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The Sun Chakra – Sun Stone

The Sun Chakra is located between the Base and Sacral Centres, and was initiated back into our energy anatomy on the 8th August 2003 for the first time in 26 000 years! For detail on this centre please refer to the website Archives.

Although the sunstone is primary for the sun chakra it can be used for balancing and clearing of all the chakras. This amazing stone has the ability to transform most probes and parasites in a flash, releasing them for transmutation, leaving the energy field refreshed, revitalised and stress free. This stone has being known to bring ‘luck’ to the bearer by encouraging them to be individualistic and single minded oppose to relying on others to add spark to their character. Being directly related to the Sun, its history goes back thousands of years often used in rituals, for ancestor communication and to shed Light on those interrogated by

‘dark forces’. The Greeks believed it to be a sacred gem from the sun god; hence it was often featured in ornate wear for the hierarchy, in breastplates and worn by the fortunate. It is still used in many cultures for its ability to veer off destructive dark forces. Some of its uses include; digestive problems, skin, muscles, poising, throat problems, internal injuries, bone deficiencies, and connective tissue repair. Ancient folk use to form a wide circle with the stones and make the treated sit in full sun in the centre of the circle. This stone encourages one to trust your connection to the Divine and communicate inter-galactic ally with our star Light family.

The Sacral Chakra Sacral Stones

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye is probably one of the most commonly know stones. This stone is known for it’s grounding properties and also frequently used for the base and sacral centres. It directly relates to the earth hence its sturdy yet mystical beauty. One merely has to look at the appearance of petrified wood to appreciate its relation to the planet. Often used for grounding oneself in advanced interactive meditations as well as in furthering the psychic activities of the third eye. This certainly is a stone of inspiration thus brilliant for treating the depressed, unstable and unsure. Its ingrained vibration is predominantly male (therefore has a brilliant effect on the sacral centre), promoting passion and joy with a good sense of humour. It releases fear and anxiety by supporting a balanced tranquil outlook. Some ailments apart from the sacral and base abnormalities include; eye problems, throat problems, and like in the lower centres supports bone tissue, spinal problems and problems within the reproductive organs. It promotes a healthy sex life with emotional balance and supports the sense of the self within the solar plexus. Above all this, it certainly is the number one choice for those that struggle to be practical.

Orange Calcite

This stone supports one in transmuting your lower energies into much higher states of perception thus is often used when channelling or connecting to worlds beyond this one. Their high voltage electric impulse has the ability to spark off energy without much intention. It supports a dis-ease free environment and brilliant to use to restore general well being. Like sunstone it may be used on all the chakras. This stone is the ‘corner stone’ to build strong foundations of creativity. Known for its humanitarian qualities it converts lower emotions into higher more balanced perceptions. Besides the sacral related disorders and relating organs it is beneficial to lower digestion, pancreas, spleen, and excellent fore bone tissue repair since it indirectly affects the assimilation of calcium.
For other chakras use the relating colour calcite.

Orange Carnelian

This stone is brilliant to keep around the house as it balances energies that may fluctuate, hence brilliant for those suffering from mood swings. It is the stone of love. It promotes love within all situations. It also is very beneficial to those who get ‘bored’ as it stimulates an enquiring mind. Like Orange it is great in treating lethargy and sluggishness. Being a transmuting stone is also used to balance other crystals and keep them charged, hence good to use in areas where conflict occurs eliminating negativity. Excellent for those in the arts as it is a stone that balances drama. It energises, gives confidence, boosts vitality; bring opportunity, births creativity and very comforting as it denotes compassion. This stone inspires one to tap into your Higher self, connect to psychic abilities, creating a sense of Oneness. Other uses; nervous conditions, allergies (pollen), flue, and naturally relating abnormalities of the spleen, kidneys, pancreas, skin (bruises, cuts) and some blood aliments. Red Carnelian for base centre pinks for heart centre, and red brown for the lower 4 chakras.


