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Fairies information
A Galactic Fairy Tale
Michael Lightweaver

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there were all of these little light beings just hanging out enjoying life in that joyful & timeless dimension. And then one day a very large, magnificent angel came to them.He had a very serious look on his face. He was looking for volunteers for a very important cosmic mission.<

About Fairies
Body and Mind

Fairies are often portrayed in Western children’s stories as tiny, winged, and good hearted. However, this description varies widely from worldwide folk traditions in which beliefs concerning hidden races sharing the earth with us have resided for most of human history.


Angel Card Reading : Father Healing
Margi McAlpine

Father Healing – “Your personal power increases as you give any father-related issues to Heaven.”


This card indicates that you might still have issues with your father that you have still not resolved. All that is needed is for you to forgive unconditionally releasing any anger, grief or fear that you might still be holding onto. Male energy is different to the female energy in that it consists of being expansive and giving whilst female energy is nurturing and receptive.

Contacting Fairies
Edain McCoy

Meditation is one way to contact the fairies. To do this, you should go to a place where you can relax with out any disturbance. Take the phone off the hook and, if necessary, lock the door. Get into a comfortable position, preferably sitting, because, when you lay down, you may fall asleep. Close your eyes and breath in and out slowly. Imagine your body relaxing, starting at your toes and going to your head.

Faerie Land, Where Is It?
Body and Mind

The Faerie are from the Celtic-myths, nature spirits brought to life by the essence that they represent. You'll find Faerie almost everywhere.Faeries dance in circles and their music lures humans to them. Once inside, a human cannot escape unless a human chain from the outside is formed to pull him/her out.Inside, what seems like a couple minutes could actually be several days.

Faerie Superstitions
Body and Mind

Bells They are used as protection against faeries and evil spirits. But faeries also use bells. They are commonly used in faerie rades on the harnesses of their horses.Stroke - actually has its roots in faerie superstition, shortened from "faerie stroke" or "elf stroke." It comes from an elf who strikes a human, then invisibly carried them off while a stock kept their place.

Body and Mind

The history of fairies is not so clear. This is due to the fact that it is unlucky to speak of such creatures. The word fairy originated from the word "fay" that translates to enchanted or bewitched. Then the word became "fata" which is the individual fates of men personified into supernatural women that would visit cradles of newly born babies. The actual word fairy is closest in spelling to that of "fay-erie" which means enchantment or enchanted realm.

Fairies And Elves
Joanna Crosse

People who've seen fairies say they're like tiny people, with delicate, coloured wings. Humans who beheld fairies were immediately enchanted by them, against their will and often without the intention or knowledge of the enchanting fairy.Such an enchanted human might spend the rest of his or her life in search of the entrance to Fairyland, or another glimpse of the fair one who had be spelled them.  Fairies live often 'under hill', or in enchanted woods. They often hunt in human lands.

Fairies Fun Facts
Body and Mind

Did You Know?: Only certain people can see faeries. This gift is called "Faery Sight".

Fairy Gardens
Body and Mind

Fairies love roses for their smell and beauty. If you would like to make fairies welcome, plant roses in your garden and burn rose oil.Bluebells are loved by the fairies as well.Fairies often use the flowers to adorn their horses.Don't pick bluebells or step on them.A field of bluebells may have much Faery enchantment.

Fairy Links
Author Unknown

The Original Fairy Name Generator A web-based magic fairy name generator.

Fairy Poetry
Author Unknown

"Fairies At The Bottom Of The Hill" and many more

Fairy Recipes
Body and Mind

Faery Tea: you will need: Any old tea, or lemonade if you don't care for tea. A variety of colored sugar sprinkles edible flowers*

Fairy Stories
Body and Mind

Fairy Stories written by Children....

Healing Fairies
Piske- Knuth

Each healing fairy is tied to the healing world and carries a tumbled stone in their pouch.

My Fairies World Poem
Author Unknown

My fairies float on breezes warm,in pastel shades they are adorned.Ribbons, bows and castles too,my fairies bring here just for you.So come with me, and enter in my fairy world - now let's begin.Tread gently on the fairies flowers,spend time with them in leafy bowers.Feel the touch as their gossamer wings brush your hand, what joy this brings.Catch hold, the trailing ribbons high, may be, you too will fly. See bubbles blown to catch the light,don't make a sound, less they take flight.

Songs Of The Flower Fairies
Frederick Warne

I am Iris: I'm the daughter,Of the marshland and the water. Looking down, I see the gleam. Of the clear and peaceful stream; Water-lilies large and fair. With their leaves are floating there; All the water-world I see, And my own face smiles at me!