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8th Chakra
Chanel Lingenfelder

We have come to the end of the series on the chakras, a journey into our souls for sure. Personally, the journey of the chakras has been a life altering experience, and judging by the response from so many people, I am sure it has done the same for many. My reward in sharing this info with all is a planted seed. This seed is what you have to keep feeding in order for it to be grounded with strong roots, have fabulous flowers blossoming in the sunlight, and bear fruits enough to feed our planet, this Universe, and All That Is.

999-gateway Of Super Consciousness
Chanel Lingenfelder

This Gathering of Love will serve as a further cleansing and balancing process of our 4 lower bodies, chakric system and left and right brain hemispheres in support of our DNA rewire during the 9:9:9 Gateway of Super-Consciousness Stargate. "I am Kuthumi, and I come forward upon the Rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time, and I bring unto thee the blessings of perseverance, the blessings of honoring the self and the blessing to know what your gifted talents are and to use these in creating a fuller expression of who you are."

Archangel Ariel - 4 July 2009
Chanel Lingenfelder

I am the Archangel Arielle, greetings to you. I bring to you a message this day that shall anchor within you a lightness of being. Dear ones it is very important at this challenging time upon your beautiful planet to anchor yourself into a state of lightness of being.

Ascended Master Kuthumi & Lord Metatron - June 21 2008
Chanel Lingenfelder

This channelling took place an hour after the June Solstice 144 Crystalline Grid Activation during which the 12 pointed Kuthumi Grid was again activated upon the northern shores of KwaZulu Natal.

August Is A Powerful Month With The Emphasis On Power.
Chanel Lingenfelder

The month of August reflects a cosmic celebration of our connection to the Great Central Sun. It is also a month of ‘preparation’ which resonates to the breath of Nature. In the northern hemisphere it starts off in the height of summer and ends winking at winter - the slow in-breath. In the southern hemisphere it starts off in the height of winter and ends with a relieved exhale at the prospect of spring on the horizon – the inspiring out-breath. 

Automatic Writing
Fiona van Rensburg

Maybe you’ve heard of automatic writing and you want to know how to do it. In this article, I will show you how. Automatic writing is a great, non-scary way of channelling your Higher Self or Spirit Guides through writing. It allows you to ‘download’ their perspective subconsciously using claircognizance and transcribe it as it comes in.

Back To Basics - 18 April 2009
Chanel Lingenfelder

This channel includes some personal information thus due to the content the names are not disclosed, yet many might find solace in the answers as many light workers share the same personal trauma.

Bridging The Divide - Telepathic Animal Communication
Tammy de Oliveira

Telepathic and intuitive animal communication takes you on a magical journey into the wisdom, guidance and healing that our animal friends and companions have to share with us. It opens us to the world of the silent language, the language of our souls and that of our sacred animal friends. 


Channeling By Alan Bottoms
Alan Bottoms

There is a lot of talk of a shift that is coming in 2012. So many interpretations and understandings. Theories of what this might be and what it entails. From believing that nothing will happen to believing that it’s the end of the world and everything in between.

Clavicle Injuries - Emotional Component
Penni du Plessis

Did you know that everything that we are experiencing in the physical begins with our emotions and thoughts? For those of you who are experiencing issues with your clavicle you might want to look at the emotions behind this to help you deal with the emotions instead of running to the doctor to get it physically fixed.

Earth,water,wind, Fire And Spirit : The Seeds Of The New Beginning Archangel Michael Through Celia Fenn
Fiona van Rensburg

You see, Beloved Ones, as you make the effort to create Clarity and Beauty and Flow and Health in your own life, so you raise the Frequency all around you. You create a little "zone" of the New Earth, and all those little "zones" add up to a powerful frequency. More and more people are joining in to raise the Collective Frequency on Earth through Love and Caring in very practical ways.

Five Element Chirology
Jennifer Hirsch

Our fingerprint (and palmar) glyphs are pre-ordained, fixed and unchangeable cosmic imprints, which receive and emit their own unique resonance. They are energy portals, thresholds through which we can better understand and express our authentic responses. This article presents some interpretations of our six primary glyphs.


Grid Channellings - 16 August 2008
Chanel Lingenfelder

This Grid channelling was done outdoors in the most awesome setting next to the Albert Falls Lake, creating the third of our local grids.

In The New Light - 19 January 2008
Chanel Lingenfelder

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please.

Interview On Channelling
Allison Scott

Allison describes the different forms of channelling and explains the significance of her technique for "conscious" channelling. Channelling can be defined as the act of an individual allowing a spiritual being to communicate through them to those on the physical plane. The spiritual being can be an angel, archangel, ascended master, guide or deceased loved one.

Magical Blessings For A Freeing, Fantastic And Powerful 2015

Blessings and guidance for an abundant 2015.

My Personal Journey With Divine Mother, How She Healed Me And How You Can Hear Her.
Chaturi Ma My personal Journey with Divine Mother. How I hear her and how she healed me from Facet Joint Arthrosis.
New Moon In Libra & Powerful Relationship Healing
Michelle Manders How to best use the upcoming New Moon in Libra, as well as the powerful energies coming from Mars as he enters Capricorn. Suggestions on what to focus on for this week and weekend.
Sapphire: Spiritual Truth

“See the sun dance on the ocean; allow my presence to descend from the blue sky above.  Now feel my open arms hold you, all will be replaced by your own solar angelic essence, blinding in its Glory.  A Vision of Truth realized....

The Acceptance Of Self Worth
Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

In bringing the essence of love to you this day it is my honour as a master to give or rather to open this energy that I am asked to share on behalf of us all which is about the importance of not allowing the self to succumb into its own destruction. 
The essence of self-worth is by far probably one of the most difficult things for you as humans to grasp. It is one of the avenues where a great deal of humans shall we say dwindle from concentration when it comes to teaching the little ones and the adolescence to claim its self-worth.

The Portal Of Reflection & Projection
Chanel Lingenfelder

Now the presence of acknowledging the self beloved ones is a rather tricky intense and challenging process which certainly is not for the faint of heart. It is for that reason that you as light workers have taken on this process of self-discovery. 
Now recently during the teachings given through this channel we have shared information and essences about past lives and present realities

The Purpose Of These Times - Part 1
Michelle Manders Address your belief systems that maintain povery consciousness and how to activate the process of changing this. More on this in Part 2.
The Way Of Cupid - 2 February 2008
Chanel Lingenfelder

Beloved ones we welcome you within this most magnificent space yet again as we bring to you this day a message of love.

Trust And Let Go - 9 May 2009
Chanel Lingenfelder

During this session Lady Kwan Yin shared some profound wisdom on the inner child as well as a most powerful initiation balancing the masculine/feminine aspects of our inner child amongst other energies, we are invited into her Ashram on the inner planes of Shamballah within the etheric energy of the Himalayas

Universal Solstice Channelling By Chanel
Chanel Lingenfelder

Dearest beautiful beings, we have come to the end of 2010. A year of trials, tribulations and for many great frustrations yet intense excitement!The new site will be very organized, simple and user friendly with the channeling archives much easier arranged for anyone to fall back to, in order as it was given. We will also host a regular newsletter and the channellings will be hosted through a sister site which will make download much easier, with the eventual download of the recordings in mind.

Yellow & Gold - Letting Go Of The Past

Did you know that YELLOW is considered the happiest colour among all colours in the spectrum! It is the warmth of sunshine, the colour of fun, the upliftment of spirit.the warmth of the sun,the eternal youth and bounty that is summer. A tarot reference came up for me with Yellow , it was the fool which is about taking that leap of faith.<