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Complementary Medicine Information
9 Healthy Cures For Cancer - Why Doctors Cannot Use Them
Andrew Wilding

There are thousands of independent case studies published by highly qualified medical doctors and cancer researches, proving that cancer is cured by healing the body. In some cases surgery is an option, but the body does not work so well when things are removed. In all cases, radiation and chemotherapy cause cancer through actual and chemical radiation. The astounding question is: why are doctors not allowed to use the cures that heal cancer?

A Psycho-spiritual Perspective On Healing Dis-ease, Ill-ness & Lack.
Ashraf Moorad

Dis-eases & Ill-nesses are of many kinds. Those that are of the body are most commonly referred to as physical disease eg. cancer & obesity. There are those dis-eases of the mind eg. self-defeating thinking & pessimism. Dis-eases of the emotions include anxiety & depression.

“our Children Are Born Sick – They Do Not Get Sick”
Angela Red River Due to the current circumstances on this planet we call Home, it is not possible that the vast majority of so-called civilized humans have clean healthy bodies that can create clean, healthy babies. The very thought of souls incarnating through toxic host parents into the toxic bodies of the babies that we have conceived and gestated makes no sense at all. How would we feel in we were forced to live in a very dirty house for nine months without being able to clean it?!
Bioenergetics And Its Meaning
Body and Mind

Dr Alexander Lowen, used aspects of Wilhelm Reich, who developed Reichian Therapy, as a basis for the theory of Bioenergetics. This occurred in the 1960's and today Bioenergetics is recognized as a legitimate form of therapy by many psychotherapists. Bioenergetics is a Western form Yoga and it aims at understanding the human personality through bodily energetic processes, including body movements and breathing exercises.

Biofeedback Therapy And It
Body and Mind

The practitioner uses a sophisticated electrical instrument to monitor the patient's nervous system and emotional responses.He will allow the patient to observe these changes such as their body temperature and brain wave patterns. The machine is able to measure these changes in the body.

Bowen Technique
Body and Mind

The Bowen Technique is a gentle hands-on therapy that is useful in promoting healing where long term muscular pain has been inhibiting to the client's lifestyle.The treatment comprises a specific series of vibrational movements applied to muscles, tendons and connective tissue, performed in a fixed sequence.

Chinese Medicine
Encyclopedia of Alternative Health and Natural Remedies

Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used for nearly the last 4000 years.Obviously through the passing years some of the ideas have changed radically. The Chinese first believed that disease was caused when their ancestors were not pleased.

Clavicle Injuries - Emotional Component
Penni du Plessis

Did you know that everything that we are experiencing in the physical begins with our emotions and thoughts? For those of you who are experiencing issues with your clavicle you might want to look at the emotions behind this to help you deal with the emotions instead of running to the doctor to get it physically fixed.

Cold And Flu Fighters
Desiree Campher

Remedies of how to avoid and fight cold and flu symptoms in the changing seasons. Not only do we get winter flu but also change of seasons and summer flu. Probably the worst part of this is that you are not quite sick enough to stay at home, but still feel very out of sorts. The headaches, blocked nose and inability to concentrate, congested chest and all over body aches and pains, creates energy of total misery.

Complementary Medicine Chest
Author Unknown

Summary of useful Complementary Medicines.Use on cuts, grazes, bites and burns. Cases of skin irritation may be eased by applying the cream to the affected area. It can be invaluable in soothing itchy childhood infectious diseases such as chickenpox, for example.

Complementary Therapies
Author Unknown
Crystals And Children
Carol de Vasconcelos Children love crystals and are fascinated by them as they can feel the vibrations, tumbled stones are good for them to start out with as they have no sharp points, it is no secret that they are drawn to the perfect crystal for them.
Body and Mind

Practitioners of Cymatics often compare the human body to a musical instrument that needs to be re-tuned.The practitioner tunes the body by directing high-frequency sound waves onto the affected area, restoring the body to a harmonious whole.

Dr Hulda Clark Herbal Parasite Program
Herba Farmacy

In her book The cure for all diseases Dr Clark makes many references to the role that parasites play in the generation of disease. She claims that because of the solvent exposure we are having in the 21st century and more specifically in the past 50 years that we now have what she calls a "new generation of disease". She calls this "fluke disease" and documents the correlation between the unprecedented migration and replication of flukes in the system with a number of "new diseases" notably cancer, AIDS, endometriosis, Lupus, Hodgkin, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Seizures, Migraines, Depression etc.

