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Guides and Angels

The following exercise is designed to enable you to make contact with each of the angels who are said to govern the seven chakras, the subtle energy centers in the human body. You can use this exercise to revitalize yourself if you feel drained of energy, to balance and centre yourself if you are in need of deep relaxation, or to open communications with the angels.

Tuning in

Make yourself comfortable in a straight backed chair, close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing. When you feel sufficiently relaxed say to yourself, 'I am going to count from one to ten and when I reach ten I will be in a very deep state of relaxation and heightened awareness in which I will be receptive to love, light and healing energy of my angelic guides.'

Then visualize the number one and the colour red. Red corresponds to the colour of physical energy and the vibration frequency personified by the angel Gabriel whose Hebrew name translates as "Strength of God". Absorb red into every cell of your being and feel the life force revitalizing and reinvigorating  you from within.

Next, see the number two in your mind's eye and the colour orange. Orange is the colour of emotions and corresponds to the vibrational frequency of the angel Uriel whose name means "The Light of God".

Then visualize the number three and the colour yellow which is symbolic of the sun. Saturate yourself in yellow, draw upon it's healing power and as you do so become aware of the living presence of the angel Raphael whose name translates as "The Healing Power of God"

Now visualize the number four and the colour green, the colour of harmony and of nature, a symbol of the border between natural and spiritual realms. Visualize the lush green lawns and hedges of a celestial garden the domain of the angel Michael whose name translates as "Like Unto God".

Next visualize the number five and the colour purple, a colour associated with intuition. Psychic sensitivity is ruled by the angel Zadkiel whose name means "Righteousness of God" but is more accurately translated as the quality of integrity.

Next visualize the number six and the colour violet, the colour associated with the angel Samuel whose name translates as "Contraction of God". In this context contraction can be understood as referring to the need for consolidation in anticipation of change and new developments. 

Now visualize the number seven and the colour blue, symbol of unconditional love. Blue is the colour corresponding to vibration frequency of the Guardian Angel who we reach through surrender of the self or ego.

Next visualize number eight and the colour gold, which corresponds to the frequency of vibration personified by the angel Raziel. He is the personification of earthly power and celestial glory whose name translates as "Secret of God".

Now visualize the number nine and the colour sliver personified by Zaphkiel, the angel of Contemplation, whose name translates as "Wisdom of God".

Finally, visualize the number ten and the colour white, the purest of colours from which all other colours come. White is personified by the archangel Metratron whose name means the "Spirit of the Presence" and whose role it is to oversee the ever unfolding evolution of existence. Absorb yourself in white. Draw a circle of white light around  you, below your feet and above your head to create a sacred space in which to communicate with the angels.

Now is the moment to ask for further guidance or assistance on various areas in your life. When you feel that you have completed your contact with the angels return to waking consciousness gradually by counting slowly down from ten to one. Become aware of your breathing once again, the weight of your body, and when you are ready to open your eyes.

Courtesy of New Age Living
Author: Paul Roland
ISBN 0 600 59768 7

Author - Paul Roland

Published - 2005-09-07