Aventurine can be used on any of the lower chakras, with Green at the heart (most common) and Yellow/Orange at the sacral. This stone clears, protects and activates all in one. Very useful for interfering energies from other people where it forms a shield against intrusion, whist neutralising the internal affects. Excellent to use for creative spells (life should be a continuous creative spell), where it very much balance the Yang and Yin energies. It works on the 4 lower bodies and has been used for thousands of years within priest garments and breastplates, and for the elite. Brilliant to use on the closed heart chakra of the treated, where it transforms rigidity to fluidity. This stone reinforces leadership qualities, helps one to make decisions (the sacral emotional roller-coaster which comes from the closed throat centre), where it awakens the lower emotions by activating the love instinct within the heart. Other uses besides the sacral related abnormalities; heart and muscle irregularities (heart centre) and naturally the adrenals, lungs, and some genital disorders which stems from the base, sacral and heart centre.


Jasper is a grounding stone of unity. This awesome stone brings one into a new mental state of awareness by reminding one that this is not meant to be a journey of isolation. It brings joy, happiness, love and laughter into one’s space. It can be used at the sacral and solar plexus for protection and clearing. The red variation reaffirms new beginnings where the yellow variation confirms the importance of the self. It brings into balance the female energy of the sacral and the male energy of the solar plexus, balancing the deep male/female emotions within these centres. In ancient times jasper was used for ancestral astral travel. Being a stone of great sacred value it was also used and worn by members of the aristocracy, priest and Shamans. Being a solid stone of tremendous strength it is brilliant for the meek and mild, raising energy levels to new heights. It stimulates the blood’s iron levels, also affecting the trace elements of zinc, manganese, copper and sulphur to name a few. It works on the kidneys, adrenals, digestion, liver, stomach, internal organ collapse (prolapse), and general well being. The green variations of Jasper can be used at the heart chakra. The deep brown variation is brilliant for advance meditations. The tan/ivory combo is good for becoming aligned with the inner self thus allowing one easy access into tapping in your Higher Self. This stone in general supports one into becoming your own authentic self, taking into consideration that we are all one in support of an evolved global consciousness. The royal Plume (royal purple) can be used at brow and crown centres where as the wonder-stone with the distinct yellow colours is excellent for balancing the lower and higher mental spheres. Red jasper assists with rectifying unjust situations; helps recall dreams (place under pillow), assists in providing for rescue in dangerous situations, good for grounding (wear) and helps prevents ‘set-backs’ in disorders.


A brilliant stone for those who suffer from insecurities. It brings through feelings of oneness in the greater scheme of things. Excellent for mood swings, and the inability to make decisions. This stone allows one to dare to dream your biggest dreams and hence good to use in creative visualisation meditations. It balances the conflict of time, space and distance concepts within the lower centres by allowing easy access in the higher vibrations of manifestation. Being a stone of balance it stabilise energy using its positive/negative polarities to create constant perfection. It works by connecting the psyche of the higher mental with the conscious reasoning of the lower mind (clearing doubt). Excellent to combine with the energy of amethyst (Divine Knowing) and silver (female emotions). Like jasper, topaz is used to stimulate smell. Well known for its ‘elixir of life’ abilities – charge over water (see chakra introduction section in archives). It brings healing to disrupt tissue, skin abrasions and defectiveness (charge ointment for use). The blue topaz is used at the throat centre. The golden variation is used at the sun, solar and crown centres. The multi coloured topaz can be used as a subsidiary connecting channel along with other crystals on all the chakras (aura therapies). In general all variations brings through higher understanding with balanced emotions – the main challenge in the combined evolvement of the solar plexus and sacral combo, opening up channels for the next level – the heart and throat centres. The heart’s challenge is to love without conditions once the forgiveness is experienced through betrayal, and the throat is the ability to express the power of the heart supported by the belief in the brow. When these to oppose each other major conflict is the order of the day.