Body and Mind

Eurhythmy is part of the system of Anthroposophical medicine.It was put together by the Austrian philosopher, artist and scientist Rudolf Steiner, in the late 1800's, How does it Work? It is also known as Visible speech due to it's system of rhythmical body movements and because it is performed in harmony with the rhythm of the spoken word.

Feldenkrais Method
Body and Mind

The Feldenkrais Method was developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, he was trained in engineering and applied physics and he took a practical scientist's approach to make the "machinery" of the body work properly.

Flotation Therapy
Body and Mind

Flotation therapy evolved from the experimental work an American doctor, psychoanalyst and neurophysiologist, John C Lilly did during the 1950's.Dr Lilly and another doctor, Jay Shurley took turns to float in a tank to discover how the brain reacted when it did not have to deal with normal outside sensations such as gravity and noise.

Holographic Repatterning
Estie Mattheus

Holographic repatterning (HR) is a process that makes it possible for us to create positive change in any area of our life where we experience limitation. The HR process and the HR muscle indicator tool allow us to identify and transform the non-coherent frequency patterns that manifest as our difficulties, life-depleting habits and negative perceptions


Body and Mind

The therapy is based on the principle that "like cures like".he word Homoeopathy was derived from Greek and means "similar suffering". The therapy is based on the principle that "like cures like". It has been practiced for thousands of years, but the development of homoeopathy as a medical system only took place in the late 18th century.

How Can Reflexology Help In Healing Your Body?
Body and Mind

Today there is great interest generated about reflexology and its effects on health and welfare of the human body.This gentle, and non-invasive alternative treatment is said to be very beneficial as it encourages and assists the body to heal naturally.

How Probiotics Work

Here is a collection of customers reasons for taking Noster ProBiotics.

The most popular reason by far is IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. In fact a good many customers are using the probiotic to treat GIT (Gastro-Intestinal Tract) disorders, including Ulcerative ColitisCrohn’s diseases.and a sluggish bowel.

How To Get Step In To Your Diamond Genius Zone
Sarah-jane Farrell

4 physical ways to support your gall bladder and liver so that you have the courage and confidence to start your year off in your brilliance and be able to consistently meet your targets. Many of you know I love working with the medicine wheel and the 5 elements in chinese medicine. I always stock up on gall bladder tonics in January for my clients, to keep the gall bladder strong. When the GB is weak you just cannot maintain targets you have set for the year. You will find yourself fence sitting, unable to take steps forward and get moving towards what you desire and require.A STRONG Gall bladder and Liver give you the strength and courage to plan and decide what direction matched where you aim to go!! The yin/yang aspect of liver/gall bladder - both governed by the wood element. This is the year of the Wood sheep so if we are to gather the energy, the vital life force with adaptability and flexibility the liver/ gall bladder communications need to be at their optimum to make this easier for you.

How To Have Zero Cold Days This Year
Dr Debbie Smith

t is amazing how the common cold can take so much of our healing time I want to share with you some of the main tips to help you stay healthy this winter and prevent a cold so you can use your energy and time for the health goals you want to achieve.

How To Reset Your Nervous System In 60 Seconds
Sarah-Jane Farrell

Do you know your ACE score or that early adverse childhood experiences are where later chronic disease comes from. In the science of epigenetic, unpredictable chronic stress from early childhood makes you more likely to suffer from acute pain and chronic disease later in life. The good news is that through the mindfulness change process and integrative, functional medicine, you can reset your nervous system, heal your brain and no longer have your childhood biology become your biography.

Estie Mattheus

Hypnosis is an artificially induced sleep-like condition in which an individual is in a high state of concentration. Someone in this condition is extremely responsive to suggestions and can perform tasks efficiently, obey instructions, avoid hazards and speak lucidly when asked by a hypnotist.

Hypnotherapy For Abusive Relationships
Dr. Trudie Bartholomew

When a person visits my consulting and their main problem is anxiety/depression caused by abusive relationships, I know that there was a problem at the time of the fetus in the mother’s womb.

Hypnotherapy For Sexual Abuse
Dr. Trudie Bartholomew

Practitioners find that up to 80% of people who come for help have been sexually abused; male and female! Often they have no conscious memory of the events, but it is all stored in the subconscious mind.

I Won
Lior Losinsky

This article discusses the true cost of unforgivenss and holding onto past hurts and anger. It looks at the options available to release these past limiting experiences.

Indian Head Massage
Body and Mind

Head massage is a familiar part of life in India and Narendra Mehta, blind from infancy, grew up experiencing the benefits of this tradition. An osteopath and massage therapist, he developed a unique system of massage he calls "champissage" (from the Indian word "champi" meaning head massage and has founded and runs the London Centre of Indian Champissage.

