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Detox Diets
5 Things That Happen If You Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet
Dr Debbie Smith

As many of you know I recently broke my elbow in a mountain bike accident. I am passionate about getting back to do the things I did before, including swimming, mountain biking, adventure racing and running and decided I would do anything and everything to speed my recovery up.

7 Ways Juicing Can Help You Lose Weight
Christine Phillips

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you would have no doubt heard about the amazingness of juicing. But did you also know that a juice elixir can also be a healthy and safe way to lose weight? When drunk in complement to an existing weight-loss plan, juicing provides a high level of quality nutrition, which will assist in weight-loss. Read on to find out how.

A Fresh Look At Irritable Bowel Syndrome (ibs)
Desiree Campher

In her book The Cure for all diseases, Dr Clark postulates that much bowel related discomfort is related to the proliferation of pathogenic organisms in the gut

A Health Promoting Diet
Sally Longden

The most important things to consider when changing to a health promoting diet is ...
cut out junk food completely, eat organic as far as possible, include these cancer fighting, immune boosting, foods everyday and lastly avoid refined oils and never touch margarine again. 

Acid Diet Causes Dis-ease
Lee Buckle

The most common reason for a person struggling with “Dis- ease” is due to a highly acid diet. Acid is the Trojan horse of health in this day and age. A secondary meaning of Trojan horse is a "a person or thing that is designed to undermine from within." Excess acid is truly a "thing from within" that undermines or destroys the body.

Are You Suffering From Fibromyalgia And / Or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Aches And Pains?
Barbara Shepherd

For many years I had various minor health problems which slowly worsened until one day I got the flu and found I could not shake it off. I then became more and more ill with many severe symptoms - so severe that I was forced to resign from my job and I struggled to socialize with people.

Cancer: A Medical Industry In Wilful Denial
Phillip Day

There really is some good news about cancer, though you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise with all the tall tales appearing in the press recently.I have studied cancer for 25 years, given countless lectures on the subject, written books, made films, spo­ken to some of the most successful cancer doctors in the business, and actually there really is some good news about cancer, though you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise with all the tall tales appearing in the press recently.

Cayenne Pepper And Its Benefits
Desiree Campher

If there is one herb that is to be mastered in life it is the Cayenne pepper, as it is the most powerful herb of all. There is no other herb that increases the blood flow faster, effects faster physiological and metabolic changes in the body than cayenne pepper.

Citric Acid Article That Will Surprise You
Desre Campher

 Citric acid is a wonderful natural cleaner that does not emit harmful smoke like our normal household cleaners do. Especially pregnant women and children should be very careful about toxic fumes and it is very good to substitute regular cleaners with natural cleaners like citric acid.

Detox And Drainage
Various Clients

Short testimonials from happy clients.This is our second visit and my husband who is a boilermaker and works with stainless steel started developing metal poisoning which combined with some mercury poisoning has improved to the point where he doesn't have to put dressing on his infected leg.

Detox Diet
Body and Mind

This is a 61 day diet. It is not a diet for weight loss but to rejuvenate all the organs and get everything working again. Hot water with lemon & honey if needed. As much of one kind of fruit as you want.

Detox Your Organs
Body and Mind

Detoxing is a process that helps your body get rid of toxins. Our bodies are designed to deal with physical strains like stress, poor nutrition, alcohol, pollution lack of exercise, but sometimes our bodies cry overload and that is when the detoxing is very necessary.

Dr Clarks Kidney Cleanse
Desiree Campher

The Kidney Cleanse is a herbal treatment based on age-old herbal wisdom and recommended extensively by Dr Clark as PART of the treatment for a variety of ailments. It is designed to clean the kidneys of kidney stones and crystals which may be harbouring parasites and toxins and hampering it’s ability to work effectively. When the kidneys become overburdened in this way a host of potential problems may result:

Drinking Your Food Does Have Its Benefits!
Debby Humphreys

Juicing is not only super effective, but it’s also safe, healthy and something people can do every day of their lives with no adverse side-effects whatsoever. The reality is that the powerful nutritious liquid fuel trapped within the fibres of raw fruit and vegetables contains the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and amino acids to maintain health and assist during weight loss. 

