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Universal Solstice Channelling


Dearest beautiful beings, we have come to the end of 2010

A year of trials, tribulations and for many great frustrations yet intense excitement! We will continue into 2011 with our current series of new dimensional chakras. I am sure we will also be given new tasks for 2011, as 2010 saw the final anchoring of a dedicated 2 year grid project through Ascended Master Kuthumi as part of a Global Grid project facilitated by many dedicated lightworkers around the world.


Our Year Ahead…. Breaking New Ground

After long and intense discussions Brandon and I have decided to turn up the energy another notch…

In January we are launching a new site altogether which will host all of our work as a team. I have served my time in Ayurveda (which I enjoyed, learning stax) yet feeling the frustrations when it comes to my evolvement as a healer and being. I humbly embrace my blessed talents as a healer and mediator and thus feel the time has come to nurture and honor that which I truly came to do in service.  


The new site will be very organized, simple and user friendly with the channeling archives much easier arranged for anyone to fall back to, in order as it was given. We will also host a regular newsletter and the channellings will be hosted through a sister site which will make download much easier, with the eventual download of the recordings in mind. Since I came across so many others that use my work for their own gain without sharing where the information comes from everything will be © copyrighted (backdated to the first session including the research on chromotherapy and chakras I have done over the past 10 years). I was given a mission by Spirit last decade, to help bringing the chakras to the man on the street in layman’s terms, and sadly on sharing this information freely some has exploited it for their own gain.   


The new site will act as a platform for all to study the material coming through from the Ascended Masters and where I will be using various therapies to help those who are seeking guidance, greater clarity and healing based on the teachings and more. The site will host a detailed description of all therapies on offer taking nurturing to the next level! I will also do SKYPE readings unlike anything experienced before which supports my honor code when it comes to readings, combining God-given talent and ability. This facility will be available globally and will act as an extension to the teachings - helping everyone interested to unlock that which is buried in the unconscious bringing it to the light, assisting one to move closer to the authentic self, enlightenment and ultimately assisting in the ascension process, were Brandon will in due course next year begin hosting the new James Tyberonn Metatronic Keys Workshops on increasing our frequency and auric field to facilitate the Tri level Mer-Ka-Na crystalline Lightbody system. 


I will also be working with the Body and Mind Team as site Editor and Brandon will expand on his studies of Medieval Astrology bringing in greater clarity on how the planetary and star systems plays significant and dominating roles in our lives. The outcome of this is quite awesome. 


Our New Venture sports a New Name:


Vision of the Heart


Thanking you!

Although we have a small and intimate core group of dedicated souls that gather in person I would like to thank everyone that receives our mail.

To everyone that sends our messages to a friend or group, thank you for sharing our vision.

To those that joins us in person or in spirit, thank you for holding the heartbeat.

To the core group – may you be eternally blessed for holding the Vision of the Heart  


The current blog following includes 61 countries & 100 different Principality Flags Globally!



Social After-Party – After the Channelling…

As usual we love socials, to chatter, natter and indulge! Please bring your drinky and a platter to share after the channelling, and to those who want to join us for a braai at around 3pm please do! We’ll light the fires in the avie, so even if you want to come back with your partners, it will be a light-hearted celebration!  

Author - Chanel Lingenfelder

Published - 0000-00-00