Information On Chiropractic
Body and Mind

The word Chiropractic came from the Greek words cheir and praktikos, which means “done by hands” Even though chiropractic treatments have been practiced for thousands of years, it never became a valid, written science until the latter part of the nineteenth century. .

Information On Kinesiology
Body and Mind

Kinesiology uses the scientific knowledge of the functioning of the muscles and the Central Nervous system to identify areas of blockage and imbalance. Kinesiology follows the philosophy of we are created perfectly for what it is we are to achieve in life.

Estie Mattheus

Iridology is an ancient science that was used by the Babylonians. Hippocrates, Philostratus and Medical School of Salerno practiced iridology.One of the earliest European Iris Charts was produced by Dr Ignatz von Peczely, who became interested in Iridology at the age of eleven.

Laser Light Shown To Initiate Healing Processes In Cells
Dr Arzhan Surazakov

How our physical body is able to initiate and complete its own healing is one of its most remarkable features. Even a simple finger cut initiates responses from dozens of types of cells – the smallest units in our body – coordinated to achieve specific results, such as stopping blood loss, killing foreign bacteria and preventing infection, creating new blood capillaries, repairing and regenerating skin layers. These processes rely on the astonishing intelligence of our cells and the different ways in which they can communicate and function together towards one goal.

Life Alignment
Christine Hardy

Avinash has faced such enormous lifelong challenges that I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of his struggles. I hope his story will inspire and motivate you when you are faced with your own personal challenges. His story may also encourage others with disabilities to empower themselves with the help of Life Alignment.

Menopause Is Not A Deficiency Disease
Sally Longden

Contemporary medicine views menopause as a “deficiency of oestrogen” disease, but Nature did not made a mistake.  The hormones most lacking at this stage of life is Progesterone which plummets during pre-menopause, throwing us into "oestrogen dominance" with all it's nasty symptoms.

Music And Sound Therapy
Body and Mind

Music therapy originated and continues to evolve today in view of 4 considerations well rooted in history.In such disciplines as anthropology and ethnomusicology, music and healing are thought to be one of the many uses of music found in all societies, historical or current.

Natural Health Alliance (nha) Urgent Call To Action

In our July issue, I wrote about the new complementary medicine regulations which came into effect in May. Read more here to see how you can play your part and make a difference.

Nutritional Support For Diabetics
Stuart Wilson

We all need glucose for energy and this glucose comes mainly from our food. Glucose is released into our blood after we eat, especially if it’s a carbohydrate such as cereal, bread, pasta or sugary foods.

Observational Study On Premular - Part 1
Dr. med. Roger Eltbogen

Menstrual cycle irregularities (MCIs) and the premenstrual syndrome (PMS) are a common disorder in women during their reproductive lifespan. The prevalence for MCIs is about 20% in young women [1]. About 20% - 40% of women suffer from PMS, and 40% - 50% of these women are impaired in their interpersonal and workplace activities [2-5]. The cause of these disorders are still unclear, however current scientific evidence suggests that altered regulation of hormones and neurotransmitters
1Medical practice for Gynecology and Obstetrics, Solothurn; 2Medical practice for Gynecology and Obstetrics, Schaffhausen; 3ClinResearch Ltd., Aesch; 4Max Zeller Soehne AG, Romanshorn, Switzerland

Pellowah Healing Technique
Author Unknown

The objective of the Pellowah Healing Technique is to invoke a "Radical Shift in Consciousness" in the person being healed. While that may sound slightly intimidating, it shifts you in a gentle, but fundamental way.

Polarity Therapy
Body and Mind

Polarity therapy was developed by Randolph Stone, who found that the human energy field is affected by touch, diet, attitudes, movement and sound and by relationships and environmental factors.

Pranic Healing
Estie Mattheus

Pranic Healing is as ancient as humanity and was practiced by mystics, spiritualists and by divinely gifted people.Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, a Filipino of Chinese origin researched and experimented on this subject for more than 20 years, to distil the Science of this modality, thereby creating a scientific explanation for this hitherto mystical phenomena.

Pregnancy Massage And The Benefits Of Pregnancy Massage
Leon Potgieter

The great physical, mental and emotional changes of pregnancy affect your lifestyle, your job and your relationships with friends and family. Pregnancy massage helps you integrate these changes successfully. Massage during pregnancy offers undeniable physical benefits.

Pregnancy Massage: Myths About Pregnancy Massage
Leon Potgieter

Some massage practitioners refuse to give massage during the first trimester as this is when most miscarriages occur. This is merely because they do not want to be associated with this event should it happen. However, there is no evidence that massage can lead to a miscarriage and massage is not contraindicated during the first trimester. 