This stone supports the balancing of the feminine emotions within the sacral and crown centres. As with the other sacral stones it supports new beginnings. Being a stone of lunar energy it contains great mystics just like the moon. Good to use for the unsettled and insecure as well as for the moody – mood swing ones. Its energy allows one to understand that which one needs is not always that which one wants. Excellent for bratty people (it balances desire levels), brining the treated or wearer into a positive state of mind. Also good for people that is very judgemental (balancing the self). The white colour vibration supports purity, wholeness, optimism and health. It can be used as a complimentary stone draining negativity from all chakras. In times of despair it brings through perception oppose to reasoning, allowing one to tap into higher Divine levels of TRUST. It supports one to be kind and gentle with the self (and others), and creates an awareness that alleviates fear in times of change. It is also very beneficial for eye, skin, and hair imbalances. Brilliant in a detox treatment or phase, where it cleanses through its antiseptic vibrations. This stone can be very beneficial to charge foods eliminating negative irons, hence good to use for alimentary and digestive tract disorders. Being a fertility stone it is excellent for stimulation and conception supporting the female hormone energies. Beside the water works action of the sacral centre it is good for oedema, bites, stings, shock, fevers, and circulatory malfunctions. It helps change structure on an emotional level, relates to new beginnings and the recognition thereof, it is a stone of hopes and wishes, helps one sustain, maintain and understand the destiny one has chosen, enhances the feminine aspect of one’s nature, stimulates confidence and composure, promotes ease in pregnancy and childbirth, enhances fertility, eases PMS and ‘change of life’ symptoms.

Rainbow moonstone carries rainbows into one’s life, brings in the white light of healing and perfection, allows for the flow of life information and life movement, helps with reading symbols, and clears muscle toxicity and retina deterioration.

The Sacral Essences


Reggio Di Calabria, at the tip of Italy’s boot is recognised as the only town surrounded by bergamot trees in the world. Many other places have tried to cultivate the trees but with little or no success. Bergamot essential oil of unsurpassed quality comes exclusively from this region. It is believed that Christopher Columbus discovered the tree in the Canary Islands and transported it to Italy where it thrived better than its indigenous homeland. It belongs to the citrus genus, and cultivated like orange and lemon trees although growing up to 16 feet it seem to be more fragile than these two. Its flowers are white star-shape blossoms smaller than the orange/lemon, and its fruit distinctly yellow in colour. The essential oil is derived from inedible green fruit. Hidden in the skin of the fruits are small oil ducts, which contain the treasure of its qualities. It is a sought after main ingredient in expensive colognes and perfumes. Its fragrance is sweet, fruity, gentle and flowery hence combines well as a base note for other citrus oils like lemon, lime, neroli, geranium, cedar, chamomile, coriander and ylang - ylang. On the mind and spirit its actions are encouraging, balancing and anti-depressant. Brilliant for anxiety, emotional imbalance, stress and nervous tension. On the skin its affects are astringent, cleansing, antiseptic, deodorising. Good for oily skin, acne, psoriasis and eczema. This oil must be properly diluted. In the kitchen it can be used with teas (especially earl grey) also add to cheesecake and other food cake flavouring (minute quantities). In treatments this oil is beneficial to both the sacral and solar plexus.


