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Angel Information
All About Angels
David Angel

Angels are intelligent beings capable of feelings, yet different to us humans. Their existence is on a finer vibrational frequency from the one to which our physical senses are tuned.Some people believe angels are the thoughts of God, while others believe they are the creation of the Divine Mother Spirit. A small number of the vast multitude of angels are immediately concerned with and about humanity and our planet earth.

Angel Card Reading - 4th August 2017
Margi McAlpine

Play – Beloved One, it is time to set aside work for a while. Don’t worry; we will oversee your responsibilities to their completion. Playfulness, gaiety and laughter will lift your energy so that you will return to work with a renewed perspective and heightened energy.

Angel Card Reading - 7th July 2017
Margi McAlpine

Man has always been fascinated by fire. As soon as early man was able to make fire their lives were changed considerably and dramatically. 

Angel Card Reading - May 2017
Margi McAlpine

Inner Child – I nurture the child within me through playfulness and self-care.

Angel Card Reading - November
Margi McAlpine

So many are in despair over their financial situations and often feel that they are drowning in debt with no possibility of seeing the light! Today the Angels are telling you that a new cycle has been washed in by a wave of prosperity and possibilities, some of which you probably have never even thought of.

Angel Card Reading 12th January 2018 - Law Of Attraction
Margi McAlpine

Law of Attraction – Each thought is an investment that pays immediate dividends, so invest wisely. You have the power to choose your thoughts and align them with love, peace and harmony. At your request we will gladly attune your energies to higher frequencies

Angel Card Reading 3 February
Margi McAlpine

The message from the Angels today is really about having balance in your life. Balance in your life is very important. When one part of your life is out of balance, your whole life is out of balance.

Angel Card Reading 5th April 2017 - Happy Thoughts
Margi McApline

Happy Thoughts – To feel happier right now think about a memory or something else that makes you smile.

Angel Card Reading 6th October 2017 – Interpretation By Margi Of Life Purpose Oracle Cards By Doreen Virtue
Margi McAlpine

Life is made up of choices, which is one of the reasons why the Angels and Beings of Light may not step in and do anything for you unless you have asked. Often you find yourself standing at a crossroad which involves you choosing which path you will follow.

Angel Card Reading 7th October 2015
Margi McAlpine

Everyone needs some Romance in their lives! If you are blessed to have a special loved one then today you are being reminded to acknowledge this and treat them with a special treat and tell them that you love them! This card also reminds you to remember that the romance starts with you. Be kind to yourself, appreciate and validate yourself and love yourself unconditionally and without exception.

Angel Card Reading : Father Healing
Margi McAlpine

Father Healing – “Your personal power increases as you give any father-related issues to Heaven.”


This card indicates that you might still have issues with your father that you have still not resolved. All that is needed is for you to forgive unconditionally releasing any anger, grief or fear that you might still be holding onto. Male energy is different to the female energy in that it consists of being expansive and giving whilst female energy is nurturing and receptive.

Angel Card Reading December
Margi McAlpine

You are in for a well-deserved treat! Don’t try to guess what it is because then that will spoil the surprise! Allow yourself to once again be childlike and just allow the joy and happiness to flood your heart chakra as you wait in anticipation.

Angel Card Reading Ostara
Margi McAlpine

Spring is always a time of new beginnings, new cycles and new growth! Today the Angels are telling you that as you step into this new period of light allow it to penetrate deep within your mind and your entire body system.

Angel Card Reading Share
Margi McAlpine

When your hands are open to give they are open to receive! Share the abundance that you have in your life be it physical things like clothes and food, financial things in the form of money or emotional things like unconditional love.

Angel Card Reading Sonya
Margi McAlpine

Death is part of the cycle of life. It is not the end for that soul but merely the beginning of a new and exciting cycle as they move forward in their Ascension process. Do not be afraid of death for there is nothing to fear.

Angel Card Reading: Caressa
Margi McAlpine

Caressa - You are at the end of a cycle in your life. Call upon your Angels to comfort you and guide you to your next step. Happiness awaits you now.

Angel Card Reading: Devine Magic
Margi McAlpine

So often you lose the "magic" in your life! You become caught up in the realities of life and all the demands that are put on you and your limited time. Today the Angels are telling you that you have been given a gift of "magic" to assist you with a challenging situation that you are facing.

Angel Card Reading: Isabella
Margi McAlpine

"Isabella - Yes the timing is right for this new venture. A happy outcome follows your positive expectations."