Reboot Your Dna. Rejuvenate And Heal.
Bridget Hall

LifeSound Rejuvenation Therapy: an innovative, scientifically proven rejuvenation tool. Reboot your system at the level of your DNA. Reprogramme your cells so that they replicate with the freshness of health and vitality. Easy-to-use system of sound and audio-visual files. Enjoy the effects of your new-found rejuvenation

Red Pill Or Bue Pill?
Sarah-jane Farrell

In our instant gratification culture, there is an urban myth circling our news-feeds, e-mails and self-help articles. This myth takes form through the web usually called “5 life hacks to happiness’ or ‘Quick fix for depression” or “7 ways to ……”.

I would LOVE to tell you that there is a tablet you could take which solve all your problems, eliminate issues, dissolve the tough feelings, thoughts and emotions;
OR that in one easy step you could wash away the pain;
OR  a magic potion which will make the chaos creators in your life disappear…

Reiki For Self Healing - Using Reiki In You Life
Body and Mind

If you want a simple, easy to use system of natural energy healing in your hands, (and I mean that literally!), Learn Reiki.If you have been sitting on the fence, wondering which energy system is the "best", hesitating to the take dive into something completely new, I hope to introduce you to this wonderful and simple healing system.

Reiki Therapy- How To Heal Yourself And Your Family
Body and Mind

Reiki is a healing therapy popular in Japan and was introduced in 1970 and became very popular worldwide since then. A unique spiritual healing technique, Reiki is a fusion of most alternative healing practices such as aura healing, crystal healing and meditation, chakra balancing technique, naturopathy, aromatherapy and homeopathy.

Sending Out An Sos To Cut The Bs Of A Quick Fix
Sarah-Jane Farrell

Are you suffering from bright shiny object syndrome? If you are sick and tired of struggling to fill your practise consistently and spending time and money on the next course or program in the hopes that this certification will give you the success and financial freedom you want and no matter what you do you are still spinning your wheels with no more than an expensive hobby, then keep on reading......

Shiatsu And It
Body and Mind

Shiatsu is a Japanese word that is made up of 2 written characters meaning "finger pressure".It's origins lie in the natural response to pain or discomfort, which is to rub the affected area as it is comforting and often helps to ease pain. Shiatsu focuses on the use of static pressure which is applied to specific acupoints and meridians over the entire body that can help trigger specific repeatable results.

Shiatsu Massage
Leon Potgieter

The gentle therapy of healing with finger pressure, shiatsu relies on the simple but powerful experience of touch to maintain a smooth flow of energy around the body. This affects the entire body and mind and leads to improved blood and lymph circulation, endorphin release, reduction in stress and anxiety and elimination of toxins.

Simple Hand Positions Of Reiki
Body and Mind

You should be aware of all the various benefits that are closely related to Reiki as a form of meditation. Many of us are aware of how powerful this treatment can be when it comes to relieving stress as well as propelling the incredible feeling of relaxation, serenity, and positive well-being.

Spiritual Healing
Estie Mattheus

This form of healing uses a holistic approach. It can be a form of distant healing or laying of the hands.This type of healing is performed while the patient is not around. The healer's use prayer, meditation or visualization therapy to help link themselves to divine or mystical healing forces which they then channel to the patient, to activate the power to heal themselves.

Spiritual Secret Of The Divine Light Of Reiki (drl)
Body and Mind

Reiki is a Japanese word that describes a any work based on life force energy. Reiki is the love of God in its purest form.It being totally unconditional, requires nothing from the agent or receiver. It is a silver white light energy that is a transforming energy on all levels of a person's beingness.

Spring-time Skin Allergy Rescue
Down to Earth

Do you suffer from spring-time allergies? For many of us the annual blooming of plants and release of pollen into the atmosphere brings a runny nose, watery eyes and a very itchy skin. Get some handy tips on how to manage your spring allergies and to find out how our products can help reduce your skin irritations.

Still On Your Meds? A Shamans View To Solving Mental Health Disorders & Dis-ease
Brigitte Heeb How does one achieve freedom in their lives?  One needs to be financially stable, and perhaps a little more than stable, truly wealthy. Buckminster Fuller said, "Controlled time is our true wealth" and then of course the wealth of the soul is the only true wealth.
The Benefits Of Reiki Meditation
Body and Mind

Practitioners of meditation Reiki are able to heal others and themselves, by using the Reiki healing energies to balance the energy of their patients.It is believed that to be effective because meditation Reiki is said to create optimal conditions in homeostatic areas, which harmonizes the balance of the body.

