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It is very important for both the mother and father to be in an excellent state of health prior to conception. Any nutritional deficiency symptoms may well be passed onto the baby. 

Both parents are going to want to make sure that when their baby is born it can be as healthy as possible. Sound Nutrition is the key to optimum immune function.

The human immune system is functional at birth, but it does not yet function well. In large part this is partly because immunity is something that develops as the system matures and the body learns to defend itself against foreign invaders, called antigens. The immune system has the ability to learn to identify, and then remember, specific antigens that have been encountered.

Every parent wants a healthy child. Good health should be a birthright, and no one is more aware of that than today's new parents. We live in the most health-conscious generation in history, however we are also faced with an enormous attack on our immune system, this invasion comes from the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat as well as massive stress loads. All of this will have an impact on our individual immunity as well as the immunity of our unborn child.

Both parents should undergo a nutritional assessment as soon as they start thinking about having a baby.

If a mother has been on the pill, on a low fat, weight reduction program just before she conceives, all of this can impact on the health of her child. Oral contraception, for example, destroys the important B group vitamin-Folic Acid which is essential for the prevention of birth defects, like spina bifida. Attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, asthma, allergies and many other disorders can be as a direct result of the nutritional status of the child's parents before conception, and the mothers, during pregnancy.     


In the case of the mother, if she was on the pill, she should be supplementing with All Omega, Mega B&C, Beta ACEZ & Selenium, Super Cal Mag and Spirulina. Most of which would be destroyed by oral contraception.


The father should be taking Beta ACEZ & Selenium, Mega B&C and Spirulina Power Plus.


During pregnancy the mother needs to pay particular attention to her nutritional status. Her body is going to fend for the baby before it attends to her own needs, this is why pregnant ladies often have teeth problems, falling hair, cravings, leg cramps, nausea, etc. This is where the supplements mentioned above should be continued and would go a long way to boosting the mother’s nutritional status. Super Cal Mag is a very important supplement for making sure the mother retains bone health and baby is able to develop strong bones.

Parents should bare in mind that your babies brain is going to be the first and fastest developing part of its body during pregnancy, the babies neurons develop at a rate of 20,000 cells per minute. This growth depends on essential fatty acids (All Omega) and the B group vitamins (Mega B&C) amongst others.           


The two most important nutrients to be careful of during pregnancy are vitamin A, which should not exceed 8000iu's per day and vitamin D which should not exceed 400 iu's. per day.

Note: Beta Carotene is a completely different matter. This is not a fat soluble vitamin like vitamin A and as a result does not become toxic as easily. The maximum amount of Beta Carotene should be 25000 iu's. Beta Carotene can be converted to vitamin a in the body, when needed. The conversion rate being 1 mg Beta Carotene converts to 556ius vitamin A.


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Author - Stuart Wilson

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