Drugs V/s Nutrition
Allan Wohrnitz

Nutrition - The study of maintaining, building and restoring health and to prevent illness. Drugs - A chemical substance, mostly man made, toxic and poisonous to the body, that induces sleep, relieves pain, produce numbness, stupor, mental numbness.

Dr Debbie Smith

How to set Health Goals Easy and Achieve them

Grains Are Bad For You - The Anti-grain Argument
Dr. Charlie Seltzer, MD

It’s not much of an exaggeration to say some people think grains are the cause of all of society’s ills. In this article, we will examine both sides of the argument, who is making the arguments, what the evidence says and finally, why it doesn’t matter in the real world.

Heavy Metal Toxicity
Sonja Hindley

We are exposed to and ingest a wide range of heavy metals daily, which build up over time in our bodies. Normally our bodies’ innate healing intelligence will naturally detoxify our cells, tissues and organs, but as the load becomes too large to take care of, our whole system becomes toxic and chronic symptoms begin to appear.

Herbal Parasite Cleanse For Adults, Children And Pets
Desiree Campher

In her book, The Cure for all diseases, Dr Clark makes many references to the role that parasites play in the generation of disease. She claims that because of the solvent exposure we have in the 21st century and more specifically in the past 50 years, we now have what she calls a “new generation of disease”. She calls this “fluke disease” and documents the correlation between the unprecedented migration and replication of flukes in the system with a number of “new diseases” notably cancer, AIDS, endometriosis, Lupus, Hodgkin’s, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Seizures, Migraines, Depression etc.

How To Get Step In To Your Diamond Genius Zone
Sarah-jane Farrell

4 physical ways to support your gall bladder and liver so that you have the courage and confidence to start your year off in your brilliance and be able to consistently meet your targets. Many of you know I love working with the medicine wheel and the 5 elements in chinese medicine. I always stock up on gall bladder tonics in January for my clients, to keep the gall bladder strong. When the GB is weak you just cannot maintain targets you have set for the year. You will find yourself fence sitting, unable to take steps forward and get moving towards what you desire and require.A STRONG Gall bladder and Liver give you the strength and courage to plan and decide what direction matched where you aim to go!! The yin/yang aspect of liver/gall bladder - both governed by the wood element. This is the year of the Wood sheep so if we are to gather the energy, the vital life force with adaptability and flexibility the liver/ gall bladder communications need to be at their optimum to make this easier for you.

Immune Building And Flu And Cold Fighters
Desiree Campher

It is apparent that an article on flu/colds and Immune Boosters is appropriate at this time as we experience radical changes in our weather patterns. Not only do we get winter flu but also change of seasons and summer flu. Probably the worst part of this is that you are not quite sick enough to stay at home, but still feel very out of sorts. The headaches, blocked nose and inability to concentrate, fevers, congested chest and all over body aches and pains, creates energy of total misery.

Introduction To Nutrition
Bronwyn Petzer

Bronwyn talks about finding the right reasons to be healthy, to have a strong mind and understanding that healthy eating affects every aspect of our thinking and overall health.

Mangosteen Health Benefits

Mangosteen Health Benefits, when you first hear about how Mangosteen benefits people on a variety of health conditions, you may be shocked by the number of health-enhancing properties this exotic fruit provides. Doing your own research on this amazing fruit for the health benefits it may provide your family and friends is time truly well spent. As you take a closer look at Mangosteen, you'll find solid scientific evidence behind the fruit's many healing properties.

Nutritional Support For Diabetics
Stuart Wilson

We all need glucose for energy and this glucose comes mainly from our food. Glucose is released into our blood after we eat, especially if it’s a carbohydrate such as cereal, bread, pasta or sugary foods.

Laura Miller

In the ever expanding world of nutrition and health here is another interesting look (argument) at the Paleo diet. Once again your point of view, experience and understanding will play a role in how you see the topic. Good reading to you.............

