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What is an Angel? 


The Presence of Angels
It is difficult for most people to believe in something that they cannot see, and few people have seen angels. However, if you will trust in yourself enough to open up your heart and your mind, you will, at the very least, be able to feel your angel's presence. You will see from this book that strange things happen in life that have no scientific explanation, but which are so ?ordered? and of such a wonderful nature, that they cannot be considered random events. Lives have been saved, life-altering mistakes have been avoided, and simple pleasures have been enjoyed. People who go on to share great loves meet by ?the strangest coincidence? -?It was meant to be? is what most people say. Angels and their labours shine with unearthly light, a light that is perceived at some level of consciousness by anyone who is open to receiving gladness in their lives. Throughout time, spirits and deities have been associated with light - the ancient Egyptians called their gods the ?shining one?.


Excerpts from: Guardian Angels: Discover the world of angels and how to communicate with your guardian angel
By: Hazel Whitaker & Cynthia Blanche
Illustrations by: Joanna Davies


It is a Jewish belief that at the beginning of every day God creates a legion of angels who sing before him then disappear - they continue to be formed with every breath God takes.


Author - Hazel Whitaker & Cynthia Blanche

Published - 2013-01-17