Angel Card Reading: Love
Margi McAlpine

Love is all encompassing and all that is important! Today the Angels are telling you that whatever the answer is that you are seeking, unconditional love will certainly provide the solution. Love always starts with love of self.

Angel Card Reading: Yvonne
Margi McAlpine

Yvonne - You have a special bond with animals. Your pets on Earth and in Heaven are watched over by Angels.

Angel Encounters
Author Unknown

Stories from people who have had encounters with angels.

Angel For Every Day Of The Week
David Angel

There are many angels that exist to serve and help you in your daily undertakings. All are dedicated to providing guidance, reassurance and love. The only obstacle in the way of you receiving their love, guidance and wisdom is by not recognising their presence.

Angel Introduction
Hazel Whitaker & Cynthia Blanche

While there is a popular notion of angels sitting on clouds, playing harps with beatific expressions, they are in fact workers, just like humans.Their mission is to guide all living beings toward the Light of which they are a part. To feel the presence of an angel is to know pure joy.

Angel Links
Body and Mind

Interesting links to Angel websites.

Angel Poetry
Body and Mind

Assorted inspirational Angel Poems

Angels Through Time
Hazel Whitaker & Cynthia Blanche

The word "angel" comes from the Greek angelos, which is the equivalent of the Hebrew mal'akh meaning "messenger".  The  ancient Greek philosopher Socrates stated that: "God does not deal directly with man; it is by means of spirits that all the intercourse and communication of gods with men, both in waking life and in sleep, is carried on."

Aphrodite The Inner Goddess
Margi McAlpine

Many women are so busy with all the responsibilities of life, work, family and sometimes survival that they lose contact with their inner selves and forget that they are amazing and Divine Beings of light and love! 

Archangel Ariel - 4 July 2009
Chanel Lingenfelder

I am the Archangel Arielle, greetings to you. I bring to you a message this day that shall anchor within you a lightness of being. Dear ones it is very important at this challenging time upon your beautiful planet to anchor yourself into a state of lightness of being.

Archangel Azrael
Body and Mind

I am the Archangel Azrael. My name means "Whom God Helps". I am called the Angel of Death, and that is unfortunate; for I am more the Angel of Everlasting Life than any other of God’s messengers.

Archangel Israel
Body and Mind

I am the Archangel Israel. My name means "Burning One". I am the "Angel of Song" and it is said that I have the sweetest voice of all God’s creatures.

Archangel Metatron
Body and Mind

I am the Archangel Metatron. My name means "One Who Occupies the Throne Next to the Divine Throne"

Archangel Michael
Body and Mind

I am the Archangel Michael. My name means "Who Is As God". I am the Angel of Judgment

Archangel Raphael
Body and Mind

I am the Archangel Raphael. My name means "God Has Healed". I am called the Angel of Healing

Archangel Raziel
Body and Mind

I am the Archangel Raziel. My name means "Secret of God". I am the Angel of the Sacred Mysteries and the Keeper of the Secrets of the Universe.


Archangel Uriel
Body and Mind

I am the Archangel Uriel. My name means "Fire of God". I am the Angel of Salvation


Automatic Writing With Your Guides
Yolandi Boshoff

An easy way to connect with your Spirit Guides is through learning how to do automatic writing. This article will give you some insight into how it works and how to do this.

Cave - Sanctuary
Margie McAlpine

Caves provide shelter and a refuge from the rest of the world. This was important in times gone by when humans lived in caves and used them for sanctuary especially in the winter months. It was also where they became creative and did beautiful cave drawings which showed how they lived and what was important in their lives.

Channeling By Alan Bottoms
Alan Bottoms

There is a lot of talk of a shift that is coming in 2012. So many interpretations and understandings. Theories of what this might be and what it entails. From believing that nothing will happen to believing that it’s the end of the world and everything in between.

Connecting To Your Spirit Guides
Yolandi Boshoff

So I have had such an interesting couple of weeks and it has really felt like things have become a little clearer for me. I have been on a great search for connection with my spirit guides. In this type of work that I do it is really essential that I totally trust my gut when doing readings for clients and since I started working like that it has been amazing. It all links back to the not trying to control stuff and just going with the flow lessons that keep coming up for me.

Creative Project
Margie McAlpine

“Creative Project – You soul longs to express itself in creative ways. We are guiding you to infuse artistry and creativity into your life. Creative expression makes you feel alive and excited and reignites passion towards your life.”

