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Weight Loss



There are two causes that cause excess weight gain, one is a build up of fat and the other is water retention. Both will be covered in this article:

Weight loss should NOT be done at the expense of building health. STRIVE TO BUILD HEALTH and get more energy and alertness

Fat Burning:

To lose weight, one must concentrate on obtaining nutrients which increase energy production. Fat is lost ONLY when energy is produced. Most common activities that require energy are sports, exercise, heavy physical work. Adequate nutrients must be supplied in one's diet to burn fat readily. Weight cannot be taken off until fat is burned efficiently, a process requiring almost every nutrient to convert fat into energy.

- Vit B's - lack of causes a marked lag in energy production

- Pantothenic acid - Vit B5 - if undersupplied, fats burn at only half their normal rate

- Vit B6 - needed to convert stored fat to energy

- Proteins - needed for a host of energy-producing enzymes. Fat is burned twice as rapidly when protein is adequate rather than insufficient hence more calories are used. (protein quantities - e-mail for info)

- Vit E - added to diet - utilization of fat doubles (see article on Vit E - e-mail for a copy)

- Potassium - is essential for the contraction of every muscle in the body. Without it, sugar (glucose) cannot be changed into energy or into glycogen to be stored for future energy.

- Lecithin - principal function is to help the cells burn fat therefor any deficiency that limits lecithin production causes fat to be poorly utilized which results in coronary disease, high blood pressure & overweight. Energy is not produced normally & unnecessary fatigue as well as obesity result. The liver produces it's own lecithin provided certain nutrients are present:

- essential oils (from cold pressed sunflower oil , safflower oil, soya oil or seeds such as sunflower, linseed, sesame, pumpkin).

-cholin , inositol (from wheat germ, yeast, liver, lecithin),

-Vit B6 &

-Magnesium (necessary to keep potassium in the cells)

- Kelp - provides iodine to the thyroid glands. Thyroid hormones control the body’s metabolism, i.e. how well the cells burn sugar & fat to convert to energy

- Chromium - essential before the body can utilise sugar normally. Also enables more efficient burning of stored fat into energy. Reduces craving for sugar, lowers bad cholesterol levels, reduces fat (not muscle), increases metabolism. A necessary mineral for those suffering from diabetes.

Suggested foods and supplements:


Brewer’s Yeast Powder - 1 tbs daily (start on a gradient - 1 tsp and increase)
Soya Milk powder
Wheat germ
Low fat milk
Soya beans
Eggs (egg yolk preferably and omega 3 rich)
Cheese/Cottage cheese
Meats: Liver - cooked rare or desiccated powder (highly recommended), chicken, fish, red meats (seldom)


All Blend Oil (superior option), Cold pressed sunflower oil or seeds (sunflower, linseed, peanuts, sesame, pumpkin - best combined and germinated overnight)

Vits & Minerals - Vitamin & Mineral Powder & Cal Mag C (provides 500 mg of Vit C per tsp) (Magnesium prevents the loss of potassium from the cells)


Potassium - works with Vit B1 to burn sugar & fat

Co-enzyme Q10 - releases energy from carbohydrates & fats

Consume fruits and vegetables as natural sources of vits, minerals and fibres

Calories: Adding calories to the diet, the starch in bread, a potato or other root vegetable will give a more sustained pickup than the sugars in fruits. One can obtain calories from proteins, an expensive way and requires more protein intake than normal.

Eat medium frequent meals. Most food is converted to energy when medium meals are eaten. Large meals overwhelm the body's enzyme system to the extent that much of the food cannot be utilized hence a large portion is stored as fat.

To lose weight successfully, tiny amounts of carbohydrates must be eaten frequently with oils/fats & protein. Fat is not burned efficiently without sugar (from carbohydrates). Fat burned without sugar leaves ashes in the form of acetone & 2 acids which is harmful to the body.

Water Retention (Edema)

Water is retained in the cells due to a loss of Potassium and an excess of salt in the cells. Under normal conditions, potassium stays largely inside the cells and is balanced by sodium (salt) outside the cells. With salt in the cells, it attracts water in it and retains so much that cells actually burst. Swelling of the brain cells could be a cause of migraines. That’s why potassium & magnesium (from Cal Mag) are necessary to remove the water retained and relieve the migraine. Salt & Potassium regulate the water balance in the cells and the intake of nutrients and expelling of waste. Potassium is lost due to a magnesium deficiency allowing potassium to leave the cells, and potassium is also lost from perspiration or an excess of salt intake

Excess of calcium and phosphorous (from meats, milk, yeast, soya, wheatgerm) intake can cause a loss of magnesium. A balance of phosphorous is best done by taking Cal Mag at the same time.

Needed is a proper diet and the above symptoms should resolve.

The research data on nutrition is based on the works of world renowned nutritionist Adelle Davis.

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Author - Allan Wohrnitz

Published - 0000-00-00