The Growth Imperative: An Infinite Thread
Dr Walter Harry Willies

How do you grow? By trying? By knowing how to? You have the most basic instinct to grow by simply allowing it to happen.The body-mind continuum has exploded beyond belief since the conservative constraints of the pre-sixties. I grew up in a world where there was a clear distinction between orthodoxy and unorthodoxy.

The Magical Art Of Healing Through Reiki
Body and Mind

Reiki is a technique for relaxation and stress reduction that promotes healing, developed by Dr. Mikao Usui master in 1922.Reiki is based on the premise that life force energy flows through us all and is the source of the human life force. Reiki is performed with the practitioner laying his hands on the patient

The Science Of Reiki
Estie Mattheus

Reiki is the Ancient art of "laying on of hands" in order to heal. It is the use of touch to convey warmth, serenity, love, caring and healing, through the channelling of energy to enhance a person's own life force.

Tibetan Medicine
Estie Mattheuss

This is based on the theory that the body contains 3 substances, called humours: vital energy/ internal heat/ phlegm.When a person is healthy these 3 substances are balanced, but when they are imbalanced they turn into poisons such as desire, anger and greed.

Touch Therapy
Estie Mattheus

The art of touch is the magic that bridges the gap between stress (feeling as though you are not coping) and peak performance (the real thing).The body responds to touch in a profound way. With touch comes a release of an abundance of endorphins and serotonin (mood enhancing hormone), simultaneously diminishing cortisol and adrenaline levels (stress enhancer).

Transcendental Meditation And Its Meaning
Estie Mattheus

This is a very simple, natural, effortless technique that is practiced for 15-20 minutes a day, sitting comfortably with the eyes closed.During the session the mind settles down experiencing finer levels of thought, until it transcends the finest level of thought and experiences the source of thought, pure consciousness, the source of unlimited creativity and intelligence of both man and nature.

Treating Illness With Reiki
Body and Mind

The laying on of hands may seem related to biblical times, but the treatment of illness in this way is occurring in the 21st century.One way to do this is with Reiki, a Japanese energy therapy that works by touching (or holding their hands above) different parts of the body.

Two Significant Reasons To Detox
Desire Campher

We know, at least instinctively, that we need to clean up our bodies and our lifestyles. Many of us feel we are not functioning at full potential or we have been diagnosed with something serious or debilitating.

Water - The Contributor To Health And Beauty
Eva F. Schoenfeld

A deficiency of Tissue Salts can lead to health disturbances, but at a very early stage you can see the level of minerals in the cells in your face. I am introducing some facial and physical signs related to Tissue Salt deficiencies. If you want to learn reading faces and administer the correct Tissue Salts.


What Are Tissue Salts And Their Benefits?
Eva F. Schoenfeld

Tissue Salts are more important than you think... The strain caused by barren food from intoxicated and empty soils need to be supported with micronutrients - hence Tissue Salts - then the absorption of macronutrients like vitamins and food-supplements will also be successful. Talk to us!

What Is Reiki Used For?
Body and Mind

Ever wanted to know what reiki is used for? What does it do? Can it cure illnesses? Read on to find out. Reiki is a therapy which is used for treating the subtle body. In simpler terms this means that it cant used for healing physical illnesses from the root of the problem, which is almost always some emotional or spiritual issue.

Who Am I, Really?
Tracy White

Do you know what causes discomfort and dis-ease? Did you know that you are much more than what they eye can see? Your belief structures that you are holding on to so tightly may be outdated and may no longer serve you. Wouldn't you like to put them down and move on? Tis article may give you some insight as to who you are, really...

Why Treat The Skin On Your Face Different To The Skin On Your Body
Down to Earth

It would be very convenient if you could use a "one-size-fits-all" solution for all of your skin, but they are hard to find. Why? Because skin is constructed differently in different areas and products are made to cater to those differences. In our latest blog post we examine the main differences between the skin on your face and the skin on your body, and highlight the differences in skincare products formulated for face vs body.

Why You Still Need To Work Hard
Fonzy Montenegro

In the Law of Attraction niche, the masters talk about letting go of trying too hard and struggling because we don’t have to. It’s a waste of energy. The Universe will help us make our desires a reality. We just need to take inspired action. 

Yoga & It
Body and Mind

There are a number of teachings of yoga and they can range from a specialized secular framework to a highly religious structure.The origins of Yoga are found in the ancient Vedas, which are scriptures that are sacred to all Hindus.