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Listening with your Body


I’m always humbled and left in a peaceful awe after giving a Thai Massage treatment.
A sense of gentle peace, fulfilment and gratitude at the experience, a profound conversation beyond words has taken place; a sacred exchange.

I am reminded at how nature has its own innate ability to bring itself into equilibrium. Thai Massage is always practiced with mindfulness; the practitioner strives to work with “Promiiwihaan Sii” the Four Divine States of Mind without Limitation: these are joy, love, compassion and equanimity. We strive to embody these states of being through our awareness when giving a Thai Yoga Massage.
In the Yoga tradition we are not just made of our physical bodies, to most people this is obvious, we are more than just our bodies, in a more subtle way we are also our minds, our emotion. Beyond all of that that we are something more, within all of us there is a deep sense of peace and joy that we can experience when we touch the very core of ourselves.

All spiritual practice as well as healing modalities are in some way taking us back to the core our beings. It is here that we are renewed. Its is in the Ananada Kosha (layer or sheath of the bliss) where we experience a deep sense of peace, that our bodies are able to rejuvenate and replenish. Our life force energy is recharged and all our negative thought patterns and emotions are surrendered. This is where the healing can take place. If we are able to bring ourselves again and again to the source we move beyond the body, mind and emotions to our blissful self.

A practitioner of Thai Massage is always aware of her breath, moving and flowing with the movement and rhythm of the massage, we again and again bring ourselves to the present moment and our client’s experience. This presence of mind is reflected in our own bodies, how we hold ourselves, our posture is relaxed and centred. Our movements flow from “Dan’tien” our core centre as we allow our bodies to express compassion and equanimity by remaining relaxed and at ease.

The Thai Massage Practitioner will never use her own strength, but rather transfer the body weight with effortless effort creating a deep healing pressure for the client. Always giving generously without strain or resistance within her-self allowing the life force energy to flow freely. We observe our breath, our thoughts and emotions, but always remain calm and equanimous regardless of what thoughts or emotions may arise.
This way we hold a space of peace for our clients so that they feel; “Yes, it is ok, I can let go of these things that do not serve me.” and so in this way they move into deep surrender, deep relaxation where healing can take place.

Both practitioner and client are left feeling good after the session. Most report feeling energised, relaxed, de stressed, relief from chronic pain and fatigue and a general sense of wellbeing. ..It is the quality of deep listening, listing through our bodies that allows for this exchange of information to take place, the transferral of experience through the exchange of sense information between client and practitioner.
A natural process of leading back to equanimity witch we can only honour with awareness:

Lisa martin

Author - Lisa Martin

Published - 0000-00-00