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Traditional Treatment


If you think you have contracted the virus you should have a test as soon as possible. Within a few weeks of infection, your body should be producing antibodies to the virus, which your doctor can be able to detect in blood tests. However, your body may take as long as 35 months to produce a visible level of antibodies, so if you think you've been infected, particularly if you're in a high-risk group, you should be tested for the disease every 6 months.

It is very important that you notify your sexual partners of your diagnosis. They too must be tested & treated to see if they have the virus. DO NOT KEEP IT FROM THEM.
Almost everyone who develops full-blown AIDS eventually give in to the disease, but antibiotic & antiviral drugs can prolong life for several years. In any event, you should never try to treat yourself for this life-threatening illness. Always seek the advice of a qualified practitioner & beware of claims that there is a "miracle" cure. They simply don't exist. Do not be fooled.

Currently there are several hundred human studies to test drugs for the treatment of AIDS & related conditions. These include antiviral drugs, drugs that modify the immune system, anti-infective drugs, & anti-cancer drugs.
Although there are a number of vaccines to prevent AIDS under investigation, scientists have had difficulty finding one that works.

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Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2013-01-17