Reasons To Drink Mangosteen Juice Every Day
Breakthroughs in Health, Vol. 1, Issue 5, 2006

Establishing a Xango mangosteen intake routine can create robust health and vitality, preventing many illnesses from striking in the first place.*Improves cell communication. The xanthones in mangosteen improve the body's cell to cell communication to fight disease from attacking & spreading. It also speeds up healing & repair. *Prevents DNA damage. Xanthones have been shown to prevent DNA damage, lowering risks from carcinogens & mutagens.*Aids the lymphatic system. Helps the lymphatic system eliminate cell waste.*Keeps thyroid functioning optimally.

Skin Disorders
Author Unknown

Skin problems are unfortunately very common in all breeds. The skin being truly the largest organ in the body, is in fact the easiest way for the body to eliminate toxins.We have been conditioned by the medical establishment that when we see any skin abnormality, it is to be viewed as troublesome and unsightly and must be gotten rid of it as fast as possible ( i.e. the usual route of antibiotics and possible steroids). When nothing but conventional treatment is used it leads to a suppression of symptoms.

The Banting Diet: Low-carbing Your Way To A Healthier, Longer Life
Juliette Davidson

If you have just heard of the Banting Diet, chances are, you may have wondered whether this is just another fad diet belonging to the low-carb craze dominated by the Atkins and Paleo diets. In fact, the Banting Diet is considered the ‘grandfather’ of all these diets, having originated in the 1860s. It all began with William Banting, an English undertaker who worked for the Royal Family. Banting was having trouble losing weight – in fact, he was morbidly obese, having tried (and failed) at a plethora of diets and growing exasperated, before he took the advice of physician, William Harvey. 

The Mind-body Detox
Emile Scholtz

When conventional medicine could offer no significant relief for his chronic fatigue, Emile Scholtz discovered an emotional turning point in his life after undergoing a detox retreat with Detox International.

The Obesity Era
David Berreby

‘The previous belief of many lay people and health professionals that obesity is simply the result of a lack of willpower and an inability to discipline eating habits is no longer defensible.’ 

Three Significant Reasons To Detox
Desiree Campher

We, know, at least instinctively, that we need to clean up our bodies and our lifestyles. Many of us feel we are not functioning at full potential or we have been diagnosed with something serious or debilitating. We have tried a host of allopathic and possibly even complementary approaches but the problems are not gone, and we have this niggling feeling that we should be able to do something more to feel better. We are right to attempt to detox, as we know our lifestyles are toxic.

Two Significant Reasons To Detox
Desire Campher

We know, at least instinctively, that we need to clean up our bodies and our lifestyles. Many of us feel we are not functioning at full potential or we have been diagnosed with something serious or debilitating.

Unprocessed Food Is Good To Stay Healthier
Flora Cox

Staying healthy is not necessarily associated with the so called professional knowledge about food and nutrition. We can find the best examples in the eating habits of the ancient age people who were not aware of the calories, nutrition, diet plans or modern medication.

Weight Control And Detox Through Nutrition
Stuart Wilson

There are many factors that contribute to weight problems. Most people think it is only overeating that is the problem.There are many reasons why certain medications cause weight gain.There are also several types of medication that cause weight gain.Different people will experience different reactions to their medication.

What Is Lysine
Desiree Campher

Lysine is an amino acid found in the protein of foods such as beans, cheese, yogurt, meat, milk, brewer's yeast, wheat germ, and other animal proteins. Proteins derived from grains such as wheat and corn tend to be low in lysine content. The bio-availability of lysine is reduced with food preparation methods, such as heating foods in the presence of a reducing sugar (i.e., fructose or glucose); heating foods in the presence of sucrose or yeast; and cooking in the absence of moisture at high temperatures. The average 70 kg human requires 800 to 3,000 mg of lysine daily.

You May Be Able To Bant Your Way To Happier Days And More Restful Nights By Tamzyn Murphy Campbell
Tamzyn Murphy Campbell, BSc, BSc Med(Hons) Human Nutrition and Dietetics, RD

After recommending these lifestyle changes to her patients Dr Childers soon saw similar results: “once we get the nutrition and sleep healthy and established, there [is not] very much left to do with medication” 1. Preliminary research is emerging in support of what Dr Childers and her patients experience in practice every day.