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Too Many Lines

Amidst my collection of well over 3,000 people’s palm prints, are many a set with ‘too many lines’. I am often asked “why do I have so many lines?” and “what does it mean?”  If you, or someone close to you have ‘full’ hands, with lines that go every which way, in an enormously complex array, you are undoubtedly ‘a sensitive’, otherwise known as an HSP (highly sensitive person). In five element chirology, this marking on your palms aspects a ‘rampant’ air element in your psyche. With your being so acutely sensitive you tend to organise your life around your trait in order to cope.

Highly sensitive people energy often feels anxious, worried and tense and they can’t easily relax. They are often conscientious, vigilant perfectionists, who can’t ‘play’ till all details are done. An oppressively pervasive ‘happiness made guilty by duty’ tends to make its presence felt.

Too many lines reveal a vulnerable person who needs alone time and might be protective of their ‘inner hermit’. They become overwhelmed by others’ moods, can’t do noise, get distressed if they can’t eat, often feel cold and could tire easily. More introvert, they have to sleep enough, to dream and to have time to explore their rich interior realms. In overwhelm of physical and emotional hypersensitivity, they might easily feel ‘infected’ and invaded by lower astral entities, or find themselves labelled neurotic. They tend to get shocking frights and adrenalin rushes at the slightest thing. Perhaps they have hay fever or skin rash or other more mysterious stress related physical symptoms.

People with many spidery lines often swing out of their ‘in’ times, moving into an aroused, quite ‘wired’, over-stimulated, excitable state. They then push themselves, busily exploring life, with lots of energy for doing a variety of things. Hard working, they have a steady stream of creative and visionary ideas flowing from their intuition. The best career for people with too many lines involves counselling, or working in some sort of advisory capacity. They process the subtle details and signs, sense and feel intuitively, and think analytically about their thinking. In harnessing the flow of their intuitive perceptions, they help others with their insightful, ‘old soul’ compassionate, wise guidance.

Too many lines might offer profound fulfilment, or an excruciating torment of no cope. What is the remedy for those of us who aren’t black and white, open and shut cases? When overwhelm comes, what do we do to reframe? In understanding that you are a highly sensitive person (a diagnosable, yet terminal way of being in the world) you’ll want to balance yourself with simple activities. Meditation, prayer, play, journaling, juicing and care with diet, drumming, chanting, cooking, washing, walking, dancing, breathing, making fires, planting, crying, immersion in water and using music for medicine are all stabilising activities. Since ‘the cleaner the hand, the calmer the mind’, we, more than most, need first to intimately inquire into, embrace and love our over-arousal - and then to still ourselves with tenderness.

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Author - Jennifer Hirsch

Published - 2013-03-26