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Feel Special, Lose Weight

How many times have you said:
"I'll only buy myself a new pair of pants when I've lost weight." or
"I'll take dancing lessons when I'm thinner?"
We basically put off doing things that will make us feel good, until we think we'll feel good - when we're thin.

So we starve ourselves, start feeling miserable and deprived, then eat to comfort ourselves - nullifying the hoped weight loss. Now we can't buy that new outfit because we're still too 'fat'! More punishment. Have to diet again - this time it will work! And on we go...

Why do we do this to ourselves? We are often harder on ourselves than we would be on a good friend. Why not try the following when next you go shopping:

You see a beautiful shirt, you have to take it in a size bigger than what you'd like (What's with this obsession with sizes? Nobody can see what size it is when you're wearing it.), but it looks good on you and, more importantly, you feel good in it.

You buy it. When you wear it you feel good about yourself. Because you feel good about yourself, you want to look after your body. You feel more respect for it and so take more care about what you put in it. Eventually, if you carry on with this self-respecting behavior, your weight will come down, but this would not be the focus. And so what if the shirt doesn't fit properly anymore once you've lost weight - at least you would have got the benefit of wearing it. Unlike if you get a shirt too small and never get to wear it.


Now don't you think this is a better way to do it?

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Author - Chi-Netix CC

Published - 2013-01-21