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Amazing Animal Stories


Dolphins Save Lives!

 In 1989, an Australian teenager, Adam, and his two friends were surfing in the Pacific Ocean with a school of dolphins. They were all enjoying themselves until suddenly the dolphins started zooming around and under the boys, then surfacing and splashing violently. Something was wrong and the boys were worried.

Just then, Adam saw a fin coming toward him, but it wasn't a dolphin; it was a tiger shark! The shark attacked, taking a huge chunk out of Adam's surfboard and knocking him into the water. Adam was wounded. The shark saw Adam in the water, turned and attacked again. The dolphins went after the shark, and, worked together to chase him away. Adam's human friends helped him to shore. He had cuts on his hip, thigh, and stomach. But thanks to the dolphins, Adam lived.

The Purrfect Crime Fighter!

 A new detective is on the beat in central Russia - Rusik the cat, the latest weapon in the battle against fish thieves. A year ago he walked into the police station as a stray kitten, but now he helps police by sniffing out illegal cargoes of fish.

The fish that Rusik sniffs out are sturgeon. Sturgeon are killed by fishermen, who sell their eggs as expensive 'caviar'. But sturgeon are facing extinction and it is illegal to catch them, so Rusik is on the case. The police say that no matter how well the smugglers hide the fish, Rusik is always able to point his nose in the right direction and find them.

Super Sheepdog

Robert Sinclair has asthma. After a very bad attack he collapsed in his room and couldn't even move. He couldn't go and get help, eat or drink. He lay there for a whole week and felt very poorly. He decided he had to get help and so he wrote a note, put it in a bottle and dropped it out of his window. He hoped that someone would find it and help him. He waited.

And someone did find it: Ben! Ben isn't a person, but a very intelligent border collie dog. Ben picked up the bottle in his mouth and took it home to his human friend, Brian. Brian read the note and rushed to find Robert. He also called an ambulance, which came and took Robert to hospital. Robert got better, thanks to Ben. He will never forget the amazing dog who saved his life.

A Caring Puma

 Daniel Olin was 11 years old when his parents moved to Edmonton in Canada. He liked his new school and made friends there, but then things at home started to change. His mum and dad began to argue and the arguments got worse and worse until one day, Daniel's mum left. With his father working long hours, Daniel felt very alone and very unhappy. He wanted to escape, to run away. And that's what he did.

Very early one bitterly cold morning when the snow was deep on the ground, he packed a bag with some clothes, his Walkman, some chocolate and a map of Canada and set off. He ran and ran until he could hardly breathe. His feet were heavy with the snow but he staggered on through deep snowdrifts, not even watching where he was going.

Then, disaster struck. A rock hidden by the deep snow caught his ankle and Daniel fell to the ground, crying in pain. He had broken the bone. And no one knew where he was to help him. He was bitterly cold and was starting to feel tired, but he knew that if he fell asleep in the snow, he would almost certainly die from the cold.

A spruce tree stirred ahead. From within the branches, a pair of yellow eyes watched Daniel. The puma had been stalking him. A puma is a powerful cat with claws that could shred Daniel into strips. But instead of moving in for the kill, the puma approached Daniel and lay across his chest and limbs. Daniel was too frightened to move, but soon the warmth of the animal reached Daniel and he began to feel better. From time to time, the puma pressed his muzzle against Daniel and rocked his head gently. Clearly, the puma knew that Daniel must not fall asleep. This animal should have been a real danger to Daniel and yet the boy began to feel safe.

They remained like that for several hours until Daniel and the puma heard voices. The rescue team had found them.

Playing Dead

When her daughter was called out of town on business, Jo-Ann offered to watch her pet, Lulu, a potbellied pig. While home alone, Jo-Ann had a major heart attack. She called for help, but no one heard her cries. Lulu sensed Jo-Ann's danger and ran out of the house through a small dog door. The pig lay down in the street in an attempt to stop traffic. Periodically, Lulu would return to the house to check on Jo-Ann, and then return to the street in search of assistance. Finally someone stopped and followed Lulu to the door. The good Samaritan called 911, and Jo-Ann was rushed to the hospital. Without Lulu's help, she might not be here today.

A Cry for Help


Annette adopted Norman, a blind yellow lab, from the pound. The beach is the only place he can run free because he is blind. One day, as Annette and Norman were walking along the beach, Norman cocked his ear and took off running. He heard something no one else could hear -- the cries of someone in trouble. Lisa, 15, had been swimming with her brother and got caught in the current. Norman swam toward her cries, and with Annette's voice guiding him, pulled Lisa back to shore. Lisa considers Norman her guardian angel.

Did You Know...?

  • Dogs and cats can predict when their human companions are getting sick or having a bad day.

  • An American cat once walked over 2,500 miles to find his carers after they moved and left him behind by mistake

  • Squid communicate with one another by changing the colours and patterns on their bodies.

  • Tuna can swim 100km in an hour and 1 million miles during their lifetimes. That's an amazing 40 times around the world!

  • The word hippopotamus comes from two Greek words meaning river horse. However, hippos are more closely related to pigs than horses.

  • Warthogs live in family groups called sounders.

Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2007-03-16