Daily Angels
David Angel

When we speak kindness, from the heart, we speak the language of angels. **May Your Angels Always Just Be A Whisper Away**

Dance – Celebration - Angel Card Reading 1st September 2017
Margi McAlpine

Dancing was a wonderful way that our ancestors connected to Spirit and to each other and the Earth. Everything was celebrated through dance which told the story of what had happened. 

Earth,water,wind, Fire And Spirit : The Seeds Of The New Beginning Archangel Michael Through Celia Fenn
Fiona van Rensburg

You see, Beloved Ones, as you make the effort to create Clarity and Beauty and Flow and Health in your own life, so you raise the Frequency all around you. You create a little "zone" of the New Earth, and all those little "zones" add up to a powerful frequency. More and more people are joining in to raise the Collective Frequency on Earth through Love and Caring in very practical ways.

Margie McAlpine

Today the Angels are telling you that as you step into this new period of light allow it to penetrate deep within your mind and your entire body system. This can be done not only during the Spring period but at any time of the year. 

Guides And Angels
Paul Roland

The following exercise is designed to enable you to make contact with each of the angels who are said to govern the seven chakras, the subtle energy centers in the human body.

Happiness Awaits You Now
Margie McAlpine

If you are going through a really stressful situation right now, then this is really good news! The Angels are telling you that the cycle is coming to an end now so that you are able to move forward into a new cycle.

Healers Are People Too (part 1)
Carla Bastos When you are faced with someone or something inspiring, you light up like Christmas trees and spread the word around like wild fire because it ignites the passion in your soul, and you know you've learnt something good or profound. On the other hand, when an atrocity occurs...
Healers Are People Too (part 2)
Carla Bastos Everything is Divine; good and bad, cruelty and kindness, sadness and joy, wealth and poverty etc. Earth is a planet of polarities and you are faced with both sides of the coin moment by moment and the only way you will ever be able to change the negatives into positives is by accepting that the negatives also carry a Divine gift.
Healers Are People Too (part 3)
Carla Bastos One of the biggest challenges facing the modern day healer is their constant need to maintain a spiritual / physical balance, unlike in eras gone by whereas their worldly needs were taken care of by the community.
Inspirational Angel Stories
Author Unknown

I think I have seen an angel. One day I was watching television in my parents room. Beside the television there is a mirror but since I was back farther than the mirror I could not see myself, only objects in the room. I took a glance in the mirror and I saw the wings and I don't know how exactly I knew what it was but it just came to angel.

Mother Healing
Margi McAlpine

Mother Healing – “As your feelings toward your Mother heal your desires manifest more rapidly and accurately.” Children choose their parents before they are born. There is a lot of thought and reasoning behind the choice as nothing is ever by chance. Most times it is because of past life issues and relationships that need to be completed by finishing the lessons involved.

Music Harmony
Margi McAlpine

Sound and music has been around since the beginning of time. Everything was created by sound. Life would be so empty without all the beautiful music and sounds that we are so blessed to enjoy! Angel music especially brings in a wonderful harmony and peace to all who listen to it.

Margie McAlpine

Many hand their personal power over to others. Your personal power is your inner essence and no matter how you feel about or love the other person, you should never hand it over to them. Women often hand it over to their partners and men often hand it over to their bosses!

Spring Equinox Rebirth
Margi McAlpine

The Spring Equinox is the point where the suns crosses the plane of the equator and day and night are the same length. This indicates the rebirth of Mother Nature. Crops can once again be planted and Nature seems to come alive after the long winter. Earth is once again awakening and holds the promise of fruition.

Tree – Grounding
Margie McAlpine

Trees are wonderful and beautiful creations of Nature. They bring in the balance between Heaven and Earth. Their branches reach out to the sky breathing in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen which enables us and many other beings on the planet to survive. However their roots are planted firmly in Mother Earth anchoring them to the magical energy of the soil

Trustworthy Guidance
Margie McAlpine

“Trustworthy Guidance – You have received a wonderful idea as an answer to your prayers. This idea is real and trustworthy. You can safely move forward with it knowing that we are with you every step of the way. Ask for and be open to receiving our support for anything that you need related to this idea.”

Wish Upon A Star
Margi McAlpine

Faith and trust are so important. You need to have faith and trust firstly in yourself and then also in the Beings of Light and the Universe who are there supporting and guiding you and bringing about what your heart desires.

Wish Upon A Star - "make A Wish And Expect The Very Best."
Margi McAlpine

When you wish upon a star you always ask for something positive and good! Today the Angels are telling you to go outside this evening and to find the brightest star in the sky, then open your heart and wish for something that is really positive and uplifting.