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Opening Our Hearts
Do these quotes sound familiar to you?

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."
- Helen Keller
"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery
"There is a light that shines beyond all things on Earth, beyond us all, beyond the very highest heavens.  This is the light that shines in our heart."
- Chandogya Upanishad 3.13.7
"Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."
- Bible

Opening our heart is the greatest gift that we offer ourselves and to the world. Opening our heart has a profound healing effect on all levels of our being as well as on our families and communities. The more we allow our hearts to open, the more we can share love, for peace, joy, and love radiates from the core of our hearts. If we really listen to and feel our inner calling, we will realize that our hearts want to open and let the light and love to do wonderful things for ourselves, our families and communities.
When we open our hearts, we deepen our spiritual connection to the True Source, and this allows us to live genuinely and authentically in the sacredness of love. Then we can begin to realize that the True Source, as the Ultimate Source of Love and Light, has Loved us completely in every moment of our existence. Indeed, there has never been a moment in our existence, when this was not the truth, because True Source can never stop Loving us and all beings.

(Note: We prefer the term ‘True Source’ because it is a neutral term which does not have a charged history. Feel free to replace the term ‘True Source’, with whatever phrase for you which represents the Ultimate Source of light and love).

Where does the Peace, Love and Joy Originate?
The deepest peace and love that is available to us in our earthly existence is the spark of light and love in the core of our hearts. This spark is the purest aspect of our deepest self and is directly connected to the Source of light and love. The more we allow the blessings of light and love to purify and open our hearts, the more the light and love from the core of our being becomes free to radiate in all directions to every heart everywhere. Everyone has a spark of light and love in the core of their heart. However, not every spark is radiating freely and sweetly. When we first begin to open our hearts, the nice feeling we experience may only be felt as a peaceful and calm feeling. As the layers of our heart are purified, not only are we able to feel the peace and the calmness, we are able to feel the deep joy, love and light that radiates from the core of our heart. At any time we can then just stop, do nothing and realize and feel that the love is sweetly pulling us deeper into the love….toward the core inside of our heart. And this never stops if we allow it to take us there. When the clouds of impurity surrounding our hearts are dissolved, then the love and light can be experienced without obstruction in its purest joy.

Why we are here?
The ultimate purpose of our life is to love the True Source completely with all of our heart. To our head/brain, this statement might seem debatable. However, the core of our heart, which is calling us ‘back home’ to the Source of Love and Light, knows this to be true. But the direct path home to the cherished goals of our existence can only happen by embracing and surrendering completely to the purest love - the most subtle, most sublime form of love – that of the Ultimate Source of all. It is only through this purest love that our essence of being can return home.
We are being invited to open our hearts and be instruments of light and love by sharing the blessings of this love with the hearts of every being. When we share this love as an instrument, we are also loving the True Source and getting closer to the home of our True Self. This means we are getting closer to the Ultimate Destination available to us. So now is the time for our deepest awakening – loving The Source of light and love completely with our heart and whole being and becoming the instrument of light and love that we are intended to be.
Our life on earth is a great gift. Let us celebrate this gift by being as happy as True Source means us to be, by opening our beautiful hearts and by letting the light and love to radiate to all.

The great news is that no special talent is needed to open your heart. Everyone has a heart, and it is your birth right to open your heart and enjoy. Some will be able to feel their hearts right away, while for others it can take a little longer. If you are having difficulty with feeling your heart, it is because you are not relaxed enough. Instead of trying to open your heart, relax more deeply and allow your heart to open. Let the process be easy and natural by following the gentle feelings of your heart. Feeling your heart is very different from observing your heart. If you are observing the experience, you are not properly in your heart. Initially, some people may not be aware of the feeling in their heart because they are only used to “feelings” that come from their physical senses, such as being pinched or tickled, hot or cold, sweet or salty. The feeling from the heart is most similar to what you feel when you are happy and joyful. These gentle feelings are quite different than emotional expressions, such as sadness, anger, frustration and hatred.
Take one minute and think about a problem you are having at work, home or elsewhere. Now realize which part of you was active and what happened. Can you notice that your brain or head was dominant? You may have experienced a pressure or heaviness in your head area as you thought about the problem. This is normal and it is how many people experience most of their lives. Heart
Remember a happy or joyful moment you have experienced. Re-experience the feeling of joy again. Don’t visualize or try to capture the details.... just relax and re-experience the feeling again, as if you were in that moment. Now, realize which part of you became activated and what had happened. Many of you will have experienced a nice feeling in the centre of your chest. That is the very beginning stage of feeling your heart. The above exercise can help you distinguish the difference when you are in your head and when you are in your heart. It is important for us to know the difference. If we are not able to clearly distinguish head from heart, then we will be very limited in our capacity to live a heart-centred life.


"There are so many good things about the heart. However, knowing and talking about it are not enough. To gain all of its benefits, we have to use it properly."
~ Irmansyah Effendi ~
The Benefits of attending an Open Heart Workshop

  • Learn to completely relax and reduce stress

  • Discover more about your heart

  • Connect to and strengthen your heart

  • Become heart centered and enjoy peace from within

  • Gain higher understanding and insight

  • Feel the love and light radiate from your heart

  • Clear negativities and unburden your heart

In each workshop you will be given a workshop manual so you don't have to take notes and instead can relax and do the exercises again at home or in an open heart meditation group.  At the end of the day you will be able to feel and enjoy your heart more, be more heart centered, calm and relaxed and also feel much lighter, happier and de-stressed.

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Author - Sylvie Penchaliah

Published - 2013-11-05