitate — their parents.Some parents welcome the fact that we live in an increasingly diverse society. Others may feel more hesitant,especially if they have not had much exposure to people different from themselves.

What Are Tissue Salts And Their Benefits?
Eva F. Schoenfeld

Tissue Salts are more important than you think... The strain caused by barren food from intoxicated and empty soils need to be supported with micronutrients - hence Tissue Salts - then the absorption of macronutrients like vitamins and food-supplements will also be successful. Talk to us!