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Body and Mind is truly a fantastic medium to use to get your name known. The platform is professional, neat and pleasant for every eye.
Last week, a mail shot was sent out for the Kriya Yoga studio launched in Westville. Within an hour of the mail shot delivery, I received over 20 email inquiries.
Personally, I was very surprised with the response!
A medium of this nature needs to be used quite regularly and is also a great way find out if your product or service is demanded because the response is instantaneous. You will know within hours of your advert being displayed whether your product will work!
I will definitely be using Body and Mind more regularly for advertising and recommend anyone in the health and holistic living field to use this medium as regularly as they can.

Lalitha Coetzee


Hey Roxann,
Thanks a lot! Mailshot has been a good investment already. 



The responses are excellent. I send out about 200 samples per newsletter (even though I stipulate a lower limit) and I get lots of enquiries about other related things. The sales on the website for Phoenix health have also improved dramatically. The word is definitely getting out there. I feel your subscriber list is well-qualified for my products – books and vibrational healing products.

Bridget Hall

Mobile: +27 (0)82 455 2273
Phone: +27 (0)11 784 3038
Fax: +27 (0)11 784 7504


Hi thought I'd give some feed back on Body and Mind.
I first approached body and mind to do a web page on the site, I spoke to person by name of Roxann. I just want say if more people were like her in the world, most of us would love to come to work each day. Her interactions were always pleasant, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile which in this world is hard to come by.

I am looking forward to having a long fruit full relationship with Body and Mind for a long time to come.

With Love and Light
Psychic Jake


Hello there 

I just want to say a big ' Thank you' to you. You have been an amazing help and you have a wonderful energy about you. 

The mailer we sent out on Thursday was an outstanding success! I could not even begin to guess the amount of people that walked through our doors. It was an awesome day. 

Thank you

Karen O'Moore..


Hi Roxanne,

Here is some feedback regarding the course The Sanctuary of Truth and Wisdom hosted in February.

90% of the attendees contacted us from the mailshot Body and Mind helped us compile and send out to just group 1.
The response was really wonderful and the course was unbelievably successful. The attendees have further signed on for other courses that the Sanctuary offers.
I could not accommodate everyone on the first round and hence we have scheduled a second run of the same course in 17 and 18 April.

Thank you to you and your team for the wonderful service you provide. I look forward to working with your team in the future, in helping our organisation grow and helping people develop themselves.

God Bless and Kind Regards,
Viven and Virasha Perumal
The Sanctuary of Truth and Wisdom
Durban, South Africa
Tel: 031 564 2171 (South Africa)
724 503 2725 (USA, Canada,Mexico)
082 561 3067 mobile


Hi Roxann …

What a success thanks to you guys … we had over seven hundred visitors in a space of four hours and we fed them all as well … free of charge!

They came from the Western Cape … Messina … Nelspruit … KZN … Namibia … even Switzerland and the UK!…I could just could not believe... we also took on nineteen dealers that pitched up at the last minute and they too came and exhibited their Crystals and other related items at no cost …

Thank you … Thank you … Thank you …

Thank you too for the banner … it looks really great.

Once again it is with Gratitude that I say a Big Thank you …

With Crystal Rainbows of Love … 
Rob Smith. ceo

African Gems and Minerals Inc
South Africa.
Call + 27 11 873 - 6303 Skype: africangems Email: or Website: 

An International Company with interests in South Africa, New Zealand and the USA. Est.1984

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I get a huge response from Durban with your mailshots.
I tell you, if I never doubt the power of mailshots. I received so many emails after the last mailshot.

Walk in Love

Email: (Member)

Already getting responses!! Thank you

Kate Emmerson


You have inspired me.

You have engendred and reaffirmed the spirit within to put into action my thoughts

Sam Moodley


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The mail shot has been a huge success – thank you. To date I have received over 40 emails and they still coming in. I have received several phone calls of interest. I have already done 9 readings and booked a few for next week. I received some strange requests to do readings without payment but just sent a basic email with my information on etc. I’ve had some interest in the workshop I’ve put together 14th & 15th November – Angel Workshop. In fact 2 people have already confirmed to attend my workshop.

Thank you TRACI ……..for always listening and helping me. An angel in our presence….

Have a wonderful day further..


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Hi Debi

I had such great response so I think I must do another 2 groups

Kindest Regards
Elzette Pretorius


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The response from the mailshot was amazing!
I had 306 visits to my site in one day.
When I got home that morning there were about 25 emails waiting for me with requests for various items, I just cried. I phoned my friend to help me.


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Hi Everyone,

I just have to share this. 

I made contact with Cindy Gordon and emailed her a photo of my Dad who died 8 years ago. 

She then waited for my Dad’s energy to step forward and then channeled him. But what makes this so different is that she typed the message (a form of automatic writing), and then emailed it to me immediately without correcting it, changing it or reading it. 

I was blown away at the message that came through for me and I know it was from my Dad as there is stuff in the email that Cindy could not have known.

And . . . I love that I have a written record of the message. I’ve printed it out and carry it in my bag.

Cindy Gordon is a fantastic medium and I highly recommend her.

Send email her a photo of your loved one and ensure you can see their eyes (So no sunglasses).

Her email address is:

She charges R450 and you’ll need to deposit the money into her account.

Lots of love

Initiated Teacher - trained by the Rocky Mountain Mystery School in the Lineage of King Solomon

083 229 5814


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I am on your panel…. Not sure that I ever considered myself an expert… but I wanted to let you know that from time to time I do get requests for guidance and I am always so thrilled to be able to help people, and consider it such a privilege that you have chosen me….. Thank you

Kind regards
Ann Miller
+27 31 2020097
+27 83 783 7171 



I’ve already had quite a few enquiries. Thank you! I will most definitely send out a few more this year!

Kind regards

Author - Body And Mind

Published - 2013-01-21