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Crystals and Essences
Abc Alternatives To Support Add Children And Adults
Penni Du Plessis

Many people contact me and ask which colour remedy they should use for a specific imbalance or ailment. This is asking for a quick fix and hoping that I can wave a magic wand for them. However, I am always amazed at what unfolds when they choose their own – simply by being drawn to a specific colour at the time.

They choose from my vast array of coloured oils and sprays – which each have their own unique balancing properties. The personal choice taps into their own emotional issues which they are now ready to address – and when using it regularly as a bath or body oil, it eases the physical symptoms too.

Bars, Bodies And Beliefs
Penni DuPlessis

She held each series of hand positions for about 5 minutes, and explained that each point resonated with the stored energy of every thought, belief, idea, attitude and decision that I have about everything in my life.

Boji Stone: Balance, Align And Clear
Opal- Jazmine

Wear my blessing for the world to see, in glorious service it will shine and our mutual work will turn to stone permanently living through the ages. Choose now the only path available to you, your Intention to live as perfection.

Boji Stone: Balance, Align And Clear.

A Crystal Reading for the week

Estie Mattheus

Colourworks is a range of magnificently coloured oils in delicately curved bottles, containing the energies of colour, plants and crystals. Our bodies are pure energy, each part vibrating at a different rate, responding to the different vibrations contained in the various colours. The bottles you choose will guide you on a journey of self-discovery. Each one is an indication of the steps you have taken on your path, allowing you to become aware of blockages and enabling a dramatic and positive change in your life.


Coping Tips For Empaths
Fiona van Rensburg

Being an empath can be physically and emotionally draining. Many people are unaware that they’re an empath and do not know how to cope with this ability.Develop Your Shield Body Around your physical body, there is a layer of your aura that is devoted to your interface with your environment. Its shape and condition indicate your relationship to your world.

Crystal Gazing
Paul Roland

Scurrying, the art of foretelling the future by gazing into a crystal ball or indeed any reflective surface, has an unfortunate association with gypsy fortune-tellers and fairground charlatans, and yet it was once required discipline in the esoteric arts of the ancients.

Crystal Healing
Body and Mind

Crystals are an inexhaustible source of energy, as they can be used to heal, invigorate, balance or tranquilize in an all together natural way. Crystals can be set in jewelry and kept close to you or used in your home and surroundings to improve the quality of everyday life. Crystals are often placed around the home to absorb any bad vibrations that are caused by common pollutants and machinery.

Crystal Healing Techniques That Everyone Can Use
Body and Mind

Historically, crystals have always been used for and displayed for their beauty and their inexplicable energy. In this modern world, we are constantly looking for new ways to use crystals to help heal and rebalance your stressful lives.Crystals by extreme temperatures and chemical reactions inside the earth. Perhaps this natural formation, balances the energy forces within the environment.Crystals help heal the aura and the chakras of the body, by making sure they are in a natural balance.

Crystal Healing Therapy
Body and Mind

Crystals are fixed architectural structures of minerals, admired by all humans because of their beauty and mystery, while unusual crystals have been called gems.Crystals and gemstones have played an important role in human civilizations. Even thousands of years ago, crystals were used as instruments and tools in curing diseases, improving health, and as talismans or good luck charms.

Crystals And Children
Carol de Vasconcelos Children love crystals and are fascinated by them as they can feel the vibrations, tumbled stones are good for them to start out with as they have no sharp points, it is no secret that they are drawn to the perfect crystal for them.
Crystals And Essences Information
Body and Mind

This month celebrates the start of our new series on the tools for the trade in working with, or learning about the chakras. Each month we will cover some info on the Crystals and Essences relating to each individual chakra.Crystals are defined as a solid, such as quartz, with a regular shape in which plane faces intersect at definite angles. They are minerals that at times show an external sound color and structure, as well as internal crystalline characteristics that compliments it external appearance.

Crystals For Chakra Balancing
Body and Mind

Just like you keep a few everyday items in your purse, pocket or car, like cough drops to soothe the throat, lip gloss to protect and add colour to the lips or gym shoes for your lunchtime walk, having a set of crystals can be very helpful in clearing energy blockages and opening the chakras.

