20 Count Reflection #8 "Sacred Self"

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20 Count Reflection
#"Sacred Self"

If you think you are unworthy, victimized by life and hold a low self esteem, you can't gain the full potential of what life is offering in each moment.  This is the karmic dance and interplay related to the lessons you have agreed to come and learn in this lifetime. Your life is a sacred journey through a continuous flow of experiences.  The quality of the experience and the value of what you gain from it are directly related to the quality of your sacred (self) image.

These lessons aren't always pleasant or easy and they continue to repeat themselves until you wake up, embrace the experience and learn the lesson.  You must stop reacting to the experience based on your past failures, your social conditioning and the judgements of others. 


A low sacred image is rife with the beliefs, opinions and judgements of your image-makers.  These are the people from your life who had the greatest impact on shaping you into the person they want you to be and not the person you are really meant to be.

The sooner you come to understand this and adopt a new attitude and belief about yourself, the sooner you can take responsibility for the lessons that life is providing you- and move more easily and effortlessly through them.  Then you can fully accept that each moment is a gift and an opportunity to learn about yourself and what you are capable of. 


Without the challenges that life continues to present, you have no way of expanding and growing into your potential. Your greatness and your sacredness lie within your courage to dive in to life and give everything you have to every moment.  Everyone is a child of the Great Spirit and sees you in the fullness of your sacred image.  It is your birthright to live your life as a sacred human. 


Try this simple life changing exercise.  Each day, acknowledge one small truth about yourself that is different from the old image and opinions you have of yourself that no longer fit with who you really are.  This will be challenging and push against all the beliefs you carry from all the image-makers who helped shape you.   Take little steps and in a short time you will find the old image no longer fits.

Author - Lou & Laurel

Published - 2014-05-29