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I’m a Conscious Sexual Energy Practitioner and was asked this week how the healing works.
I had to answer that I don't really know, at the heart of it I don't.
I know it does, the people we work with know it does.

Here's what I do know.
The first part.
It's all about energy.
Everything in our world is energy, every sound, every colour, every emotion.
Every organ in our bodies has a range of optimal health, anything above or below that is not.
We are energy manifest as matter.
Everything that has happened to us, everything we feel, think and do is a frequency of energy.
Most of what we do is in a narrow frequency, very narrow.
This means we don't have a great deal of choice. Or think we don't.

Which means we have to look at the second part.
Which is about patterns.
We work in patterns, we live in patterns.
Many of them serve us, a lot don't.
Everytime you brush your teeth, you do it in the same way, you eat in the same way, most of us put the same shoe on first every time.
Most of our emotional and sexual responses are patterns.
We do things more out of reflex than choice. A button is pushed, we act.
This is why we do the things we do again and again, pick the same type of relationships, same types of jobs...

Most of our patterns are narrow because we don't see other possibilities.
Our perspectives are limited, based on the past, which is generally a pain-filled minefield, and what we know, which is also limited.
It's like having a stiff neck, you can only see so much. If your neck releases, you can see more. As you see more you're able to choose more.

Now let's bring the energy and patterns together.
Energy needs to flow' like blood, like a river.
If it's not flowing, behind where it's blocked the water gets dirty, full of insects, litter that builds up.
The events of our lives, the fears, the inhibitions, the guilts, the myths, the judgements, the limitations, the negative experiences, the belittling, the contractions, the lack of love, lack of's a long list.
These are the things that block our energy, and keep us trapped.
The river reaches a point, can't go further, it goes round and round and round.
We reach a point, can't do anything different, we go round and round and round.
We can't see possibilities.
So we stay in the gunk, in the fear, in the guilt, in the unhappiness, in the mediocrity, in the lack of fulfillment, in the's a long list.
And we can't see what else we can do, what other possibilities there might be.

These are low vibrations, muddy sludge, where the effort to lift your feet to take a step, every step, is enormous. It takes so much energy that we don't have much left for anything else.
We stay in the muck.
We don't know how to get out of this muck.
And the more we focus on the pain, whatever that is, the more the pain becomes the focus.
And the more we try and change, the greater the resistance from within.

We're going to simplify some things, because the patterns we live and their effect is deep and complex.

The energy of pleasure is a higher vibration.
Not only sexual energy.
Pleasure, conscious pleasure, Conscious Pleasure Energy, is a higher vibration.
The more of this we have, the more we can change things. The more things change.
Without resistance.

Healing happens in a natural way, growth comes with it, understanding increases and possibilities expand.
We see more.
The stiff neck loosens, the sludge thins.
And as we see more, we see choices.
Every shift in perspective, every strand of energy that loosens, every lightening of energy, frees us from the patterns of the past.
It allows us to do things differently, to live different lives.
Whatever we choose them to be.

And the more we do this, the more it becomes possible.
It doesn't matter how small the shifts are.
Each one opens a window, a door, a possibility.
We create a new pattern, a pattern of release, a pattern of openness.
Some of our patterns serve us.
None more than the pattern of pleasure.

Healing, growing, expanding using sexual energy is but one path.
It truly is a path of pleasure.

Author - Jonti Searll

Published - 2013-05-06