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 Reiki TUMMO

     Workshops by Padmacahaya
Brief History of Reiki TUMMO

An effective technique for connecting your self to Divine Universal Energy, opening your spiritual heart and bringing you closer to God

Most Reiki traditions taught in the world are based on the Usui tradition. Usui Reiki was rediscovered by Master Usui in the early 1900s and is widely used in many countries around the world. Reiki courses are frequently offered at many large universities and Reiki treatments are available at many hospitals. However, there is an ancient form of Reiki from Tibet called Reiki TUMMO. This tradition is believed to be the rediscovery of an ancient and sacred spiritual technique used to achieve enlightenment within one lifetime.

The word Tummo means inner fire, which is a Tibetan word for kundalini. The name appropriately fits this gentle, yet expansive kundalini awakening and purifying process. Reiki Tummo is similar to the traditional Usui or Usui-based systems of Reiki in that it is a powerful tool for energetic healing, given through a series of attunements. But Reiki Tummo goes far beyond the Reiki systems. Reiki Tummo covers both healing and spiritual aspects through the safe and instant kundalini awakening.



  • Instant & complete sushumna opening from Base to Crown Chakra
  • Safe & instant Kundalini awakening in 2nd level attunement
  • Kundalini fire flames reaches at least to the Navel Chakra (2nd level)
  • Connected well to Divine Earth Core Energy (for better Kundalini process)
  • Pineal Gland activation (in Meditation workshop)
  • Activating Shing Chi Chakras (3rd level) as the gate to enter higher level of consciousness (Soul, Spirit then Cosmic Consciousness)
  • Open, cleanse and activate the Inner Heart to be our director in daily life (Inner Heart workshop)
What is Reiki TUMMO?

Is it just another Reiki tradition?

The answer of above question is definitely No. Why? Reiki Tummo includes all the techniques found in traditional Usui Reiki and much more. It’s a unique combination of Divine Energy, Kundalini Energy and a continuing yoga program that including awakening the spiritual heart and reaching a higher level of consciousness (Soul, Spirit then Cosmic).

When Divine Energy and Kundalini Energy are combined the practitioner experiences deep cleansing, which enhances their Reiki healing capability. During the level 1 attunement, the kundalini is activated. In the level 2 attunement, the kundalini is awakened safely, gently and instantly (guaranteed).

The connection to the earth and the awakening of the kundalini provide a real boost to one's spiritual growth and complements the Reiki practice in which the energies flow from above. This means expanding your spiritual life and your healing ability allowing for greatly improved energy channelling capability.

Reiki Tummo itself is the first step of a complete and advanced system of training called Shing Chi Master Yoga. With Shing Chi, one is attuned to the divine chakras above the crown chakra and shown how to integrate them with the awakening of the spiritual heart. This leads to increased experience of Divine Love and Light as well as the direct cultivation of heightened spiritual states of consciousness that bring one closer to God.


Q: I have learned other Reiki traditions before, up to a certain level. Can I join Reiki Tummo at the next level?

A: No, in other Reiki traditions, the sushumna is not fully opened from base to crown chakra and is therefore not suitable for 2nd level attunement kundalini awakening. The full opening of the sushumna is necessary to prevent accumulation of kundalini energy pressure, which can cause the problem widely known as Kundalini Syndrome. Therefore, everyone must start at level 1.

Q: Is Reiki Tummo related to any religion? You mention Yoga and God?

A: We respect all faiths but do not convey any one specific religion. These spiritual techniques are independent of any one religion or belief system. Kundalini energy is present in every person’s body regardless of his or her belief, even if s/he doesn’t believe in God at all. Anybody may use Reiki universal divine energy regardless of belief.
Spiritual Journey

Spiritual journey is the journey of your true self (often referred as higher-self, super-consciousness, supra-consciousness, atman, spirit) as a spark from the Creator to return to Him. It is a matter of learning for your higher self. So, it is not a matter of learning for your brain, because the brain will die, but not your higher self. You need to attain your higher self-consciousness to progress and to be able to return to the Creator.

To most people, the issue of attaining higher consciousness sounds like an impossible mission. However, we have a series of special workshops that can ensure everyone to be able to attain their true self-consciousness. Attaining true self-consciousness here means that you are not simply communicating with your higher self but are fully conscious as your higher self at any time. You are the master of yourself as the real spiritual journey also means self-mastery at all level of your consciousnes


Author - Sylvie Penchaliah

Published - 2013-11-04