Fennel is native to the Mediterranean region and the Caucasus but it has become naturalised in most parts of Europe. In the British Isles it can be found growing wild of sea cliffs, mostly from Wales and Norfolk southwards. In South Africa (as with many other herbs) it can be found just about everywhere, growing especially lush in cooler more damp temperatures. It was named ‘foeniculum’ by the Romans probably because ‘feonum’ translated means ‘hay’ and fennel does touch on the hay smell. It uses are very versatile ranging from food, medicinal right through to aesthetic, and for its most peculiar smell. In older times it was a common herb for flatulence. The substance within the fennel oil residue gives it its characteristics of anti-spasmodic, carminative, stomachic, aromatic, expectorant and diuretic properties. In tea form brilliant for constipation and its polar opposite – diarrhoea. Good for colic pain, the mammary glands in breastfeeding, coughs, colds, and bronchitis. Its oil is derived from its crushed ripe fruits and is also used as a gargle, or face wash preparation. The young fresh leaves are excellent for flavouring food (especially fish) and its roots and swollen leaf bases can be excellent as a vegetable (I’ve tried it and its too delicious). It can be taken as 1-2 drops mixed in a teaspoon of honey stirred into a cup of tea or warm lemon water. The honey mixture can be frozen into candy for children. It strengthens the liver and its oestrogen-stimulating properties make it useful for treating PMS and weak irregular periods. This same effect makes it popular to add in creams and lotions and used to tighten and enlarge breasts. It has brilliant moisturising effects. As a nerve tonic its can be used in aroma lamps or added to the bath. It has a calming effect on the nervous system reducing stress and balancing the overactive lower feminine emotions that really can topple our scales. It acts on neutralising toxins within the body hence good as a ‘rescue remedy’ after overindulgence of alcohol and nicotine.


The essential oil of Ginger is extracted by steam distillation of the ginger root. The oil strengthen and is high in Yang energy therefore balances the female Yin of the sacral centre. Yin is adverse (negative), shaded (dark) and feminine and yang is positive, bright (light) and masculine. According to Chinese medicine, ginger regulates moisture and raises body temperature. It has been used in China for illnesses thought to be caused by cold and dampness – rheumatism, colds, head-aces and muscle tension. This oils antiseptic property makes it a good preventative remedy for infectious illnesses and diseases. It’s a good carminative (able to relieve flatulence). It helps reduce motion and morning sickness. Being an anti-spasmodic brilliant for flatulence and over indulgence. It’s an excellent aphrodisiac especially if mixed with Ylang Ylang, and as a digestive with Cypress. Good for male impotency. It can be used in food, as a topical essential oil and diluted after a meal.


This extension of the mint family is native to Europe and grows wild on dry sunny slopes, hedge banks, roadsides and grassland, usually on lime-rich soils. The further north you travel, the less likely to find this species in the wild. Naturally it’s commonly cultivated in many countries but most species are still collected from the wild in the Mediterranean region. Its generic name Origanum comes from the Greek words ‘Oros’ (mountain) and ‘Ganos’ (splendid joy), named after its attractive appearance and scent of the flowers and leaves which are found growing naturally in the mountains of Greece and other Mediterranean countries. Besides being a frequent daily used steaming herb it is still considered a remedy for all manner of complaints. The components found within this herb give Marjoram astringent, expectorant, anti-spasmodic, antiseptic, mild tonic, stomachic, and carminative properties. In herbal teas treat gall bladder disorders, diarrhoea, coughs, asthma, nervous head-ace, general exhaustion, and menstrual pain. Externally it can be used in gargles, bath preparations, liniments and inhalants. An all time favourite in the kitchen, (especially in Italy) where its flavour blends fabulously with pastas and pizzas. The wild variation has a much stronger taste than the cultivated sweet marjoram. Brilliant for anxiety attacks, grief, sorrow, emotional exhaustion and insomnia. It mixes well with lavender, bergamot and rose. It also calms an excessive sex drive (if you have the need to slow down). Monks grew it as a sedative, it was planted on graves of the newly departed to bring them peace, newly wed couples received garlands of this herb to bring them good fortune and more practically always a winner for muscle spasm and as a antidote to poisoning. Like fennel it is good for flatulence and intestinal cramps. It helps lower high blood pressure, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, and prevents blockages in the sympathetic nervous system. It also dilates blood vessels (like the deeper orange effect). The goddess Aphrodite is reputed to have guarded as a symbol of happiness. It acts brilliantly on all muscle tissue. Also use at this centre - Black Pepper


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Author - Chanel Lingenfelder

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