Feng Shui Crystals And Stones
Doreen Virtue

Life area/ location/ stone

Body and Mind

Agate provides for balancing yin-yang energy and for balancing the physical, emotional and intellectual bodies with the etherise energies.It can stabilize the aura, providing for a cleansing effect which acts to smooth dysfunctional energies and to transform and eliminate negativity.

Healing With Crystals
Body and Mind

Our aura or electromagnetic field, which surrounds every living being, pulsates in a certain frequency.It is this frequency that will change when we get ill or stressed. By surrounding a person with crystals and laying on crystals and minerals which emanate a vibration according to colour, density and mineral structure, the crystal healer aims to restructure the energy field of the client, bringing relief on the mental, emotional and physical planes very quickly.

History Of The Use Of Gemstones For Healing
Eva de Fleuriot

Evidence from Palaeolithic times suggests that rocks were the first objects used as Religious Idols by Humankind. Stones were mankind’s first tools, weapons and shelters – in the form of caves. Stones and rocks kept people alive, so it is no surprise that they were associated with the Gods.

Howick Based Gaia Centre Attracts A Student From Ghana
Hayley Rautenbach Richard Armah is by no means an ordinary man. He is a man with a heart and he means business. So much so that his commitment and dedication to helping the children in his orphanage in Ghana, that he travelled all the way to South Africa to seek help.  And he was not looking for a `hand out’ but a hand up. After much research and through word of mouth referrals, Richard found himself flying to South Africa and taking up Reiki training at The Gaia Centre in Howick, KwaZulu-Natal.
Magical Blessings For A Freeing, Fantastic And Powerful 2015

Blessings and guidance for an abundant 2015.

Peridot: The Bringer Of Joy

Embrace me, I have waited for you patiently in the halls of Thoth where your return is written in stone, cast in time eternal.  Breathe and let our shared life force flow through you.  You and I are about to enter a space of Joy, so you may shine like the Solar sun from which you originate.

Sapphire: Spiritual Truth

“See the sun dance on the ocean; allow my presence to descend from the blue sky above.  Now feel my open arms hold you, all will be replaced by your own solar angelic essence, blinding in its Glory.  A Vision of Truth realized....

Space Clearing With Penni Du Plessis
Penni Du Plessis

Have you experienced walking into a room and instantly feeling nauseous, frustrated, depressed or generally like you have the heeby jeebies? Our sensitive human bodies respond to subtle external energy frequencies and influences, as well as energies from the spirit realms.

Stones For Various Situations, Symptoms, And Desires
Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

Abundance: Cinnabar, Jade. Abuse: Smoky Quartz

The Enhancement Of Reiki By Other Natural Energy-based Therapies Part 1: Background
Thea van der Merwe, Ph.D

With today’s modern lifestyles, processed foods and stress, our life-force energy is often depleted and our vitality and well-being diminished. We may feel fatigued and demotivated or even suffer from mild depression, insomnia, low immunity, allergies and all sorts of aches, pains, illnesses and discomforts.

The Enhancement Of Reiki By Other Natural Energy-based Therapies Part 2: Incorporating Crystal Healing Into The Reiki Session
Thea van der Merwe, Ph.D

Combining Crystal Healing with Reiki is quite widely used and documented. The use of crystals amplifies the energy channelled through Reiki to where a specific frequency of energy is most needed. In my own practice I frequently use crystals as part of the Reiki treatment and the following are examples of some very effective treatments:

Welcome To The Alchemy Estoeric Shoppe
Brigitte Holmes

That is exactly the spirit of Alchemy Esoteric Shoppe and Wellness Centre. This is the place where like-minded individual gather and enchant their authentic spirit in a beautiful, safe and sacred space for healers, therapists teachers -an environment where they could make their dreams come true and a place where their heart-centred business could be nurtured and shared with other like-minded souls without having to worry about anything more than their mere being.

Yellow & Gold - Letting Go Of The Past

Did you know that YELLOW is considered the happiest colour among all colours in the spectrum! It is the warmth of sunshine, the colour of fun, the upliftment of spirit.the warmth of the sun,the eternal youth and bounty that is summer. A tarot reference came up for me with Yellow , it was the fool which is about taking that leap of faith.<